Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Failure in Purple

It's been a few weeks, so much for this getting back into blogging lark!

Having said that I haven't been up to much, work, a bit of gardening before the weather changed, that's about it.
Now we are a bit more settled and I am a bit less stressed I have felt the urge to buy clothes creep upon me, I knew it wouldn't be long. I'm yearning for Autumnal shades, checks and tartans and in particular last week it was a purple dress.  

I thought I'd found two perfect ones. The first in H&M where I had gone to buy a new jumper. It was this delicious deep jewel like shade with long sleeves that ended in a wide cuff with little buttons, it looked perfect. I didn't have time to try it on but who cares it was perfect right? I bought it and tried it on at home the next morning. All I can say is it never ceases to amaze me how things can look so very, very different on a person to the way they do on a hanger. I returned it that same day. *sigh*

Then I found a Hell Bunny one on Ebay, floral print on a dark lilac background and only £20. I'd just sold some stuff so used that money to buy it.
Turns out the colour on the picture was not true and the dress is actually battle ship grey. Bah. Grey is a colour I absolutely cannot wear, it drains every vestige of colour from my face and makes me look sallow. *double sigh*

I did better with this 99p bargain. It is check print though to be fair more summery shades than the autumnal I'm craving. For 99p though what's not to like?
It arrived on Friday and is actually quite a heavyweight fabric so at least I get to wear one new frock!

Soo came over yesterday for a catch up, so we hit the charity shops as you do. We both did pretty well bearing in mind neither of us was actually looking to buy anything!
We both bought a little glass jug for a pound.
Mine very Art Deco with little feet!

We both bought a cord jacket, even though neither of us needs any more jackets (I literally have a cupboard full!)
Brand New Per Una Jacket for  £8 = Bargain.

Himself and I need to take a picture of ourselves in our very Howard and Hilda matchy matchy brown corduroy jackets now heh heh.

My first purchase of the day was a little carpet bag in just the seasonal type of colour I've been craving. I dithered because I really don't need any new bags either but when I asked the price and was told it was a pound well....
The deed was done.

My only other recent purchase was a necklace from Cherryloco's Halloween range
Who could resist Octo-puss??

Certainly not me that is for sure.

Himself and I have taken a couple of trips to the cinema. As I may have mentioned I was super excited to go and see The Magnificent Seven
It did not disappoint. I bloody loved it! I was aware I was grinning like a loon a couple of times, thank goodness cinemas are dark.

We also went to see Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
which I also enjoyed though I have to say the rating surprised me. There were some very jumpy bits and I would have been having serious nightmares at some of the monsters if I would have seen it as a little kid!

Right I'm off to feed the birds, I'm currently being eaten out of house and home by a flock of goldfinches
This is the equivalent of a birdy protest.The feeders are empty so they have been forced to land on the ground and forage for scraps, oh the indignity.



  1. Octopuss is cute! I think you got a winner with that blue dress too - blue tartan is always a winner. I tried on a light blue/green tartan skirt in a chazza yesterday but it was *just* too tight. So annoying, as those colours seem quite rare.

    Feed those poor birds, you stingebag ;-)

  2. I'm sorry your online purchases didn't work out but your 99p bargain is lovely! A shirt dress in a brilliant turquoise plaid - beautiful. You could wear it with a waistcoat or a cardigan or with a polo neck or round necked jumper under it.

    I loved your charity shops finds - I can't resist little jugs especially floral ones. Octopussy is fab and the little bag is a find indeed.

    I have bird envy - I bought Nigella seeds because I spotted a goldfinch on my feeder twice; since I bought the Nigella seeds and its special container have I seen a goldfinch on the feeders? Have I heck.

    Have a great week


  3. Hello, I emphasise with your online shopping troubles, I very rarely buy clothes online for that very reason, I prefer to see and feel it in front of me. Oh, and a cord jacket, how lovely, I too love cord clothing. I recently moved all of my jackets and coats to a new cupboard and was surprised that so much of my wardrobe is made up of coats, my remaining cupboard looked a bit empty! :)

  4. Those little birds are just lovely! We have seen less since I hacked our hydrangea down, whoops, maybe they lived in it!! Great bargain on the tartan dress, and you can always use Autumnal accent colours to make it more seasonal x

  5. Ooohh, your 99p dress is awesome! What an elegant, lovely shirtwaist frock. I would wear that anytime, anywhere. It's great that you had better luck with that dress than the HB one (which, incidentally has been on my own wishlist for a while now, as I adore - but don't own near enough - grey fashions; I totally get that it's not a colour for everyone though).

    Your Halloween octopus necklace is just the cutest! I think that's one of those pieces that will make you smile each time you look at or wear it.

    Many hugs & joyful All Hallows' Eve season wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love the Octopuss necklace, and you did very well as the charity shops. That glass jug is wonderful, and why resist buying another handbag when it's only £ 1? The cord jacket is great too. I'm the same, I have so many jackets it's shameful and still I keep buying more ... xxx

  7. Some great purchases here....LOVE the both the 99p frock and the bag. (super colour and design)

  8. We have a woodpecker that pecks at the empty feeder until we get him more seed. Demanding little things, aren't they?

    The necklace is so fun, and you can't go wrong with tartan (I have a bit of a weakness for it myself).

  9. That tartan dress is lovely and such a lovely colour combination, too. I find those colours quite hard to come across so you did well.
    The bag and coat look great and I love Octo-Puss.
    Those birds are adorable. We threw a slice of pizza out for the garden birds last week only to discover Frank sitting there clutching it in his paws and gnawing away at it.
    I thought the Magnificent seven looked good, glad it lived up to expectations. xxx

  10. That's a lovely tartan dress, beautiful colours. Oh, those goldfinches are SO cute. Bet you could watch them for hours!

  11. I so love that octopuss necklace - that is a stunner. On the subject of films I took Monkeychild to see Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children last night, as we'd seen the trailer for it and put it on our 'To See' list. She's 10 and admittedly covered her eyes during some bits, but has asked to see it again. I really enjoyed it, so I'm happy to revisit it. Did you spot Tim Burton's cameo role?

  12. Oooh I love that tartan frock. 99p? Get in! Lush mix of colours. I loved Miss Peregrine. The books are fab...I'm assuming he'll make the others into films..and I thought this one was done really well. xx