Sunday, 23 October 2016

Bath, Bag Bounty and a Frock or Two.

Late to the party as ever, over a week in fact.
Indeed I'm so out of practice with this blogging lark I even forgot to take my camera when I went to Bath to meet with Mim!!
This being after I nipped into town to collect a parcel from the post office and realised then I'd forgotten it and thought I MUST grab it when I got back to the house, but nope I just dropped off the parcel, scooted upstairs to the loo and rushed out. I was already at the station when I realised I'd forgotten it again *sigh*

The train was packed to the rafters as always so I got to spend a lovely 40 minutes wedged against the luggage rack, I genuinely cannot remember the last time I actually got a seat when travelling to Bath, but hey, Bath was lovely as always and Mim was lovely too.
 It was kind of mad that this was the first time we had met in person, I feel like I have known her for years!

I always feel a bit bad going to these fairs because Vix is working and all I do is distract her from said work. To be honest what I really want to do is kidnap her when it's pub time rather than bid her farewell. One day.......

The fair at Bath is quite small as fairs go but I've never yet left empty handed. This time I snapped up this 80's frock from the £10 bargain rail of 'Whistlestop Vintage - Bristol' which will do nicely for work.

As well as a black and gold lurex number from Shade Retro that I dithered over, put back, dithered over again, put back and then went back for one final look before thinking sod it and buying it!
The siren call of a pie and a pint became too much so we headed off to the pub. Mim then took me to an Antiques centre for a browse. I had genuinely never even noticed it before despite having walked that way on many a visit to Bath!
I did a fair bit of if money were no object wishful thinking purchasing among to jewellery cabinets before we headed out for tea and cake. I'm already looking forward to the next time!

So what else have I been up too? I had to show my face at a drinks reception at one of the big hotels in Oxford for work. I really did not want to go but it was clearly indicated that it was being the cunning magpie that I am instead of sulking in a corner I circled the room and made sure I was seen by the people who needed to see me, Emphasised the fact I had attended by having my photo taken with some of the students when the official photographer came round then discretely buggered off as the room began to really fill up. In and out in just over an hour, job done.

Much more fun was a trip with some work colleagues to the U.K's first ever board game cafe, it is in Oxford and is called  'Hungry Meeples'. You pay £4.50 per head for 3 hours and get to play whichever of their over 2000 games takes your fancy. When asked what sort of thing we were after we chose party games and ended up playing something along the lines of Pictionary and having a whale of time. Indeed we were having such a whale of time we did earn ourselves some very withering/furious glares from the proper gamers. Clearly playing games is a serious business and laughing is NOT the done thing. Oopps.

I shall close with some recent purchases. The parcel I had to collect contained a new with tags Collectif frock that I found for £19 quid on Ebay. I'm not huge fan of Collectif, I find their sizing a bit mental and their prices a bit high for my tightwad pockets, but for £19 I'll give it a go.
 I also got seduced by an elephant t-shirt on Etsy...
Yes, yes I know, it's pink.

 Talking of pink I got sent a gorgeous bunch of flowers by one of the incoming students at work. A colleague said Himself would be worrying about the competition but he said he'd taken one look at the colour and known he was safe as this was clearly someone who didn't know me that well lol.

So saving the best until last just look at this. I still can't quite believe I scored this glorious, glorious bargain for just £20.
Nothing special right?, just a rather battered old box
with original tissue paper inside

but oh, what's this label on the side of the box?
open the tissue paper and be still my beating heart.


  1. It was lovely to see you both last week although I was insanely jealous of the pair of you nipping off to the pub while I had to stay behind and work. Next time!
    I loved your sparkly dress from Shado and the Whistlestop one is lovely, too - Saz & Andy said you should have said you were my friend and they'd have given you mate's rates even though I know you were happy with the price.
    That Corde bag is gorgeous! I love your pink flowers and the crazy elephant tee shirt.
    Feel better soon! xxx

    1. I would have been too embarrassed to ask for mates rates, as I told you I'm completely crap at bargaining anyway. x

  2. Wahh, that bag!! Well done you. How lovely that you got to meet up with Mim, we'll have to make it a trio sometime, Bath's not too far for me. x

    1. Definitely! You are another blogger I can't believe I haven't actually met in person yet.

    2. We've been talking about Brizzle at some point too.

  3. So glad you were finally able to meet up with Mim. I'm loving your Collectif frock and the elephant t-shirt, but oooh, that Corde handbag makes me weak at the knees. My handbag haul is paling beside it. Well done on finding such a bargain, Gisela. xxx

    1. Oh I don't know you have such an eye for a bargain, I so need to go handbag shopping with you!

  4. It sounds like your day in Bath with Mim was fab. I absolutely love that spotty dress and your other bargains are brilliant, too. What a fabulous handbag that is in the special box; I don't know anything about handbags but I wanted to stroke this one!

    Clever you working the room and disappearing; I hated those sort of functions when I worked as well...

    Have a great week


    PS - I've bought some sunflower hearts - let's see if I have any luck!

    1. I adore Corde handbags and they are usually very expensive, I still can't quite believe I got this one.

      My Goldfinches took a little time to catch on but once they discovered the sunflower hearts that was it.

  5. How lovely to meet up with Mim. She sounds fab. I thought you looked very well in the photo I saw, Gisela. Ooh nice spotty dress! X

  6. Won't that Cordé bag, which is seriously lovely btw, look the bees knees with the spotty frock? Lovely that you met Mim and caught up with Vix again.x

  7. Ooooh, that bag. That really is a treasure. I don't think I've ever seen one with its box before. £20! You win.

    Next time, we bop Vix on the head and drag her off for a medicinal beer. (If it's Bath, the Coeur de Lion's only over the road; smallest pub in Bath and really cute, so we can nab her for half an hour, maybe, or at closing time...)

    You have a cunning approach to party attendance.

  8. I do love Corde-and you managed to find a beautiful one in the original box. I'm impressed.

    Blue and black is such a great colour combination, and the dress is so pretty. I wouldn't have been able to resist the Lurex either. Who can?