Monday, 16 January 2017

A Little Light Sales Shopping.

Well it just wouldn't be me if there hadn't been just a wee bit of shopping taking place when the sales are in full swing.

First stop was Clarks. I *Finally* got my green brogues after literally a year of lusting Porcelina  I bet you can't believe I managed to hold out this long!
Would have been rude not to get the bronze ones too. I now have the full Olympic medal set of brogues! The boots were not the ones I planned to get. I was looking for some black boots, they didn't have my size in store or online, so I thought grey but even as I was trying boots on in store my size sold out online which was a tad annoying. So I tried on the brown ones. The size 6 flopped around my feet and flapped around my calves, so I tried on a pair of size 5 and they fitted perfectly, most bizarre. All three items for £100. Christmas money well spent in my opinion.

I also bought another trio, this time a trio of dresses from

These two were in the sale, the 3rd wasn't but how on earth could I, an ex-librarian, resist books??
Having had so many issues last year with dresses being too short in the torso I took no risks and ordered the next size up. I'm glad I did because as suspected the waist sits squarely on my rib cage and would have been a bad/uncomfortable fit in my usual size.
I'm actually wearing it even as I type
and after the day I've had today no you aren't getting a full shot!

Finally I could not resist this picture.
It could be my old cat Benjie. She was teeny tiny and curious too.

I haven't been doing much else other than working like a Trojan, it's our busiest time of year at work. I'm so wiped other than the necessary housework I have just flopped about and read or watched films.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was fun. As you know we see it every time it tours and we have certainly seen it done much better than this time, but we still enjoyed it.
I found it hilarious that the guy on the door thought Himself in his brown vintage cord jacket was in fancy dress (as Brad) Himself did not.
There again as you can see from this crap picture from a dying phone you can't blame him for that assumption!

We did go and see A Monster Calls at the cinema too, I had no idea what to expect, I wept like a baby.

I also finally got round to watching an Australian show called Cleverman as recommended to me by my osteopath no less!
I wasn't at all sure with the first episode but I gave it another go and then ended up binge watching the whole lot in 2 days!

Finally a new period drama that is actually really rather good. The new series of Endeavour is off to a cracking start, and yes, yes I am a touch biased because it is set in Oxford and it makes my home city look as bloody gorgeous as it mostly is, but seriously people it's fantastic. Frankly Shaun Evans is worth giving it a go for if nothing else.


  1. So many wonderful shoes and dresses! The book print is so much fun-yes, you had to buy it. I learn about so many wonderful online dress shops from you. I'm off to go have a look.

  2. You got the green shoes, hurrah! I was tempted but they sold out in my size. I also was browsing Joanie Girl clothing and umming and ahhing over fit and sizing, so I'm grateful for your unsight into the waistband issue. You bought some lovely dresses! Enjoy them! I haven't quite finished with the sales yet ;)

  3. I love your 'bookshelf' dress, it reminds me the those 1950s novelty prints and you can't put a foot wrong with brogues ;-D

  4. Dress AND shoe success! That's 2017 off to a good start. You can never have too many pairs of brogues. And the cocktail dress is ace. I'd never heard of that website.

    Is that cat card The Bear (@mysadcat)? It looks like the woodcuts Tom Cox's mum does.

  5. You're obviously a woman who likes to do things in threes!

    The brogues and boots are fabulous and I love the metallic finish. I was seriously tempted by a pair in Clarks but I resisted - maybe next year?

    The dresses are gorgeous, especially the books one. How absolutely perfect for a librarian! Did you wear your new brogues with them or your boots?

    Do you know I've never seen the Rocky Horror Show - not even the film!

  6. Great shoe score. I didn't see any black boots in Clarks that took my fancy this year (or suited my pocket) but I did snare a cheap pair in a chazza. Fabulous book frock and dear little picture of the cat. Glad you've found something good on telly to watch, frankly I think it's been shocking lately.x

  7. You did well on those Clarks shoes and boots, and I love the frocks, especially the books one, which of course you had to get. I'd been really looking forward to the new series of Endeavour and you are a lucky, lucky girl having Oxford as your home city. It's really been far too long since I last visited it. I guess they'd have a much harder time making Antwerp look as gorgeous as that. xxx