Saturday, 31 December 2016

Disaster Dresses the 2016 Edition

So the round up is nowhere near as bumper as in previous years. This is due entirely to a particularly shitty and stressful year and not to me suddenly developing the insight to only buy frocks that actually suit me! I mean how boring would that be??

So we started out with the brown Hell Bunny dress I had been coveting for fricking ages. I finally found it at a decent price and snapped it up.
As I have mentioned before I seem to be fatally attracted to V necklines and they really, really don't suit me. This dress looked hideous on, I could have wept. Undeterred I replaced it with this one
which looks a great deal better.

Next up is this dark blue dress I bought in Banbury, as I recall it was £5
 It's hard to explain but the minute I put it on it just drained me. I tried it a few times with different accessories but no, just no, so back to the charity shop it went. (Not the one I bought it from obviously.)

Hot on it's heels came the teapot dress
I was totally blinded by the fact it had teapots and teacups all over it. In truth it was too short in the body and too v in the neck and did absolutely nothing for me, so after a couple of wears I admitted defeat and it hit Ebay and was soon winging it's way off to a new home.

Next up my second ever purchase from Lady Vintage. I should have known it would end badly as neither of the dresses in my first purchase from them actually fitted.

I bought 4 dresses. 2 fitted but this one didn't. BAH. Again it is much too short in the body, meaning the waist sits uncomfortably on my rib cage, the skirt looks all wrong because it's too high up on me and there are acres of spare fabric gaping at the bust. Of course in true (to me) fashion I didn't actually bother to try it on until well after the date I could have returned it by so now I'm going to have to flog it on Ebay which serves me right for not trying it on straight away. When will I learn?

Never clearly

because the 4th dress is the same style and I still haven't even put it on yet mostly because I know it won't fit and that depresses me.
I can't remember when I bought this dress. It was in the sale at TK Maxx I do remember that. It didn't fit when I bought it, I couldn't be arsed to return it, then I got stressed and lost weight so I thought I'd try it on again. This time it did fit but looked absolutely dreadful on me.
I've listed it on Ebay 4 times now and it won't even sell! Truly a white elephant.

Next up is this deceptive Ebay purchase
I mean what could go wrong?

Everything apparently!

Too short in the body again, (see a theme here yet?) meant a comically bad fit, so with a sigh I sold it on.

Next disaster was down to either my eyesight or a bad picture on the internets. I *thought* the dress was purple. Clearly it's grey, even I see that now. Grey is one of those colours I just can't do, even accessorizing this with a lovely rich purple cardigan didn't work, so it's gone.
I shall finish with an almost disaster. The dress I bought for £10 when I went to Bath to meet with Mim & Vix
It's another too short in the body purchase, however! this one works because the waist is higher up than usual so just under my bust empire line fashion, rather than on my ribs. The sleeves are too short as well but I am in the process of altering them.

So there you have it the disaster round up of 2016.

Of course there have been some star buys.

Unusually a couple of these proved to be from Collectif!
A repro range I have had fit problems with in the past, it may just be me but among other things they do seem to design dresses for humongous bosoms. I remember a gingham sun dress I bought back in the day when I was still a size 10 and the bust was so huge my Mum removed a spare 4 inches of fabric from each cup!?!
 Anyway here are the two star buys, if anything the polka dot one is slightly too big not something I'm used to experiencing!

The Voodoo Vixen cat print dress (see previous post) fits beautifully so I may well buy from them again in the future, and as ever I know where I am with Hell Bunny, providing I buy the right style/colour of course!

On that note I may have made a wee purchase with some Christmas pennies....
 Who can resist a green dress? definitely not me!


  1. Ha! What a roundup! Happy New Year lovely, and I look forward to seeing your dress purchases of 2017 xx

  2. That's not too bad for dress disasters, and the winners more than make up for it.

    I can't resist a green dress either. Really, who can?

    Happy New Year.

  3. No, I can't resist a green anything...

    Those are some wonderful dresses and such a shame about the fit on some of them. There's an awful lot to be said about face to face buying because at least then you can whip out your measuring tape and check the body length, for example.

    I'm wary about buying clothes from the internet as I find the sizing so confusing.If the clothes are from China then I think I'm an XL or an XXl. The one time I bought something in an XL or XXL - it didn't fit and I never bothered again!

    I suppose the trick is - as you've obviously sussed - find a make that fits and stick with it!

    Happy New Year, Gisela and may 2017 be the year of non-disaster dresses...

  4. Oooh, I bet that green dress looks amazing on you. The colour will look fab next to your hair and skin.

    Well, you made fewer poor purchases in 2016, at least! Perhaps 2017 will be an even more successful year.

  5. I agree with Mim, that green dress is going to look gorgeous on you.
    Not too many disasters and at least you managed to sell most of them on. xxx

  6. I would have been tempted by some of your "disaster" dresses too, I must admit ;-) Love the green dress! xxx