Sunday, 12 November 2017

October Purchases.

October had an interesting mix of purchases. I dipped my toe back into the Lindy Bop waters with mixed results.

First up the mad cat dress which I love and fits well, it actually is a little roomy, fantastic for those of us who like to eat huge plates of pasta whilst wearing it!

At the same time I purchased this tea party dress.
Labelled a size smaller and yet it is exactly the same fit, so yes it pays to read the sizing chart for each item as they vary wildly!

I also got this blouse because 'Hello' (look at the tile of my blog for why I had this at checkout faster than the speed of light.) First thing I did was remove the stupid black 'thing' at the neck. which was pointless and annoying when wearing said blouse.
if you want yet more proof of silly sizing at Lindy Bop this is two sizes smaller than the cat dress and yes it fits perfectly too!

I did therefore revisit when they sent me a 25% off code. I had had my eye on this dress
because I love the combination of blue and brown and you rarely see it. So I ordered it and the quality is just not as good sadly. Not as bad as the dresses that made me swear I'd never use Lindy Bop again but not far off. I first thing I had to do was stitch the button at the neck back on as it it hanging right off. The seams are all pulled giving small white streaks/runs as the back of the material is white. Also like one of the previous dresses it basically arrived screwed up in a bally rather than folded neatly in a bag. I come to the conclusion that when they get returns they must just send them straight back out again without checking or refolding them as the zip was open too. Hmmmm.

I also bought this green dress and bolero in the sale. They seem ok but again needed washing and pressing as they were very crumpled.
I just couldn't resist the green! Other than that there was one which I passed on because I will keep buying dresses with big V necks and then remembering they look terrible on me!

I forgot to mention I bought this fish brooch in Bath.
In fact he's the only think I have left from Bath. The two colourful dresses were too small because I'm a muppet and didn't bother to measure the waist size against the length of the torso even though I had a tape measure with me. They are winging their way to a new home even as I type......
The green dress was impossible after it's shrinking so that went in the last charity bag. Ah well, lesson learnt.

I have more brooches to share, bought as a job lot. 3 were missing stones and not my thing. These three were either missing pearls or had a loose stone and were my thing so have been fixed see below
Since I took this picture I also used some lilac nail polish to repaint the flowers on the bottom left brooch once the stone was in place and I'm very pleased with how it now looks.

There were a couple of others now I think about it which were perfect and went straight into brooch bowl. Which is overflowing I really need to either get another or store them differently!

Finally a wee blue bag for the princely sum of 50p plus postage. It's rather shabby but  a lovely shade of blue so I'll see how it looks after a good clean.
There you have the October purchases. You'd never think I'd cleared out the wardrobe just two months back, it's wedged full again! ooopps.


  1. Oh the trials and tribulations of Lindybop!! The variability in quality and sizing has always been immense, I swear they must be using different suppliers for different lines. You did have some successes though, so yay for those! Great idea on the nail polish for the brooch, I may have to steal that idea. Love these shopping confessions, always makes me feel better about my own xx

  2. Lovely to see a close up of the mad cat dress, and the tea party one is such a great print as well. Well, obviously you had to have the magpie blouse! Shame about the quality and crumpledness of the other dresses, though. You'd expect that kind of thing when you buy vintage or 2nd hand, but not if they're brand new. That said, the green one is such a great colour. Love how you restored that brooch with nail polish. Must keep that in mind. That blue bag is great, I love the colour! xxx

  3. I bought my first Lindy Bop dress recently as it was so inexpensive I thought there was little to lose. It was fine, but I agree the sizing is strange and the quality isn't great. Still, for the price I won't complain.
    I do love that green dress and bolero even if it required pressing.
    Lovely brooches and a good tip for fixing chipped enamel with nail varnish.

  4. How annoying that the quality of the blue/brown dress was below par, it's so pretty. I also love the green frock, your fish brooch is just the thing with it. x

  5. The green dress and bolero is so wonderful! Also, the blouse---love!!!! I hope you show pics when you get to wear them out!

  6. Is that bag by K? I've got its twin in my stockroom.
    What a shame about the Bath dresses, at least the brooch survived and mighty fab it is, too. I use nail polish to restore rings that have lost stones, it works a treat.
    The Cheshire Cat print dress looks fab on you! xxx

  7. Lindybop is an odd one - I love the print on my space cats dress but am not 100% happy with the fabric or construction, whereas my zombies dress is great and I'd cheerfully buy the same thing in other fabrics. My guess is they're getting a lot made in Asia and different suppliers produce to different standards. We used to get that with cover gifts on a mag I worked on years ago, the variance between factories could be amazing.

  8. I do hope it wasn't the lovely green dress and matching bolero that shrunk in the wash...

    I love the lilac/purple/violet dress and the blouse is beautiful. The Space cats are fab. The fish brooch is so sweet and I love the colours. Clever you fixing brooches; the nail polish is such a good idea I must remember it for when I next have a missing stone.

    I love the blue bag and your job lot of brooches are ace!