Wednesday 13 December 2017

November Purchases

Better late than never or something like that.

I've  just got in from dinner with friends and am now sitting watching Poirot (The ABC Murders) and drinking a cheeky wee snifter of Baileys. It's pouring with rain which is quickly clearing the snow and ice outside. Now that was quite the surprise on Sunday when we arrived home from a quick over-nighter in Devon visiting these mad munkins
They didn't know we were coming and were flatteringly delighted when they saw us get off the train. We had a lovely time even if it was way too short, literally a day to deliver Christmas and birthday presents then home.
As you can see not a flake of snow waiting for the train back home, gale force winds that blew wheelie bins down the street and tiles off roofs yes but no snow. It wasn't until we were just outside of Swindon that we saw the first snow and by the time we reached our home station it was a decent 3 inches deep.
It makes such a difference to find myself working for somewhere that has a clear, sympathetic and sensible bad weather policy rather than somewhere that didn't give a shit about how bad the weather might be or how dangerous/impossible it might be for you to travel to and from work.

Anyway I digress, November purchases.

I did do a little Black Friday buying. Collectif had a 30% off so I finally succumbed to a dress I have been stalking for just over a year. It went out of stock and is now back in stock just in time for me to use the discount -  huzzah!
 Of course I didn't just buy the one, if nothing else the postage is expensive enough to make it more sensible/less painful to do a multiple purchase.

The arrival of my order was like deja vu. 3 dresses all purporting to be the same size, one slightly too big, one spot on and one so small I couldn't even get in it!?!

My conclusion - Collectif really are shit when it comes to sizing.

It is all the more frustrating when you have to pay postage for returns or exchanges. It's not like they have a mammoth stock either so why they can't measure each style like many other websites is beyond me, come on Collectif get your act together!

Anyway at least the above dress was the one that was spot on
This one was the one that is slightly too big, it also smelt horribly musty so went straight into the wash.
This is the one that was way too small. As I already have a green & navy tartan dress from Hell Bunny I returned it for a refund.

Talking of Hell Bunny they also had a Black Friday deal with certain dresses at 50% off so again I gave in and bought one I have been dithering over for a while
I'm very happy with everything about it, and yes you are quite right I bought more than one from them too!
I was a bit worried this one might be too pale for my colouring but thankfully the red and navy nautical print are strong enough.

Finally I bought 2 brooches. This one was another black friday sale purchase, this time from the fab Luxulite

perfect for the run up to Christmas and then beyond because frankly I'll wear gold glitter any time of year!

Finally I commissioned this brooch from Cherryloco Jewelery. I have bought a few pieces from them over the years and love the quirky designs and the fact you can request and design custom pieces.
This awesome sloth actually comes as a necklace and when I made my request I got a worried email reply that it would be far too big as a brooch. I was quick to reassure that I wear a lot of big brooches and 10cm was absolutely fine. My instinct was right and he looks bloody fabulous as a brooch.

Anyway there you have the November purchases I do feel a bit naughty spending on me at this time of year but what is done is done.....

I have a few more outings lined up before the C word including the new Star Wars of course!

I'll leave you with this arty shot taken from our back garden by Himself of November's super moon
I mean what else would go with my super November purchases?   


  1. Good call on the brooch-it looks fab.

  2. That sloth brooch is the best thing ever!!!
    Look at those lovely smiles in the first photo. It's crazy to think parts of the UK escaped the snow. I'm bloody bored with it now. There's still about 4 inches of ice on the pavements, what's a girl supposed to wear on her feet?
    The nautical dress and the tartan number are fabulous. The websites I used charged £1 and £1.99 postage and the returns were free with a choice of places to drop the parcel off including the 24 hour Asda just down the road. If they can do it why can't everyone?
    What a great super moon photo! x

  3. Love the new frocks, especially the first Collectif one and that nautical print from Hell Bunny. I keep hearing about Collectif's sizing problems, so I think I will steer clear, unless I find them in a real shop where I can try them on! Love the brooches, especially that amazing sloth! Himself's super moon photo is fab. We had snow here too, on Sunday and Monday, but happily it's gone by now. Certainly not a fan, although the weather policy at my office is quite good too. xxx

  4. What fabulous frocks! I do love a waisted frock but as I have no waist I don't think they're for me. I'll have to see if I spot one (in my size) in a chazza and have a go.

    Loved the brooches!

  5. That sloth pin is amazing!!!! Fun dress purchases!

  6. I do like your tartan frock and it's arrived just at the right time, how annoying are sizing issues! Lovely lunar shot. x

  7. Oh my, the sloth!! Brilliant!! You didn't do too badly overall then with the dresses, but how frustrating about the Collectif sizing issues. Xx

  8. I've never heard of Cherryloco - that sloth is *excellent*.

    Sizing variations drive me nuts - it's why I mostly refuse to order things like shoes and bras online nowadays.

    We had no snow at all. No snow in the Trow!

  9. I've never seen a sloth brooch before - its so cute. I bet you'll be complimented on it. Have a great NYE xx

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