Saturday, 27 November 2010

Collecting Part 1. or You can never have too many elephants.

So huzzah Himself has finally put the computer back together! In my pictureless post I mentioned the arrival of some jewellery bargains which I was desperate to post about. As two of them are of things I collect I decided to write some posts about some of my (many) collections......

I have a thing for Elephants and Monkeys. I love them and I collect them, but in a selective way. I have to say there are some pretty hideous examples of both out there so I don't just buy anything that has an elephant on it. Sadly the same cannot be said of some of my friends/relatives when buying me a gift! I know that sounds horribly ungrateful but I'm sure you all know what I mean.
So without further ado .....Here are my vintage elephant accessories.

The item that finally arrived last week is something I have been after for a long while.

I must point out it is a 70's/80's copy of the delicious Art Deco style bracelet I have been eyeing up. The real McCoy is well out of the range of my pocket sadly, but you know what I don't care .Once I have given it a clean I know I will enjoy wearing it.
Next up are a couple of brooches I bought on Ebay in the last year.

From very different eras I grant you, but I know I shall wear both.
As followers of my blog will know I have had a thing going on for headscarves recently. Possibly to do with my hair finally being long enough to wear them and lets face it it's another excuse for me to browse round the charity shops and the internet!

I was thrilled with both of these, and even though I hate pink with a passionate loathing, I do agree it has it's place and on this elephant scarf it is allowed. It has come out very dark in this picture for some reason and is actually a bright spring blossom shade.

Finally the bags. I know I have had two of them in a previous post but I don't need an excuse to show them again.
Oh and I did say I wanted to show the too cute for words fabric I bought on Ebay so here it is.

I don't know what I am going to use it for yet mind you.


  1. I love Ellies too! I had a teddy Ellie when I was a kid that was bigger than me when I was first given it!

    Love the little kittie fabric.

  2. You can never have too much of things you love! I adore that bracelet and the headscarves. That fabric is soooo sweet. When I was little, my wallpaper was the same as the fabric on the left....I've just had a nostalgia rush!

  3. I love the elephant bangle so much. Is it ivory, or just looks like? Its really unusual and charming.

  4. Sadly just plastic, but it is a good copy of the more expensive original ones.

  5. The bangle's lovely. I used to collect elephants when I was younger, although not at all selectivley. I had some very hideous ones x