Sunday, 21 November 2010

A Non Pictoral Post.

It has been an interesting week one way and another. Illness, an exhibition, family visits, work, a training course and plumbing dramas!
It took 3 different plumbers but we finally have hot water again (huzzah!) Kitchen tap is still dripping, but quite frankly I'm just grateful to have water to drip out of it at all.

Friday I was on a coaching course. I was pretty unenthusiastic about going which is weird as I have been considering coaching/mentoring as a career move for a while now. Anyway thankfully I did bother to go because it was great and the lady who ran it gave me some wonderful advice and was very encouraging. My job is coming to an end in 6 months time so I have no idea what the future will hold. I try to be positive as I'm a great believer that negativity attracts negativity but with the economy the way it is it's hard not to be scared shitless! I have been job hunting for about 9 months now and have only found 3 things to apply for in that time, my problem is I am truly institutionalized. I have worked in the same university department for 22 years now and it is such a unique job it doesn't exactly give you transferable skills. Getting no support from your boss or employer doesn't help either.......but enough of that for now!

I had big plans for the weekend but plumbing issues and my brother put paid to yesterday, so instead I spent what was left of the day reading and watching t.v . Today I achieved a fair amount which is why I'm sitting here drinking wine and blogging rather than still beavering away!

I had planned to write a blog about jewelery showing my bargainous internet jewelery purchases which have finally arrived!...... but Himself suddenly decided to dismantle the computer this afternoon so that is why this is a non pictorial and non jewelry post written on his mac.
I'm also gutted I can't show you the too cute for words fabric I bought on Ebay. Providing the computer is up and running in the week I will post pictures forthwith!


  1. I'm sure your positive outlook is going to pay dividends, and a lot can happen in 6 months. Keep looking!

    Can't wait for your no-doubt-envy-inducing jewelery post!

  2. Damn plumbing! I feel you pain - or should that be cold? - as we have just had to have a new boiler fitted after suffering severe loss of heating! BRR!! Also - chin up for the future:)

  3. Thank you both.

    In theory I should be on slightly firmer ground as I have a permanent contract, but they haven't exactly been dealing with people by the book sadly.

  4. Looking forward to seeing pics! Hope you find something workwise.Staying positive sounds like a good idea x