Friday, 4 February 2011

Packing for a Weekend Away.

So this afternoon we are off to be braced by the bracing sea air, apparently it's currently gale force so I am hoping not to get blown over a cliff and to return with all my hair still on my head!

I have pretty much finished packing my bag and what an event that is. I never cease to be amazed that at 21 I managed to backpack around America for 2 months with just a rucksack!
 Lets just say me and the phrase 'travel light' are not well aquainted. I HAVE to pack for every eventuality, I have a myriad of lotions and potions and I have to take my own towel so before you know it 2 nights equals a suitcase with the extending top extended before I've even left.

This is my mother's weekend case that she used to use when she and my Dad went away. How the hell she used to do it is a mystery to me, a WHOLE weekend with just that wee case??
To digress she gave it to me when I was about 5 or 6 to keep my colouring pens and pencils in, a trend that stuck. When I went to art college I bought an antique jewellery travelling case that I still keep my watercolours and brushes in to this day.

Anyway I must go and finish the packing and eat some lunch before Himself arrives home from work. I have already had enough excitment for one day. Men putting scaffolding up on the house next door whilst I was in the shower!!

Our bathroom has a pretty big window above the bath and our shower is also over the bath. Lets just say despite the frosted glass it is kind of obvious when someone is in the shower and what sex they are. It's a nightmare in the summer, both when the Polish guys next door are in the garden when I want a shower, or when I'm in the garden and one of them is in the shower............
On that happy note I shall love you and leave you. Blog about whatever the weekend brings to follow!


  1. I love both your cases, so chic. I hate bathrooms with frosted windows, hope you get on well with the Polish guys! x

  2. I challange myself to travel light. I feel smug when I do so ( i fear I need to get my kicks in other ways?!?!) I tend to outfit plan and maybe take just one skirt and a couple of tops and a dress - all of which will go with the same shoes. As for a towel - I make The Beard put it in HIS bag! mmmmwaah ha ha ha !

    Have a fabber weekend :)

  3. Have fun! I love packing my vintage bags!

  4. I like the suitcases; talk about travelling in style! Have a great weekend away :-)

  5. have a fab time! Love the cases and what a great use for them. Travelling light doesn't feature in my vocabulary. I panic if I feel like I haven't got everything I could possibly need x

  6. I hope you have a wonderful time!!! I love thoses Suitcases!

    Also, I have awarded you the Stylish blogger Award as I think your blog is great!

    See my blog for more info

    ps.I know that these awards are not everyones cup of tea, so feel free to take it, or leave it, if its not your thing!