Monday, 7 February 2011

A Weekend on the Kent Coast.

So I'm back from our somewhat manic weekend in Kent, mind you it is always pretty manic as we are always trying to catch up with as many friends and family as possible in as few hours as possible!
As predicted the weather was very, VERY windy. We arrived and found plans got changed at the last minute. Instead of a family meal with Himself's parents and great cousin we were suddenly free to go out alone. Himself and I were on a date night, and on a Friday night no less. We headed into Broadstairs to catch a friend of a friend playing blues with his new band.

Not really my cup of tea musically but I loved the retro mike stand!

It's all glamour on our nights out as you can see lol. Not only was I in a dress I had a lovely flower clip holding my hair up too, not only can you not see it in this shot, the wind had destroyed my best efforts anyway. Boo.
I feel I must point out here that I am not some kind of raging beer monster, despite the impression given in my blog!
Saturday dawned grey and even more windy. So I headed over to Ramsgate to scour the charity shops whilst Himself went to visit his old boss.

                                          Ramsgate harbour in all it's overcast glory.

I was quite disapointed, as it goes there wasn't the usual booty or maybe it was because I didn't have my sister with me to spot things. It was kind of weird doing the shops in her town without her! (She was away in Brighton with her beau to celebrate his birthday.)

Things I didn't buy:
Firstly an almost complete pyrex set at a stupidly cheap price (not all in picture.)
 Secondly a set of one large and 4 small bowls with a gorgeous orange poppy design that conversly were stupidly expensive, otherwise they would have been mine! :-(
I did buy this skirt and this dress, sorry not to give a full shot of the dress it is hanging up drying after being washed so looks abit like a shapless sack!

  I then headed to the lovely tea shop I mentioned way back last summer as I was well in need of tea and a cheese toastie. It's called Corby's and is a very friendly family run business. 

A shot from outside and a sneaky inside shot of some of the vintage plates around the walls. If it wasn't so busy I might have been brave enough to walk round and take some more, they have some gorgeous cake stands too.

Next headed over to Broadstairs to meet Himself.
 (The house on the hill is Bleak House as in Charles Dickens.)

As you can see it was just as grey and blustery there too!
Finally I had to share these shots of one of the local shops.

 Aren't they just THE perfect window display for a seaside town gift shop?
From Broadstairs we walked to St. Peter's to call on Himself's best buddy, before heading back to his parents for dinner.
Sunday morning was spent having a blissful long catch up with my friend Kay and drinking lots and lots of tea! Fun but I was very tired today.


  1. It was pretty vile wasn't it? Love Broadstairs, must get there again soon.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend - I love the seaside off season - as long as there are great places like that to warm up and have tea :)

  3. Looks like an excellent weekend, especially the tea shop. Bleak House is my favourite Dickens novel.

  4. Oooh, nothing like a weekend away :)

  5. I love the skirt - what a great find!

    xoxo ~ Courtney