Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The 'Raindrops on Roses' challenge.

Thank you to Lauren for the tag in  her latest post and what a great idea for a post it is :-)

I'm actually in a much better frame of mind, though tireder than the tiredest of tired things (more on that later..) So I've been thinking of things for this post whilst making dinner and got a bit carried away, I fear I may struggle to keep it at 6 and most of those seem to be food based! Probably something to do with being hungry and making dinner lol.

1. Getting into a freshly made bed.

Just blissful. I'm afraid I am very selfish and always make myself a fresh nest when Himself is away, like this coming weekend for example, can't wait!

2.Comfort Food.

I'm going to cheat and label all my food joys under one heading. Potatoes in all their potatoey goodness, especially chips and cheesy mash. Cake glorious cake with cheesecake and carrot cake top choice. Ice cream = happy smile. Strawberries and Cherries for fruity joy. The list goes on....

3. Curling up with a good book.

I don't seem to get the time these days, so it is always wonderful when I can just switch off and indulge.


The minute I step outside the back door and dive into a flowerbed the stress just falls away. I can loose myself completely out there and I swear it has saved my sanity on occassions.

5. Being beside the seaside.

It can be the dullest most grey of days and I still feel the lift when I see, hear and smell the sea.

6. Fressias.

I just love the smell of Fressias so it's always a lift to bury my nose and breath deep.


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