Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A View of my Wardrobe: This Week Featuring Leopard Print.

So firstly this is not the post I meant it to be!
I had been going to post something a bit more meaningful for once having been inspired by one of  Tara's brilliant posts about wearing vintage head to toe *see here*
I replied on her post that personally I like to mix and match my vintage and modern clothes, and that whilst there are clothes from certain eras I love I don't wear them because the styles just don't suit me. I was all set to discuss that further, with pictures no less, and I still might at some point. However work has been completely insane, to the point where yesterday I could have quite happilly put my head down on the desk and bawled my eyes out. Only I didn't actually get the chance to even sit down at my desk other than when I first arrived in the morning!
On top of that I have been trying to tidy and childproof the house a bit prior to a visit from Himself's Sister, her Husband and Nephew Number 2 (Now 18 months and charging round everwhere, I'm so worried he is going to do himself a damage on something we have so much 'stuff')  Also tonight is the promised Pirates of the Caribbean cinema trip *SQUEE*
so yes all other plans out of the window!

Instead I am going to take the opportunity to post gratuitous pictures of some of the many leopard print items from my wardrobe.

It was another idea I had for a post or maybe more than one post. About liking certain styles and or fabrics, colours or prints. For example I have always had a thing for leopard print, also tartan and gingham are perenial favourites in my wardrobe.
Anyway the items featured below are a mixture of modern and vintage and I love them all, though some more than others!
 First up is my vintage fur coat. I bought this 15 or more years in a second hand store in Hearne Bay in Kent. My sister and I were actually out looking for some new trousers for her at the time. It was love at first sight, it was £20 which was a lot back then but it fittedand it was furry and it was leopard print.......I was also still living at home at the time and had more disposable income! lol

My go go boots, another purchase made with my sister, in Canterbury this time. She got over the knee deep blue velvet boots and I bought these. If these boots could talk my god the tales they would tell!!! I used to wear them with an electric blue lurex mini skirt whilst channeling my inner Agnetha from Abba. Happy days.

I *heart* this top. It came from America. It's furry, it's leopard print etc Oh it's also not as shiny as that, I'm a bit perplexed by why the camera made it look like it's made out of plastic, very strange.
 On the subject of furry and leopard print, here's a velveteen vintage shirt. Someone had melted the back of one of the sleeves, trying to iron it I guess, so I just cut the long sleeves off! I have worn this loads I love it it's so comfy and looks great with many things.

Another vintage shirt, 70's I think, also from America.
I love this dress but in all honesty I don't always feel confident enough to wear it.

 I got this dress a couple of years ago. It's not a style I usually wear because fitted dresses just look wrong on me somehow, but this one didn't so I bought it.
 One of my 2 leopard print Laura Lees Dresses. This one was bought from the lovely Charlotte at Tuppence Ha'penny  Wow it does look a bit of a shapeless sack on the hanger doesn't it, it's lovely on honest!

It's not all beige and red, see here's a green dress.

Cardigans and blouses, another Laura Lees item second from the right. I love her quirky take on vintage styles :-)

 Accessories and Shoes, as we all know a girl can never have too many.
 Finally here is the skirt I was wearing the night I met Himself properly for the first time. He likes to tell people I picked him up at the bar, the cheek of it, that's not at all how it went but I digress....
I would never get rid of this skirt even though I will never again wear anything that short. That and the fact I doubt I could manage to get more than one thigh into the thing these days (just to rub it in it actually used to be too big so I used to wear it hipster style) :-(

So yes, there are a few of the leopard print items I have in my wardrobe.

Oh and would it surprise you to know my dressing gown is furry and leopard print and so are my slippers?


  1. I'm like you in that I like to mix and match vintage with modern - one day I might channel a 1940s vibe whilst the next day could be 70s.

    P.S. I wore leopard print ballerina pumps to work today!

  2. Gratuitous pics of leopard print are fine by me and what a lot you've got!

    Love the coat and go-go boots.

  3. Ooh i love a bit of leopard print, i also have that halterneck dress too! Love it. Scarlett x

  4. I love leopard print and I have a coat very similar to yours. I absolutely love those boots.
    Have a lovely cinema trip. xxx

  5. You've got more leopard than Jackie Collins! Some wonderful things, I love how your dear treasures hold secrets of the decades.... if they could talk indeed! Those boots are ace :)

  6. Excellent collection - you can't go wrong with a bit of leopard in my opinion. I still miss my leopard coat I had at university...I've tried to replace it, but since the Kate Moss effect the nice vintage ones are sooo expensive.

  7. Oh, you have the red leopard pumps from Tesco! I had been wearing them for months as my favourite shoes, but then I wore them scrabbling round rockpools and ripped the mesh on both shoes and the soles are falling off :( not saltwater resistant! Hehe :) x

  8. You have even more leopard print than I do! I love the boots the most. Did you know Matalan have leopard print bath towels at the moment? I was thinking of buying myself one, just not sure if I should splash out on something so frivolous x

  9. Thanks for all the lovely comments :-)

    Leopard print bath towels hmmm......

  10. I adore animal print and I am totally in love with your coat!!!