Sunday, 29 May 2011

Wind, Rain and Shopping.

Well that was a week I was happy to see the back of, from a work point of view anyway. There were developments and not good ones, just when you think it can't get any worse it surprises you by doing just that. Oy. Anyway a large plate of fishfingers and chips and much silliness helped to end friday on a more cheery note.
I did take myself out into town on friday lunchtime on the hunt for a black cardigan. I know EXACTLY what I want but can I find the damn thing? well of course not.
There was a sale in New look and I puchased the below tops for a fiver and socks for £2.
 I am literally going through socks like nobody's business at the moment, the joys of wearing steelies at work!
 Also my Avon order arrived. I love their kajalstick eyeliners, oh the necklace was from New Look too also £2
Yesterday I took myself into town for some Charity Shop shopping me time. I did pretty good :-)
 I found some things for my blog swap. Organised by the wonderous Lakota at Faith, Hope and Charity Shopping
I also found some things for me.

I just fell in love with this skirt simple as that. It falls just below the knee and with all the added fabric at the hemline it makes you want to flounce about so it swishes and swirls. In fact it makes me want to start doing the cancan the minute I put it on!
I have some victorian style brown knee high lace-up boots I know will look perfect with it.
Next up is this little turquiose jumper. I like boat necklines though I'm not so sure about 3/4 length sleeves. It looked like it had been stored screwed up in a ball it was so crumpled but I'm hoing a wash and press will sort that.

More jeans for work. They are by Red Herring so I know they will fit well.

An apron.I love the fabric it's sunny and bright and has little fruits on it. I loved the multi-coloured ric-rac too.
Whether I ever remember to wear it or not remains to be seen.
Finally a lovely brooch. Sorry for the bit of string I didn't take the tag off before I took the picture!

and an elephant, what else? As you can see I already have the very same creamer jug and he cost considerably more than £1.50!
Oh well I have owned and loved him for years now and I'm sure he's happy to have a companion.

Anyway today was going to be all about finally getting out into the garden and cutting the hedges,but as you can see it's blowing a hoolie out there at the moment.
It also looks like it is about to hammer down with rain again at any moment, so projects in the house I think. I still haven't finished un-chlidproofing the house if nothing else!


  1. What a spree! I never seem to have enough socks either, luckily I have a man that does.
    The sky is looking very ominious here, hope the rain holds off. xxx

  2. Good finds - I love 3/4 length sleeves personally, they sort out my bingo wings! The pinny is very cute indeed - I never find those - and the skirt does have great detail, it's a bit Vivienne Westwood isn't it?

    I hope the swap does prove to be wonderous (how kind), I'm posting a recap of the rules shortly x