Tuesday, 6 December 2011

It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Winter/Spring/Winter?

I have a post planned for which I was going to share this picture of my neighbour's glorious holly tree!
The birds haven't started stripping the berries yet, but now the first frosts are here it won't be long before there isn't a one left believe me. Obviously fierce spikes don't bother birds!
The reason for this quick post rather than the planned one, was this other tree I spotted from the train window as we came into Oxford station yesterday. Today I went for a lunchtime walk with my camera to take a closer look.
It is very beautiful but sad as well. This poor tree has been fooled by the ridiculously warm weather we have had lately into thinking it's spring and so has burst into bloom. 
Sad thing is the first lot of frost and well.........


  1. That holly is glorious. I must go to the country park with my secateurs and try to find some. That poor tree blossoming now :(

  2. The holly is amazing! I would love to pinch some of that for home dec! Scarlett x

  3. Lovely photo's and such a contrast in colours. Loving the holly tree that is a beauty, dee x

  4. Poor blossoms. Pretty - but it does throw me. Damned warm weather!! Buggar off!!

  5. Such a beautiful holly tree! For some weird reason,we have what looks like holly growing in our front yard! I love the glossy leaf!
    Poos to frost,but a snowy white chrissy is what it ought to be,not hot and sunny like ours will be!XXX