Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hens Go Ape and the Harvest Festival Dress.

I know you are all going to think the frocks I keep blethering on about do not even exist at this rate, I can assure you they do and I will post pictures, I will!
I haven't had a chance to do so as yet because I have been on a Hen Weekend.

I was a little anxious about what the weekend would involve as Katy (The Bride) is very, very sporty. She rows, she surfs, she snowboards she is generally outward bound and action packed. I on the other hand, as anyone who knows me or reads my blog would know, am about as sporty as a snail on sleeping pills.
The email came through, we would be going to Woburn Safari Park (huzzah!) we would be doing Go Ape at said Safari Park (monkeys? double huzzah!) a meal out (always good) and snowboarding at the snowdome in Milton Keynes (ah shit)
As it turned out the Oxford contingent of the hen party all decided against the snowdome for various reasons so I breathed easily.

                Words cannot begin to tell you how much I want this statue for my garden

I then actually bothered to look up what Go Ape was, it wasn't as I had thought a fun time going round the monkey house of the safari park, no it was actually a fun time climbing,swinging and zip wiring through the forest canopy.

 This was bad, this was very bad, not because I have anything against climbing and swinging per se but because I can't do heights.
Every once in a while I try to do heights just to see if the overwhelming dizzying panic has gone but usually it ends with me having a panic attack stuck rigid unable to go up or down and I accept that the vertigo is still very much there!

Thankfully I was able to drop out of the experience

but still participate by walking round the course and taking lots and lots of pictures of the rest of the girls in action.

It was a bit chilly but great fun and as it was within the safari park I got to see, buffalo, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, sea lions and ELEPHANTS!!!!!

I was very excited about the elephants.

Afterwards we headed into Milton Keynes for a meal which on the one hand was a bit of a disaster, (it took an hour and 15 minutes to just to get our starters!?!) but on the other was a brilliant (good company, good conversation and when it eventually arrived the food wasn't bad either.) A Brucey bonus was due to the ridiculous time delay we also got a 50% reduction on the bill. Result!

I have got one frock to share with you. I finally got a couple of pictures of my harvest festival dress, not the greatest shots, I got caught out by the timer but it was by far the most flattering picture so that is why I have used it, vain creature that I am!

I love the pleated skirt.

 The good news is due to being a bit more well behaved with my diet it is now a bit too big, thankfully not enough for me to stop wearing it though!!


  1. That pattern!! that dress is fab, worth waiting for. God, I would've been the same as you! I can climb but I can't get down again (rather like a cat). I'd probably be ok with some of the activities (the ones with the nets round them look fine) but I would've probably slunk off to coo over the animals.
    also love : about as sporty as a snail on sleeping pills.

  2. That dress is fabulous, what a gorgeous print!
    My old boss once suggested Go Ape as a works day out, I refused point blank, not my idea of fun (but yes to the wildlife spotting). x

  3. I can't get three steps up anything ladder like without getting wobbly legs! When we went to Wookie Hole I had to be taken round an alternative route because I couldn't walk over the mesh metal walkway! If you can see through, then you can drop in my book!

  4. I hate heights, I just get stuck - literally frozen in terror ha ha! Love your dress and glad you had a good time :)

  5. Im So sorry for some reason i had stopped following you i have no idea how, it has happened to a few blogs i was following so sorry i have missed a few of your posts. Bless you that hen night would have been my idea of hell to and i would have been the one taking the photo's to. Sounds like you had the better deal to me ;-) Love the monkey statue he is a sweetie. You look lovely in your dress the colour and pattern are gorgeous on you. dee xx