Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I Have Been Awarded an Award.

by Melanie at The Folly Bird
Actually it's the 3rd one I have been awarded in the last 6 months and I'm ashamed to say I never got around to writing a blog post in answer to the other two. I feel that I must put that right now and so I will do my best with this one.

write eleven things about yourself
- answer eleven questions from the blogger who nominated you
- write eleven questions of your own for eleven nominees of your own
- All nominees should have less than 200 followers
1. In the same vein as Melanie's first question I was not born early but I was born a girl rather than the boy that had been expected! My parents had no girl's names picked out and argued about what to call me for 2 whole weeks. Apparently my Dad spotted my name in the paper one morning liked it and registered me then presented it as a fait accompli to my Ma and that was that. 
2. I have all my books and CDs filed in alphabetical order it is one of the few things I am quite anul about. Once a librarian always a librarian I guess.
3. I am a Holby City addict. I watch it religiously and refuse to answer the door or the phone when it is on. My brother makes a point of trying to disturb me when it is on he's nice like that.
4.Right from the moment I could read on my own I have loved books and reading. I always have at least 5 books on the go at once and it fills me with sadness that I never seem to find enough time to spend engrossed in a book these days (I blame the internets and having to keep my house clean!) 
5. When I was little I was clearly into the idea of breakfast in bed. On Father's Day I made my Dad jam sandwiches for breakfast, only I made them the day before and put them under his pillow so they would be there for him in the morning. You can only imagine the jammy mess! On Mother's Day I made my Mum bread & butter with tea but as I wasn't allowed to boil the kettle on my own yet I used the water from my hot water bottle instead. My poor parents.
6. Himself thinks it's hysterical that I absolutely hate horror films and yet I love scary ghost stories and true crimes scenes, the gorier the better. 
*I am really struggling to think of more facts so Himself says I should make up 10 fake things and then give a prize away to the person who guesses which one is correct!*

7.I learnt to drive when I was 21 and despite driving straight into a ditch during my first lesson and having to be towed out, I was the only person in my family to pass their driving test first time. I haven't owned a car or driven for over 20 years now, I had an accident and lost my bottle. Maybe I will again one day....
8. I am more than slightly addicted to dairy products and eat yoghurt every day without fail. I am trying to curb my cheese addiction but it's a hard battle.

9. On the subject of food I am not a huge bread fan and wouldn't be bothered if I never ate it again however I can not imagine my life without potatoes. Mmmm potatoes.
10.I would love to be able to wear high heels but I have a crap sense of balance and can fall over when walking barefooted so heels are an impossibility, you can only imagine how hilarious it is to watch me walk in anything higher than 1 inch.
11. When I lived at home and had spare cash (oh for those days!) I amassed a fairly large collection of black and white movie stills from the 1930s and 1940s. I keep meaning to share some of them on this blog but never seem to get around to it......
 I will now endeavour to answer Melanie's questions in a more lively fashion 
1. What would your ideal fancy dress costume be.  
Absolutely no idea, I rather liked being a drowned person at the last Halloween party I went too. I'm not really one for dressing up.
2.  Who is your favourite Bond.
Oooh that's hard. Sean Connery is the classic one of course but I do like Daniel Craig and will confess to having a soft spot for Pierce Brosnan......
3. What is your earliest memory.
A lady with long blonde hair leaning over my cot and yet as long as I can remember my Mum had short hair. I later found out she had it all cut off because I used to twist it around my hands and pull and pull on it! Clearly I always had a thing for long hair lol.
4.What is the most exotic place you have ever visited.
The tropical house at the botanical gardens! I don't do heat so exotic holidays are a no no really.
5. Who was your first crush.
Luke Skywalker.
6. What is your favourite film.
I honestly couldn't narrow it down to just one.
7. Can you play a musical instrument and if not would you like to and what would it be.
Nope absolutely not at all musical, I would love to be able to sing and play the guitar.
8. What is your favourite scent? Not perfume, just smell.
Fresh air, orange blossom or freesias.

9. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen one.
Yes I do and yes I have.
10. What did you want to be when you grew up and did you fulfill that dream.
I wanted to paint pub signs ( I was a strange child!) or work in a shoe shop. I have done neither but have no regrets!
11. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done.
Gone backpacking around America for 2 months. I learnt a hell of a lot about myself and had a blast. 





  1. Good to read more about you ;-) dee x

  2. I absolutely loved your answers! I especially liked your breakfast in bed tale. My uncle did something similar, though he made the tea with water from the hot tap.

    I was going to go to a fancy dress party as a Psycho shower victim, but never got around to it! I also love the fact you wanted to paint pub signs xxx

  3. What a charming post, thank you for sharing so many interesting facts about yourself with us. You and I share numbers four and six in common for sure. I learned to read quite early and always, always read a voracious rate as a child. In fact, growing up during my school years, I'd always try to read all of my new textbooks just for fun during the first month or two of school, and would then seek out other titles on the topics in them throughout the year to give me an even better knowledge of the subjects covered in them.

    Here's to devoted bookworms like us!
    ♥ Jessica