Monday, 29 April 2013

My Week in the Sun.

 Last week I had a long overdue week off work and it was wonderful, mind 2 hours back in the office this morning undid any of the good work the week off did me, but that's another story!

The plan was to do some of the jobs that have been waiting to be done around the house and get out into the garden which is in a pretty shocking state for someone who claims to be a keen gardener!

Boy did I pick my week well weatherwise. I got to spend most of the week up to my elbows in compost, bliss.

Monday ended up being all about the family. First my brother came over, then he left and my parents arrived. Not that I am complaining because it was lovely to see them all and Ma and Pa also took me to the local garden centre where I bought lots of bargains as they had reduced loads of their spring bedding plants.
My Mother gave me grief for wasting money on rubbishy half dead plants but a good soaking and a bit of TLC and she had to eat her words.

                                                         £2 worth of pansies

Tuesday I headed into town for a bit of manic shopping. I cannot say why it was manic, other than it is all to do with Himself's birthday next week, I have set myself a challenge I am now regretting.....

Sadly the charity shops were pants. All I got was the wee wire piggy for 75p *Bah* I was most disappointed.

I spent the rest of the day and all of Wednesday battling weeds (ground elder in particular, damn it and it's endless root system) and restoring order to my flowerbeds. They are mostly weeded, mulched and strewn with flower seeds.
Three down.....

One to go!

It was a tad windy so I had my hair tied up in a scarf in my best landgirl stylie. This meant instead of looking like I had stuck my finger in a socket when I got in, I was sleek and smug, that was until Himself pointed out the state of my neck.

                                            Sunburn/Windburn developing = Ouch.

I did also manage to blitz the bedroom, list a load of stuff on Ebay, read 3, yes 3 books!!! and most exciting go to the cinema in the afternoon on a cheeky date with Himself. We went to see Iron Man 3

I LOVED it! but then it's no secret I'm a fan of comic book hero/action films. Roll on Thor 2.

Finally before you have dress withdrawal I did find this green beauty on Ebay.


  1. That's some very industrious work on your garden. It'll look really gorgeous once the warmer weather kicks in and everything blooms.

  2. Your garden is looking gorgeous, good work! x

  3. It sounds like a busy week, but in a far better way than being busy at work!
    The garden is looking good, and the green frock is very pretty. xxx

  4. Oh no, I'm sorry that you got a burn on your neck, dear gal. Tony ventured out this past weekend with some of the members of his fishing club for a morning on the lake, and even though it really wasn't that hot out, he came home with mild sunburn on his cheeks. Must be that April sunshine is getting more powerful these days.

    Wishing you a marvelous May!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  5. Iron Man 3 this weekend!! Garden is looking great! Hope being back at work isn't too shitty!

  6. Oh my what wonderful work you did in your beautiful garden!! I love getting stuck into the nasty weeds with long root systems. Out, out damn weed!! Your troughs planted out with pansies are divoooooooooon and I love your wee piggy so much:). Keep that burn moisturised love and relish the beautiful days! Oh my, I wonder what you're getting up to for hubby's birthday?