Thursday, 9 May 2013

Musical Nostalgia, A Frock and A Bag.

Last night Himself went to the cinema again and instead of knitting I ended up browsing YouTube. I went on there to find Ellie Goulding's song Explosions as they keep using it on ITV for trailers and I wanted to hear it all the way through as I love her voice on the song.
I also listened to some others to see if I liked more of her stuff, turns out I don't. I love her voice but not what she sings with it, oh well.
Anyways so you know how they always have a list of other stuff on the right hand side, I never know if it is a 'other people who listened to this track also listened to these' list or a similar sounding songs to the one you have just listened to list, but I spotted an old 80's Glam/Hair metal tune called 'Waiting for the Big One by Femme Fatale' and yes it is as cheesy as the title makes it sound but I clicked the link anyway.........

That was the rest of my evening gone in a wave of video watching nostalgia as one list at the side leads to 'oh there's a good track' or 'I haven't heard that in years!' or 'I wonder if this is on YouTube? It is, excellent.'
I had forgotten just how many gorgeous long haired boys there were that I used to swoon over, I watched them and swooned again, I got quite carried away. Instead of going to bed I was still up when Himself got in and subjected him to another hour of me playing songs and reminiscing until his eyes glazed over from how I saw this band play in London, or I saw this band live in L.A or I was at the show where they filmed this video! On and on I wittered lost in the rose tinted past.

I forget these days that music was my life then, I lived it, breathed it, and went to see it instead of eating. God how I wish I had kept a diary there is so much I can't remember (actually that is probably no bad thing in some cases!) I blush at how little clothing I used to wear but I had youthful arrogance and 50 pounds less weight on my side. I marvel at the fact I survived fairly unscathed from the insanely stupid and dangerous things I thought were a great idea at the time. I wonder what the hell all those gorgeous boys look like now and what the hell they are doing now.
I also like to smile at the irony that Himself and I would never have got together back then as I was into Glam and he was into Death/Thrash metal and never the twain shall meet, the fans just did not mix back then oh no. I did finally go to bed, good job I wasn't at work today really.

We have a long weekend as it is Himself's big birthday tomorrow and we are off to Margate to enjoy the bracing sea air ie; be blown to shreds by the gale force winds and driving rain. Oh I do love the British seaside!

This morning I received two wonderful purchases in the post. As I have said before the downside of selling on Ebay is I end up browsing and buying on Ebay.

I found this rather lovely Pearl Lowe dress, as you know I have a thing for her frocks.....

and this one just happened to be purple and new with tags too, even better.

I also found this stunning vintage lucite bag. Photos just do not do it justice it's an absolute beauty.

I'm a happy girl.


  1. That Pearl Lowe dress is teh awesome, I love the hip details. Is she still designing for anybody?

    I know what you mean about looking back at how little clothing you'd go out in - I was musing last night on how my summer outfit consisted of a slip dress, knickers and shoes - and the shoes probably weighed more than the other two combined! If only we could all still get away with it...

  2. That dress and bag are gorgeous!
    Happy days, I often think back to the ridiculous things I did and marvel at how I'm still alive - mind you, things haven't changed, that much! I still dress like a slapper and behave outrageously!
    Have a fab time in Margate, hope the weather calms down a bit. xxx

  3. Hi lovely its dee from deedee'svintageretrodelights. I come in disguise after now using my maiden name. I have started a new blog you can find me now on be lovely to see you there. Gorgeous dress love the colour. Happy birthday to your other half and have a great time in Margate, dee xx

  4. The May birthdays just keep on coming!!! Hope you have a fab weekend by the seaside, we went to Penarth on Wednesday for my birthday despite the rain and wind. My top tip is take a hip flask.

    I love the Pearl Lowe dresses too, I find them online now and again on Ebay and such like.

    That handbag is GORGEOUS, I am most jealous.

    Right, enough blog surfing, I am supposed to be studying for the biggest job interview of my life in 10 days time!

    P x

  5. Oh, I can spend hours on Youtube, fuelled by wine and nostalgia! You know what they say about old heads being incompatible with young shoulders... thank God we all our survived our youthful bravado and foolishness!
    Gorgeous dress and bag. Have a great weekend. xxx

  6. Pearl Lowe as in Powder's Pearl Lowe? Lovely dress and bag :)
    Youtube has the power to draw everyone in for hours! I like to watch all the bands I used to go giddy over a band member of and see if they still have the same affect on me!

  7. The handle that bag is such a striking work of beautiful art - it makes one wonder why more handbags don't feature twisted handles. I should very much like to find a similar one of my own someday now.

    I love the colour and cut of your Pearl Lowe dress, too. It has a really terrific forties feel to it.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Good gravy, that purse is fantastic!!