Tuesday, 28 May 2013

That Was Another Bank Holiday Just There.

and my my it was gloriously sunny AGAIN!!!

This does not bode well for the summer....

I have been meaning to blog all last week but haven't, I've been a bit 'Meh' really. Now as a rule I don't put any faith in horoscopes and rarely read them unless for amusement, but on the train coming home tonight I had nothing new to read, so re-read my magazine including the horoscopes. For once they summed it up perfectly in one line 'You're a bit out of kilter in general' Yup that is about the size of it, I just feel out of kilter and unable to focus.

I had a lovely long weekend due to the bank holiday and spent most of it restlessly half doing things but not being able to finish anything, half watching tv or half reading, then getting up and pacing aimlessly about. Now that for me IS bad, not even being able to focus my attention on a book for any length of time, very bad.
Mind you on Sunday I was trying to read outside and the neighbours next door but one had music on outside so fucking loud I was forced to go inside, and then forced to put on my I-Pod full blast because I could STILL hear it!?! Nice to have such considerate neighbours isn't it *sigh*

I did a bit of housework, I kind of did a bit of sewing, I even did a bit of gardening but just couldn't settle. I've been like this for over a week now and I have no idea why Hmmm.
(It has to be said I was slightly more focused last night at 11.30pm when I noticed we had mould growing in the bedroom wardrobe!?!&%*£! which of course I couldn't just go to bed and ignore. Picture much cursing and swearing and the delicious aroma of bleach to eventually fall asleep too.)

There have been highlights of course. I was out at Fire and Stone for Thursday night 'All pizzas £6' with the girls and what an absolute tonic for the soul all that laughter and gossip was.

Turns out 3 of us are all due to be aunties within weeks of each other later in the year!
 One of us has moved in with her beau and is in that blissful glowy stage (I just about remember that!)
One of us has a new job (huzzah) which does mean her moving away (boo hoo)
and I am being sent to Chicago for a conference in July.

So yes America here I come, sadly I only get one full day of tourist time then it is full on presentations a go-go for 4 whole days, starting at 8.30am every morning and ending at 5.30pm every evening
We do get a cruise on Lake Michigan with fireworks one night which should be fun and I get to go with my Amsterdam partner in crime Paull which means I fully expect us to get bollocked about our expenses again when we get back!
I just need to figure out just how much I can cram into one day as a tourist, Chicago is a big place and it's not nearly enough time to do it any kind of justice.

Just to emphasize before I sign off how bad my inertia is, I bought this glorious sunny yellow vintage frock the other week and I haven't even tried it on yet, just can't get up the enthusiasm.

 I can't even be bothered to go shopping.......

I am most definitely out of kilter.



  1. That dress is gorgeous, what a find!
    I hate weeks like that, no motivation and a feeling of impending doom. Glad you had a great night out to improve matters. xxx
    PS Here's a sweet British blogger who recently moved to Chicago: http://twenty-something-sherbet.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/dear-ms-leigh.html

  2. Oh I have mopey days were the world seems to spin all around and all you can do is sit and watch the blur.
    Yay a trip to Chicago.
    Love the yellow dress.....so happy.
    love V

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling out of kilter. I always find one of two completely opposing things can help: either lots of pottering time alone to enjoy doing the little things there isn’t usually time for, or something completely different that’ll clear out the cobwebs, such as a trip away. If you’re in an introverted mood, the former, in an extroverted mood, the latter. Either way, getting away from familiar people and routine is key.

    Mouldy wardrobe sounds bad! Are your clothes all okay?

    Chicago’s been on my list for a while ‘cos I’m addicted to the Harry Dresden novels, but would also like to visit some of the places from the 1920s and 1930s, if many still stand. They’ve got some incredible skyscrapers still.

    1. Thankfully it was Himself's wardrobe and his clothes were ok, and yes a fresh scene is probably what I need.

      I'm just sad I'm not going to have the time to do Chicago justice.

  4. Those lilacs are so tremendously pretty. Tony isn't wild about the scent of lilacs (he says that if he smells it too strongly he gets a headache, which, interestingly, I've heard two other guys say over the years, too - perhaps us women are just better equipped to handle floral scents?), but it's one of my favourite smells of all time, and I'm so happy that a few of our neighbours have bushes to that I can do my best bumblebee impression and bury myself (ok, just my nose) in them.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your caring, thoughtful blog comment yesterday. Odd as this may sound, your reminder of Jane Austen's term brought a tear to my eye. Even after 11 years of being chronically ill, I tend to be too tough on myself and try very hard to look (on camera at least) healthier than I am, yet somehow the term "interesting state" felt like it was giving me permission to just accept myself and how I look I am right now. I really needed that, thank you deeply, my dear friend. ♥

  5. I can sympathize with the noisy neighbours issue. Ours are having an extension built and their workmen decided to turn up their radio to full blast (and it was Radio One too - urgh!)- whilst - get this....they were inside the extension!! I lost it and shouted/screamed to then (believe me I was loud!)to turn the bloody thing down. They wisely turned it off...an angry VK is not a sight to behold!

    1. I meant to write that they had left the radio outside and turned on whilst they were inside...doh!

  6. Oh I have times like that too, all aimless and meh and useless. It passes. Put that gorgeous yellow dress on, that will perk you up! Pizza with the girls and a trip to Chicago sound like good pick-me-ups. xxx

  7. I think we can all relate to that feeling, at least, I know I can. Luckily, once it's gone it's usually replaced with a fresh feeling of new purpose, at least for a while!