Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Under Pressure.

Been doing a bit of navel gazing this week mostly due to having been incredibly ill last week and to the doctors on the Friday. It was one of those give with one hand but take with the other situations.

I knew I had lost weight before I went and I was generally feeling pretty good about stuff.
Yes the weight loss I have achieved so far is great, keep up the good work etc. However now it would appear I have high blood pressure, it was high last visit apparently (though they didn't tell me at the time) and it was still high this visit.

The irony is when I was 'overweight' my blood pressure had always been exactly on the average reading. I lose weight and bingo up it rockets *SIGH*

Before you all tell me it's a coincidence, I know it's a coincidence, and quite frankly a predestined one at that. Blood pressure-wise I was always on borrowed time, High pressure is hereditary and lucky me it runs in the family on both sides, so no escape. It was only a matter of time.
I am pissed off about it though. I don't feel ready for this, I don't feel old enough for a start!
Fuck it I should be a pensioner before I get bloody high blood pressure? surely??

Oy Vey.

Anyway enough of the outraged pity party, I'll get my head around it and what I need to do to keep as healthy as I can.


I have a very busy August ahead of me. This coming weekend we are off to Bristol to see the Gromits (as in Wallace and Gromit) on the Gromit Unleashed Trail
I'm very excited about that and about visiting Bristol as I have never been there before.

Next week Himself, Soo and I are off to the cinema to see the live screening from the David Bowie Exhibition at the V&A. More exciting stuff!

Next weekend we are off to Margate to visit family and whilst Himself is off doing his own thing with his mates, my sister, my friend Kay and myself are going to What a Vintage Carry On

That is followed by the Bank Holiday weekend when I go to the annual Stonor Park Craft Fair.

Finally we have The Rocky Horror Show at the end of the month. The 40th anniversary tour and the tickets were one of Himself's 40th birthday presents so it was meant to be.

Lots to look forward too.

Also I didn't mention that Soo had been over and we did a trawl of the charity shops. I bought a few bits and pieces including this lovely jumper

and a childish picture of a donkey for my wall of Kitsch. Vix may have her wall of misery but I have my Kitsch Kitchen!


  1. You've got some lovely trips and events coming up - Bristol is a great city, and with added Gromits, it will be even better!
    I have had hypertension since my 20s but it is well controlled with medication, and hasn't caused me many problems, including throughout my three pregnancies. Better the meds than a stroke, I reckon, so don't feel too down about it. xxxx

  2. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. You'll have a gurt lush time in Brizzle - the Gloucester Road has a great supply of vintage shops and chazzas. (A friend of mine has visited all the Gromits; it's quite a hike to see them all.) Cliftnon's also got some nice shops (the vintage shop in Clifton Arcade is lovely).

    I hope the blood pressure is under control soon.

    1. Argh don't tell me it's a hike Himself is determined to see them all!

  3. I hope your blood pressure evens itself out soon xx
    I haven't been to see Rocky Horror in years! Do you dress up?

    1. We go every time it tours and I do dress up if the inclination takes me!

  4. You've got some great fun stuff to look forward to, I haven't ever stopped in Bristol, only passed through.
    Having had a hip replacement in my thirties I know all about the indignation felt with suffering from an "old person's" ailment. xxx

  5. I am really sorry you have high blood pressure try not to let it get to you, just learn what you need to do to manage it. I know how you feel with the reference to feeling like an old person. Having suffered myself since I was little with hip pain and having two major hip operations in my 30's and now being left with a bad back and also fibromyalgia I to some days feel like im 80 an not 41 but you do what you have to do :-) Have a great week sounds like you have loads to look forward to :-) dee xx

  6. A busy time ahead indeed! Enjoy all those fabulous trips and outings, I must say I'd happily toddle along with you to each and every one, they sound wonderful! Pooh to high BP ... big hugs to you my dear xoxo

  7. You're soooooooooooo lucky to be seeing the Bowie exhibition! I'm very jealous. Don't worry about your blood pressure, that'll make it worse. Sounds like it's been exacerbated by stress and illness so don't panic too much. You could have white coat syndrome too

  8. I love that you have a wall of kitsch!