Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Most Beautiful Dress in the Whole Wide World.

Apparently Autumn is coming with a vengeance at the weekend, just in time for me to be on holiday in Bournemouth....Arse!
In the meantime I have been melting in the baking heat and snotting from a delightful cold that has also seen this as the opportune moment to descend upon my personage. Bah.

I know it is that classic situation of having stopped that has found me full of cold, up until this weekend I have been flat out busy socially and it's been bloody great, but tiring.

I was actually secretly loving the fact that this weekend we had no plans for the first weekend in months.
Friday night we had the Rocky Horror Show but other than that nothing, sweet nothing.
The RHS was fun as ever. Sadly not the greatest version bearing in mind it was the 40th anniversary tour but fun never the less.

Saturday I had a glorious lie-in and then we attacked the final hedge. My poor garden is in a very sorry state as all this social butterfly stuff means I haven't done more than charge round with a watering can when able. Much work needs to be done before the winter!

I had plans of the lying on the sofa watching a film kind for Sunday but Himself had other ideas. He announced we should go the Reading as we hadn't been for ages and there was a film in there we should see.
So off to Reading we went. I spent most of it refusing to let myself do any shopping so close to my holiday which was hard I tell you, very hard. SIGH.

We headed to the cinema to see 'The Way Way Back'
I really enjoyed it, though it is quite a depressing film in many ways. I'd recommend it if you get the chance to see it.

We came home to the most glorious sunset.

I do love this time of year.

Two days at work and now I am off until next Tuesday Huzzah. We are off to Bournemouth tomorrow for our annual visit. It seems our luck has finally given out weatherwise as the weekend is meant to be awful. Usually we have sun, sun, sun.
Not that I care in all honesty I'm just dying to get away for a few days break.

I have had to rethink the packing and add waterproofs, hiking boots and a warm coat, oh well. I packed this morning then scooted out to the shops.

God our Charity shops have been completely crap lately, all over priced Primark tat. I hunted and scoured and all I found was.

A green blouse for a pound and a floral dress for three pounds, both will do for work and
the sweetest little metal kiwi bird. How cute is he?? I was going to put him out in the garden but I suspect he will find a home inside....

Finally I must share with you the dress of the title. As you know I am slightly obsessed with green dresses at the moment and forest green is a colour that suits me very well. I had a dress that colour years ago that I literally wore to pieces and I have never found anything to match it since, until now that is.
Words cannot describe how much I love this dress, it's a repro piece by Hell Bunny and it fits like a glove. I really wasn't sure about the sizing but I just had to have it. When it arrived I was actually too scared to try it on for a couple of weeks in case it was too small, I know, crazy stupid right? I can't be the only person who does that though!
Anyway I finally took the bull by the horns and put it on today and it is divine. So divine I have ordered myself the burgandy version too.



  1. I love this time of year too. LOVE your dress can't go wrong with Hell Bunny. I bet it looks gorgeous on.xx

  2. You're not, I assure you. I've done that many a time, too, with new purchases, as well as with garments that I've had for ages but haven't slipped on in several weeks or months. Even when I know my weight is about the same, there's this part of my brain that thinks an item of clothing isn't going to fit for some reason (I know that in part this stems from frequently being very bloated due to medical reasons, but still, logically, I know that it should, especially if I'm not bloated that day). Funny, isn't it, the unnecessary stresses we put on ourselves.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That dress really is all kinds of fabulous!!!

  3. I don't love this time of year in general, only if it's hot and sunny and it is, so I'm happy!
    That dress is gorgeous, love the collar detail.
    Have a top time in Bournemouth! x

  4. That kiwi is aces.

    You need to have a photo taken in the green dress - I bet it looks fab.

  5. It fits! You shall go to the ball! The green dress is gorgeous, great find. The other dress and blouse are pretty too, and the wee Kiwi is a cutie.
    Love that sunset, I like this time of year too, have a fab time in Bournemouth. xxx

  6. oh wow!! That dress is totally gorgeous, I'm not surprised you love it so much, it's very 30s. You need to get yourself a cloche hat xxx

  7. hi. my name is carl. i am a new zealander living in the usa. can you please tell me where you got the metal kiwi from? could you please email me at with the answer. thank you.

    1. Hi Carl, I bought it at a charity/thrift shop so I have no idea where it originally retails from.

  8. hi. my name is carl. i am a new zealander living in the usa. can you please tell me where you got the metal kiwi from? could you please email me at with the answer. thank you.