Saturday 26 April 2014

A Tree, a Dress and Some Cats.

It's been a week of randomness so apologies in advance for a meandery post. I hope you all had a good Easter? I most certainly did and somehow ended up with a respectable haul of chocolate even though I specifically told everyone not to buy me any!

We went to my parents for lunch in Easter Monday but not before I had to belt down into town as soon as the shops open to replace a picture frame I had bought on the Saturday. It was a large clip-it frame for a poster I've been meaning to do something with for ages, Himself had kindly volunteered to come down and carry it home for me so I took advantage of him and bought some other bits as well (hehe).
The frame arrived home in one piece but when I went to lift it to unpack it the glass just exploded!?! I can only assume it must have had a fault in it, it certainly broke in spectacular fashion, as you can imagine I was NOT a happy bunny.

As ever Mother fed us to within an inch of our lives, the meal included her famous black forest trifle *happy sigh*
We got home in time to catch the first episode of Jamaica Inn. I was looking forward to seeing it as I am a fan of Daphne Du Maurier but sadly the show did not do the book justice, what a shame.

Now my Mama has been busy crafting sock cats with her ladies for their latest Age U.K table sale, she already has a positive herd of them, I should have taken a picture, they look so cute all together but I didn't.
Instead I will share with you the two I now own, one was from a pair of my stripy socks and the other from a pair of American flag ones that I bought when I went into town and got Mum a whole batch of different patterned socks for her cats.

Behold Winston and Captain Americat

She had an order last week from one of her ladies for a purple cat so I called in at Peacocks to buy her a pack of pink and purple socks I had seen there. This of course meant I ended up buying something for myself!  
They have had some cute tea dresses in there and I ended up getting this pale green one reduced as the neck was damaged, nothing that I couldn't fix, it's in the wash right now so I pinched this picture of the tinternet
I was also on the hunt for something to re-pot my contorted willow tree into. I resent the fact that a garden centre will charge £50 or more for a large plastic pot when you can get a big toy box or similar on the high street for a fraction of the cost, which is exactly what I did.

 This big blue box cost me £6.99 from Poundland, Himself drilled some drainage holes in the bottom, I put in a layer of crocks and a bag and a half of compost and the job was done.

We also got some edging to go round the strawberries to make it easier to put a net over them when the fruit comes. Himself did a splendid job building what he called a strawberry fort. Unfortunately the local cats thought what he had actually built was a marvelous big outdoor litter tray!
Yuck, yuck, yuck.
I have laid sticks across in the hope this will deter them until I can get the net over it.
I have made another couple of purchases this week. I was seduced by a new mascara in Boots. I have had a long, long quest now to find a new mascara. I was deeply in love with Bourjois 'Coup de Theatre' mascara but they discontinued it, then brought it out again but it was completely different *weeps*
Ever since then I have strived in vain to find one to match it.
I saw many bloggers raving about Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara, I tried it, I did not get on with it AT ALL, frankly I have no idea what all the fuss was about! I think it is rubbish.
Of the two I preferred their 'Bad Gal Lash' though this always ends up leaving me looking like a panda after a couple of hours.

At the moment I am using this new Bourjois one 
'Clubbing Volume Mascara', it's ok, but it's not amazing. The big negative is it has a really horrible brush, I actually ended up shaping it a bit better with nail scissors but it's still not great, I wouldn't buy it again.
Anyway I was in Boots and I spotted this one
Of course it was the deep red glittery tube that made me buy it, that and the fact it was on a special offer of course.
I haven't tried it yet, I will finish the Bourjois one up first, but lets hope the sparkly scarletty loveliness of the tube is not it's only good point.

Right, I have to go as I am being dragged out to see Spiderman by Himself who is adamant I MUST see it hmmmm.

I will leave you with a picture of the pretty bracelet I bought in London last week. It has an old tape measure inside it
and the notebook I bought for my Mum in Paperchase, isn't he ace?


  1. Your mum's sock cats are fabulous, isn't she clever. Totally agree about Jamaica Inn, was so looking forward to it and thought I was going mutton, had to turn the telly up by decibels to hear it! Of course heard on the news the next day all the hoo- haa about the volume problems and mumbling. Didn't bother with episode 2, it was an epic failure as far as I was concerned.
    Pretty tea dress and I love that bangle...I want it !

  2. Love the sock cats, your mum is a genius! The dress is lovely - I didn't realise Peacocks were still going, the one in Sheffield city centre shut down. That's a great idea about using a plastic box as a planter, they can be soooo expensive. If you find the perfect mascara, please tell me; I want one which actually works but doesn't either flake off or smudge under my eyes, and without nasty clumps. My search continues too! Xxxx

  3. Those sock cats are excellent, they have real personality. My local Peacocks doesn't have anything as nice as that dress in.

    I've got a tube of 'They're Real', and was gutted at it - it was so expensive and not much good at all! I'm going to stick to No. 7 in future...

  4. The strawberry patch looks fantastic! I wear gobs of eyeliner, but not mascara. It always ends up all over my face and I look horrid.

  5. That tape measure bracelet is seriously stunning!!! It's fun, creative and just cute as a button! I want one like it now myself to no end.

    You always find such appealing, lovely pieces, dear lady. Congratulations on this great latest array!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Those cats are gorgeous, I'd want an whole gang, too! Love the tape measure bracelet and the lion notepad, too.
    I gave up mascara a few years ago, opting for dying my own and wearing falsies. I don't think I've ever found a decent, animal-friendly one! xxx

  7. Aw those sock cats are adorable! Incredibly clever of your mum. And I love the Peacock's tea dress, and that bracelet (swoon!), and I think you're quite right about garden centres overpricing things.

    We haven't put anything around our strawberries, I will have to think about this, as the birds will blatantly have a go at them.

    P x