Thursday, 3 April 2014

Comedy, Music and Shopping.

Hello, hello it's been a while. I didn't blog because I had been a boring old fart and done absolutely nothing worth mentioning and then I didn't blog because I was too damn busy gadding (or gladragging to give it it's full 1920's title) about town.

First up I went to a retirement do at the library. It was the first time I have been back there since being given the boot, and I nearly bottled out. In the end I'm glad I didn't, it was lovely to catch up with people like my first ever boss, but it did feel weird, very, very weird to be back.

From there I went to the pub as you do, where I drank wine and ate a big bag of Wotsits for my dinner, god I love being a grown up sometimes.

From there Himself and I went to see the comedian Richard Herring for his latest tour 'We are all going to die!' As ever he was very clever and very funny, a good way to end the day. Well I say that. The show finished a little earlier than we expected so Himself decided we should walk the long way home and have another drink.
You get an interesting crowd in the pub at that time of night and the big screens were on showing Extreme Wood Sports, I kid you not. I was mesmerized! You have 2 teams of 4 against the clock chopping and sawing the heck out of bits of wood in a tag team. Bloody mental, Canada won which seemed only right somehow.

 We left the pub and it was absolutely hammering down, my poor Curtise boots got soaked right through, what a christening for them. Thankfully they lived to tell the tale.

This was followed by a few days off work and a trip to the seaside. Himself to stay with his friend and me to stay with my sister.
She was a bit more all over than usual but it was her last day of work having been laid off. She is actually delighted about it as she had come to loathe her job but still it is an odd feeling.
We bought a couple of bottles of fizzy stuff and toasted new starts.

I have to say it wasn't the most comfortable of stays as the wee air mattress she had bought for me to use went down steadily overnight so I had hardly any sleep.
I know I'm not the most sylph-like of creatures but I wouldn't say I was hefty enough to flatten a mattress, we came to the conclusion it must have had a hole somewhere. Ho hum.

Thankfully after the most insane storm on friday where trees and houses got struck, the weather at the weekend was glorious. We sat on the front steps drinking Prosecco whilst we waited for her other half and our friend Kay to arrive.
 I managed to take a picture of our feet by accident

as you can see we are all about the slipper glamour!

I am in black and before you ask yes I do have ridiculously small feet for a tall person.

Kay and I headed off to Margate old town to browse. In some ways it's great to see it busy again but on the other my god they have jumped with both feet onto the retro vintage bandwagon and I fear what will happen when that bubble bursts again.
Everything was ferociously expensive, Vix's wall of misery were £25 a pop! I also tried and negotiated a rather splendid bubblegum pink, white and blue 70's frock for dear Vix but the woman would not drop the price as it would make a 'great fancy dress costume' Hmm

All I came away with was a 1970's Snoopy mirror from a charity shop for £1.99 and a lovely purple 1980's tartan skirt for £3.50

It won't fit me as is but I'm hoping I can do something with it. I did buy a mental necklace in a pop-up shop but I need to change the chain so more of that at a later date.

I must share with you the magnificent toilets of the cafe we had lunch in
and whilst I'm at it my sister's fabulous kitchen. Every time I visit her flat is different, she loves interior design and is always changing her look.
From the old town we headed up the High Street because there is a Primark in Margate and every time I visit I absolutely have to call in, why on earth you may ask?
well for this actually
The best panoramic views of Margate beach in the world! It used to be a cafe which must have been wonderful. Imagine eating with that view to gaze upon.

 After that I caught up with my sister and her fella at their jive class. As I have 2 left feet I sat and watched before we headed out to stuff our faces in the resaurant of the hotel at the end of her road. Then it was home for more wine and bed or slowly deflating through the night in my case.

Himself and I linked up on Sunday to visit his parents before heading home. They were in good spirits though neither is at all well, it was good to catch up though.

It was also good to get home to a lovely freshly made bed. Bliss.

Monday we were off to London to see Daughtry. I bought Himself the tickets as he really likes the band and I felt the need to make amends for dragging him to see Gary Numan! (who he did not really like at all)
For those not in the know, the front man was in the final of American Idol a couple of years back and has an incredible voice.
 He did not disappoint live, he sang solid for 2 hours, the rest of the band even went off for a break and he came on alone with an acoustic guitar and just played on!
It was the last night of the tour so the band took this picture. I'm in there somewhere, to the right of the sound desk....
I decided to give the pirate dress an outing, it is actually slightly too big which was quite gratifying, especially after my week-end of indulgence.
Who doesn't love a frock with pockets?

No head because I hadn't put my face on yet and me sans make-up is not something I need to scare you with on here!
Other than that my boots absolutely mullered my feet and I have the mother of all blisters, the train took twice as long to get home than usual, Oh! and we found, or should I say I found, what could only be described at the worst Wetherspoons ever, like in the world ever. It was horrific in every detail, but especially the clientele, I felt quite proud of myself. It's the one in the tatty shopping mall in Shepherd's Bush in case you ever feel the need to test it.

Tuesday we had wisely booked of work as we thought we might be home late so after a mammoth lie-in I decided to hit the charity shops. There was the usual uninspiring toot in the main shops, though I did score a couple of Hawaiian shirts for Himself, he is a big fan of a Hawaiian shirt. I struck gold in the smaller local charity ones.
Hanging pockety thing with elephants and an elephant bedspread
Teal cardigan grrr
nautical style tee
Awesome bright green plastic shopper
 And the piece de resistance......
Genuine Homemaker £6  = get in!
There were other pieces but I only had a tenner on me and some of them were very very well used. I actually sorted through the few sets of cups and plates to match up the ones in best condition bacause you have to do these things right?

Anyway I am away, we have a visitor this weekend and I must clear the front bedroom of all of my 'stuff' Good lord. I have seriously vowed to sort thoroughly before it goes near going back in, the amount of shit I have is insane.

Hoarder Next Door anyone?



  1. Great score on the Homemaker! It looks pristine, too. Love the dress with pockets, it shows off your figure a treat. Are you sure it was the worst Wetherspoons in the world? There's one in Bilston that is so scary I can't even bring myself to go in! xxxxx

  2. Fantastic score with the crockery there, amazing! Sometimes I find really good stuff at my local car boot (like an Alfred Meakin plate with UNICORNS on) but sometimes the sellers don't seem to understand the rules and pricing of car boot and want to charge antique shop pricing. They always end up carting their stuff home again to put on EBay (bye bye unicorns). Looks like you've had a fun-filled time, I love your descriptions, they're so funny! x

  3. Crazy weather you're having, I'm so glad you've had some beautiful days too though:). I would be furious about the air mattress, I need my sleep and as a result I'm a cranky pants most days from too many interruptions - it must have been lovely to get home. I love your Snoopy mirror and skirt, while your pirate frock is gorgeous! It's hard being a hoarder - I feel your pain! xoxoxox

  4. I really enjoyed this post! Love your writing style. I have suffered the deflating airbed too -- it's so uncomfortable, and you can't help wondering if it's your fault! I'm amazed you went for a second night on it; I'd have piled up the sofa cushions instead. Love that pink loo!

  5. Oh, I have had that deflating air bed experience too, I can sleep on the floor if I am really pissed but not if not!
    Anyway, you've been busy! Lots of going out and seeing people and doing stuff and buying stuff, lovely! Your dress is gorgeous, the Homemaker is great, and that big green bag has your name all over it!
    I remember Chris Daughtry being on American Idol, I seem to think he was favourite to win but Taylor Hicks did in the end... Yes, I can remember useless facts like that, goodness knows how when I can't remember much else! xxxx

  6. Homemaker? Excellent! I hadn't realised you were into that, or I'd have snapped some up for you when I saw it in my local house clearance place. I love that Snoopy mirror too - Snoopy is aces.

    That dress is excellent.

    I think Wetherspoons are universally awful. Ours hit the local paper when two pensioners had a punch-up there one lunchtime and the police were appealing for witnesses - the station is only round the corner, I'm pretty sure they could have run after the aggressor and caught up with him!

  7. Arrrrr, shiver my fashion loving timbers, your pirate dress is fantastic! Love the green plastic shopper and Homemaker china, too. That is such a captivating, cool pattern. The furniture on it reminds me a lot of my maternal grandparents decor when I was a little girl (and really, to this day, as my grandma still has a lot of early 60s pieces).

    ♥ Jessica