Sunday 6 July 2014

Old Shoes, New Shoes and a Little Zip Drama.

Here I am sitting quietly on a Sunday morning with the washing machine churning away, drinking tea and having a bit of me time before the Kraken wakes.

I might go out and cut the other hedge today or I might just sit in doing bugger all, the options are endless. I love Sundays!

Last Sunday as the weather was a bit iffy, and we had a house inspection on the following Tuesday, I decided to put away the clothes mountain that lives on my side of the bedroom floor. This ended up with me taking everything out of 2 drawers of my dressing table and having a bit of a sort out. Quite satisfying as it turns out, I ended up charity bagging some stuff, listing some on Ebay and generally making room to put other things, that have always lived on the floor due to lack of drawer space, away.
I also created an alarming pile of ironing but there always has to be one drawback!

It was also fortuitous as I had recently bought a pair of cropped trousers for work in the BHS closing down sale and hadn't been able to wear them as I couldn't find anything to wear with them. The are very patterned you see.
(Currently hanging to dry and very creased but this gives you an idea.) Anyways I found 2 plain black tops I had forgotten about that were perfect. I wore one of them to work on Friday.

I bought it in a charity shop and have learned another valuable lesson. Don't just think 'oh that looks nice I'll buy it'

If it has a zip check it actually works!

See this top has, or should I say 'had' a side zip, the full length of the side which is quite unusual. As I can get the top on and off without the use of the zip I just pulled it on and went to work.

A few hours later we were sitting in the sun with a cup of tea when I felt a popping feeling under my arm. "Bollocks" said I " That was my zip going". I dashed back inside and took the top off in the ladies to see if I could pull the zip down and re-zip it up. This was where I discovered there were actually some teeth missing on the zip around the bust area and it had clearly been a bit buggered all along, probably why it had ended up in a charity shop in the first place!

To set the scene this was 11am and I had to go on a course at 12 noon that involved me sitting in, and perhaps presenting to, a room full of people!?!!


First stop reception and asked if they had any safety pins, one raid of the first aid kit later and at least I was no longer showing all I had to the world.
This was followed by a manic dash into Oxford city centre, one and only stop H&M as the first clothes shop I came to, to find something, anything, that I could wear instead.

Someone was smiling down on me, because not only did I find 2 black tops in my size that would probably do, both were in the sale for £7. As I didn't have time to try them on I bought both to be on the safe side, turns out when scanned through the till one was now only £4 and thankfully that was the one that fitted like a dream.
By 11.40am I was back at my desk properly attired and sweating like a beast. Good job I always have a spare deodorant in my desk drawer, shame I don't have a spare top too!

As it turns out I did have to stand up in front of everyone and talk so I'm glad I didn't just risk the safety pin look, it's nerve wracking enough being put on the spot let only having it happen when you are bursting out of your clothes. Eee the drama.
Dodgy zip removed and top waiting to be stitched up.

On to happier things, shoes.

This week I had to throw out 2 pairs of summer ballet type pumps as they had reached the end of their life, which I always hate doing. At least I do throw them out these days once upon a time I would have just kept them anyway, mad woman that I am. Whilst rummaging round  my shoe shelves I found these.

I bought them about 18 months ago and somehow they had ended up at the bottom/back of the shelf and I haven't worn them since. I put them on with my patterned trousers (above) perfect! Now that I have re-found them they are going to get much wear I can tell you.

I also ended up buying a pair of shoes in the sales this week. I was looking for some new jeans which I didn't find but got drawn towards these shoes instead.
They reminded me of the ones I used to wear when I was little and as they were reduced to £18 and called 'Margate' it had to be done. Question is do I get myself some knee high white socks to go with them hehe.

Other than that I have refused to go to the cinema with Himself to see 'Walking on Sunshine', I believe my exact words when asked were 'over my cold dead body'. Turns out I was right and it was every bit as appalling as it looked.

I have also tried out some new nail polish
and taken some pictures of the amazing evening skies we have been having.

We also started watch Game of Thrones. Now I know we are way behind everyone else, 4 seasons to be precise, but we don't have satellite t.v and it never really appealed to either of us anyway. However Himself was bought a box set of the first 2 seasons so we thought we'd give it a go.

It's not a good start when everyone who has watched it tells you you need to give it 'at least' 4 episodes to get going, that is at lot of hours of t.v for something to get going!
 So we are up to episode 6, at first I liked it now I am rather bored if I'm honest, I will keep with it a bit longer though.

One thing I will say. As a feminist, and yes I am a feminist, not a rabid, bra burning, all men are bastards feminist, but one never the less. This programme really pushes my buttons in it's portrayal of women.
With the sole exception of the character of Lady Stark. They are either, scheming evil bitches, scheming demented still breast feeding your grown-up son whilst sitting on your throne nutjobs, vacant airheads or whores.
Oh yes there are lots, and lots, and lots of prostitutes, all walking round with their breasts on show.

As for the sex which there is also a fair bit of, so far it has all been from behind with the woman on her knees being held down whilst it takes place. This is the same for ladies of the night and queens alike, all treated in the same derogatory, piece of meat to be 'used' at will way.
I'll give it some more episodes but I doubt that is going to to change or improve, I really am struggling to see what everybody loves about it. Maybe when the dragons arrive?


  1. I got myself in such a sweating lather over your op-shopped top saga, that I promise I will always check that a zip is working before deciding whether to buy an item. So lucky you found a couple of tops on sale! You have amazing taste in shoes, love both pairs so much! We watched the first episode of GoT. Didn't go any further. xox

  2. Omg the shirt drama! I love Game of Thrones and loved the books, too. I would also like to admit that I have a huge pile of clothes on the floor in my room because I never have enough space for my stuff! I need another closet.

  3. I've watched one episode of Game of Thrones and thought it was mince. Never watched another. I just didn't get the fuss, I rarely do! As for the top, I can only imagine your panic, hilarious!

  4. Phew, top disaster averted! I am useless at checking details on stuff in charity shops, if I am with my friend, she always stops me getting carried away and insists on a quality control check - she's stopped me buying things with stains and pulls and dodgy zips that I didn't even notice!
    Love the shoes, well done on the clear out/put away success, and I must be the only person who has never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones! xxx

  5. I always check a zip as I'm such a lazy cow whenit comes to fixing them whe I get home. In fact, my pile of things that must be sewn is full of them. I read a few GoT novels and I have to say that the women sort of come out a bit better...though not much... than they do in the show of which I watched one, thought it was gash and decided I truly wasn't missing anything. When I get around to writing my Fantasy fiction novels, my women will rock and not get such a crap deal.
    Love those shoes...they are very old school.xxxx

  6. I never check anything - no wonder my mending piles as big as i am!
    A few of my mates have those TopShop shoes, they're gorgeous. If I wait long enough maybe I'll find the yellow ones in a chazza one day.
    Never seen Game of Thrones, people seem obsessed with it, don't they? Not really into fantasy, give me spies, cops and serial killers any day. xxx

  7. Nope I haven't seen GOT and I don't think I will, ha! it doesn't take much for me to get into a rant about women being portayed in such awful ways (we are a house of feminists, I really think Dave needs a man cave away from it all sometimes though haha) what a relief you resolved the zipper issue on your top and blessed by super sale prices (my favourite!) your shoes are fab btw, you must have been delighted to find those leopard beauties! x x x

  8. Oh you poor thing having such clothing drama!! I always carry safety pins and also have a sewing kit in my desk drawer in work - it's been a saviour on a few occasions when being dishevelled in a meeting wasn't an option. Lucky find with those tops in the sale, brilliant. I haven't seen GOT, what's everyone on about? Sounds rubbish. I would be annoyed also by the female portrayals. Anyway, final comment is that those last shoes are super, and yes, to the socks. But maybe just indoors?! P x