Sunday 20 July 2014

Too Darn Hot.

Whilst I'll be the first to agree a bit of sunshine is a wonderous thing, I do not do well in heat.
 I have been really struggling this week, especially as our office has no air con, you try and be bright, efficient and capable when you work in an office with no windows and it's topping 30 degrees inside most days!
Consequently I have been grumpy and whiny and basically a bit pathetic this week.

I did have Thursday off, because ever since I turned 40 I have flatly refused to work on my birthday any more. Instead I had a lovely lie-in and then went out for brunch with my parents at the Waterfront Cafe in nearby Benson.
Eggs Royale seemed fitting for a birthday feast and bloody delicious they were too.

From here we went to a garden centre where I showed I am now truly middle aged by spending some of my birthday money on plants!
(seen here waiting to be re-potted.)

I wore a red and white gingham sundress with a mix of vintage and modern accessories and took a very civilized afternoon siesta (with Captain Americat and Winston keeping guard.)

This was followed by dinner, prosecco and Death on the Nile = Brilliant birthday all round. 

I was back to work the next day (boo) but then it was the weekend (huzzah) and a Cotswold Vintage Afternoon Tea with Soo and Melissa.

 More prosecco and chocolate caramel peanut butter cake. Bliss.

We waddled back to Soo's house to drink more wine and enjoy a cracking thunder storm

which managed to break the heat for ooh at least half an hour.

There was a gorgeous sunset on the way home which partly made up for the fact I was sweating like a beast walking up the hill to my house.
I got in, drank yet more wine and went old school by watching the first series of Hustle before bed.

Today I had a late breakfast, gardened, spoke on the phone to my Bestie Jenny and relaxed happy in the knowledge I am off work next week.

I'll leave you with some random birthday picks.
Birthday sunflower
Purple polka dot vintage frock treat to myself.

top three birthday gifts from Himself, Himself and Soo respectively.

I feel very blessed.


  1. Happy birthday! It sounds like you had a splendid time.

    I have taken note of that book on Twenties London, it looks really interesting. And that brooch is a real stunner.

  2. Happy birthday, Gisela! It sounds as though a fine time was had, with all the good things in life - delicious food and drink, friends and family, gingham and polka dots, flowers, vintage, books, and jewellery. Fabulous! xxx

  3. Looks like a splendid way to spend a weekend. You look fantastic in your red and white outfit and your gifts are gorgeous.
    Love Hustle and spotting all the sights of Brum in the background. xxx

  4. Happy Birthday! good call taking the day off so you can celebrate it - it does look like you had a magnificent time, all looking amazing (gingham, oh how I love you gingham) your gifts are fab and I am rubbish in the heat, I'm not a melty stage yet, another couple of degrees higher and I will be x x x

  5. You look so cute in the gingham! You are making me jealous with all the tea and cake!!!