Saturday 12 July 2014

The Rattle and Hum.

I may be feeling just the tiniest bit delicate this morning. Aren't the best kind of nights the ones that just evolve spontaneously?

I popped out after work to have a quick drink with some very old friends Sharon and Simon. Back more years than I care to remember we all used to work together.

 I'd been working at the library a few years when Sharon joined my department, we were put to work together on her first day and soon became fast friends.We were both art students, both a bit shy and both had a very silly sense of humour!
 A little while later Simon joined the department and love blossomed, that might have been me sidelined but thankfully we just started hanging out as three instead of two.
I was incredibly proud to be asked to be Sharon's maid of honour when they got married, especially as they had a very small and intimate wedding with just family and a couple of close friends.

As is inevitable, life takes over and you don't get to see friends as often as you would like, not because you don't want to, but just 'because'. Whenever our paths did cross it was lovely to catch up but with us all changing jobs that got less and less often.

At Murray's funeral we were a bit shocked to realise just exactly how long it had been since we last got together so made plans to have a proper get together.
Last night was going to be an interim catch up just for a couple of hours after work with plans for a longer one at a later date.

We met in the pub at 4.30pm and I finally rolled home just before 11pm!

I was a bit worried once we had done some reminiscing there might not be anything left to talk about but I couldn't have been more wrong. Conversation flowed (as did the wine!) and it was just a fantastic evening. 

Walking home from the station I was plugged into my I-Pod when U2 - With or Without You came on.
Now if there was ever a Venn Diagram drawn of my family's musical taste the only 2 bands that would be in the overlap of all the circles would be U2 and Nirvana. The two bands guaranteed to get us all up and singing, possibly dancing too, are U2 and Nirvana.
(By the way I don't count my Dad in this Venn Diagram because he only listens to classical music.)
In fact I would say my Mum is the biggest U2 fan but I digress.
The reason I mention this is because as sure as the sun rises in the sky, if my sister and I are in the same room as each other when drunk we will spontaneously burst into U2 song.

Our favourite party piece is With or Without You. Of course we think we are fricking awesome with harmonies and everything, but in the cold light of day I suspect we are probably more like a couple of cats having their tails pulled!   
So strolling up the hill to home last night singing along, I was instantly reminded of one particular incident when we had been out on a pub crawl round Margate and Broadstairs with Himself. Now the full facts of the night are a bit hazy, it's possible it's the same night my sister got pee on her velvet boot but it's possibly not.
All I do recall is half lying half sitting on the platform at Margate station with my sister and treating the other travellers to our full U2 repetoire.
At this time the romance between Himself and I was a very baby brand new shiny thing, a saner man might have fled in horror, but clearly Himself is made of sterner stuff for he took it all in his stride and just scooped us up and carted us home. This especially as he is not and never has been a U2 fan.

Anyway enough of this, would you like to see some shopping?

You know the drill by now. Me selling on Ebay means me buying on Ebay. I scored these two frocks for 4.99 and £3.99 respectively

I suspect the teapot one will have to be a tunic top on me, it is somewhat short!

Whilst in WHSmith which houses the post office I spotted this bag reduced to £2. It was very, very dirty which was why it was reduced, but I decided it was so cute I would take a punt on sticking it in the washing machine with a liberal dose of Vanish stain remover.
It came up pretty much spotless so that was a great result. I have had so many compliments on it, clearly Mr Happy has many fans.

I also needed some more black socks but couldn't resist these 2 pairs at a £1 each in the sales.
I also bought myself a little plant, it was so pretty and being sold for charity so even more justified.
It brightens my kitchen perfectly. Finally this week I found a cheats recipe for salted caramel ice cream.
YUM! just don't ask about the calorie count..............


  1. I love your new dresses and Mr. Happy bag. My kids love the series. So nice that you got to hang with old friends and the story of you and your sister and Himself is perfect... He was def a keeper :)

  2. That's so nice that you had a good catchup with your friend - I find that conversation isn't usually a problem once wine is involved!! Love the card print dress, what a find. Pic please soon of you wearing it! P x

  3. Indeed, the best nights ARE the ones that evolve spontaneously!!! And they're usually school nights...!!!
    I'm quite fond of old U2, and even more fond of entertaining people with my versions of any song going. XXX

  4. They are the best nights! a few drinks with good mates, which leads into a very late and squiffed night (11pm is late for me, It's shocking!) your U2 renditions have proven to be a very good thing, Himself proved to be a legend! your family has great musical taste too although we have to encourage/stop my Mum singing, it's for the good of all really, love your frocks and I love a punt that pays off on something dirty too! x x x

  5. You know friends are good ones when you can get together after ages and things are still as comfortable as ever.

    My brother's a David Bowie fan, so Pete and I went through a phase of phoning him up when we were squiffy and singing Ziggy Stardust to him. We once phoned him from Spain and sang it in Spanish! Ah, you can't beat a bit of squiffy singing. Mr Magpie was clearly a 'keeper'.

    *Excellent* cat socks.

  6. Ahhh, Party Girl takes me back to the Sixth Form, possibly my favourite U2 song ever. Very fond of them, seeing them live at Glasto was amazing.
    Impromptu nights out are always the best. xxx

  7. Ahhh, that's the moment when you know it's Meant To Be - when the man of your choice proves he can tolerate you when you're pissed up at a station singing U2!
    Love that story, and the fact that you had a brilliant night out catching up with your pals.
    Great frocks too, and a Mr Happy bag is bound to make you feel just that! xxx

  8. Love the Mr Happy bag, and love the story of meeting up with old friends, the best kind are the ones you can just meet up with after a long break and pick up where you left off. Very special!