Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Day Out in London.

Another blogging break for me and this time due to the combination of being busy at work and bothered by a lingering cold. Bloody thing seemed to go and then came back with a vengeance this week.
I did manage to get out for our anniversary. This year we decided to go to London and do a ghost walk, luckily the weather was good but it was very cold, which probably helped towards my relapse the next day!
We started at St Paul's , went on to Barbican ending in Clerkenwell.

I know it's probably my sense of humour but I found this so funny I had to take a picture
Clearly someone was so desperate for their 80 a day they smoked them all in one go!
The downside of doing the walk on a Sunday was nearly everything was shut. Including the Viaduct Tavern which is meant to be bothered by a poltergeist who likes to take people's drinks when they aren't looking and switch the lights off in the ladies toilet.

I was thrilled to see this gorgeous Rowan tree full of berries. It's unusual enough to see trees in busy streets but where there are any they tend to be plane trees.

Taking of trees, I have no idea what these are meant to be
Bird houses? A sculpture?

We decided to head towards the West End in search of food and a wee tipple to warm the cockles.
I had to take a picture of Ed's Diner. Back in the day we quite often used to head here after pubbing, clubbing or a gig at The Marquee. I can still remember how good the tuna melt and fries were, oh and the vanilla milkshake too yum!

We mooched about a bit before heading home and had a browse in Fopp records where I went a little mad in their vintage film section because they had a sale.
 Just the thing for a miserable afternoon.

I've had my first frock disaster in a while too. This handmade dress I bought on Ebay for 99p to be precise
It is actually lovely, a good quality heavyweight fabric and very well made. The issue is down to me and my physique. As mentioned before I have a long torso, and this lovely dress is not made for a long torso

 top finger shows the waist of the dress, bottom finger shows my waist, when there is quite such a difference, over 3 inches here, it means everything else is in the wrong place so the fit is dreadful. The waist sits uncomfortably on my rib cage, the hips bunch at the waist with fabric to spare the fitted skirt strains over the hips. Bah.

The teal houndstooth print one from Bath is also a bit short in the body, but thankfully it's not as bad and the waist is elasticated I can make it work. I haven't tried the lurex one on yet, it was a bit whiffy so it's in the wash.


  1. Ah, what a lovely day out in London. I have never been to England or London before, so it sounds so great. The Marquee Club used to be the place where a lot of great bands used to play, isn't it? I know the Rolling Stones played there in the 70s. Oh and I notice you scored Witness for the Prosecution! Awesome, I just watched that the other night, I'm on a bit of a Marlene Dietrich movie kick at the moment! :)

  2. There's nothing I like better than a day out in London. I was born and bred there and love to go back. Your ghost walk sounds brilliant but it was a shame things were shut - that's the trouble with Sundays!

    You probably know this is already but the Pound shop used to do quite a lot of vintage DVDs. I got a good few from there and a couple for one of my brothers too.

    Such a shame about the lovely shirt waist dress but still at 99p it's not such a disaster.

    Hope your cold buggers off!


  3. I was dying to see the latest frock disaster!! Same problem I get on an all-too-regular basis. Still, 99p, it was worth a punt. I was in London recently and also noticed the bird house things on trees. Odd. I hope you're finally feeling better now lovely xx

  4. I hope you're feeling better soon.
    I'm wondering if those are for bats or bees to use? They seem to small for most birds that would want to build a nest. I asked "Nature Boy" but he had no idea.

    I don't suppose the dress would be salvageable by turning it into separates?

  5. I'm not very tall - as you know - but I always have that problem with dresses. That why I love an empire line.
    Great tour of that London and a right old haul of DVDs - something we stock up on ready to avoid all that awful Xmas telly.
    I think my cold is finally going - it started 4 weeks today! Flu jab next year. xxx

  6. Haven't been to London in ... oh dear: 19 years! The trouble is that from Belgium, I can't just pop over for the day! Anyway, I love the tree things, whatever they are. What a pity about the dress, as it's lovely ... Hope your cold goes away soon, Gisela xxx

  7. Tht cold really is a stinker, isn't it? Hopefully it'll be the last one of the season.

    That's a really good video haul. Good for hiding away with through a cold, Trumpy winter.

  8. I always fancy those themed London walks but never quite seem to get around to them. I reckon that poltergeist is the landlady, nicking people's drinks so they buy more and turning the lights off to save money! :) Nice stash of films you scored there!