Saturday 12 November 2016

Films, Frock Musings and a Bag Bonanza

I forgot to mention last post that we had been to see Doctor Strange
though hardly a surprise to regular readers of my blog, I've never hidden the fact I'm a big Marvel fan. It certainly lived up to expectations, I highly recommend it.
 I was excited to see where the chapel of Exeter College in Oxford appeared as my chance to see inside said chapel was scuppered by them filming Dr Strange when I visited the college. As an ex-art student I was desperate to see inside for the Pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows, maybe next time. Anyway the chapel was in a brief scene but instantly recognisable so at least they didn't cut it out in the edit!

We also went to see A Street Cat Named Bob
I enjoyed that too even if it did leave me with a terrible ache of longing for my beautiful boy Edward, or indeed a cat in general. Every now and then I miss owning a cat dreadfully. I grew up with cats and would dearly love another but it's just not practical right now. It's hard enough to find rented properties but even harder if you have a pet and leaving them on their own all day when we are at work is just not fair. *sigh*

I was left pondering this week on why I do keep being attracted to,and tempted to buy dresses that just don't suit me. I KNOW deep v-necklines do absolutely nothing for me but over and over again I find myself tempted by a frock and all my good sense flies out of the window.
Casing point this rather lovely frock by Hell Bunny came up on a deal not so long ago on a website I use for many Hell Bunny purchases TigerMilly.

Yup my common sense hitched a ride out of town and I hit purchase button! It arrived  and oh dear....
I even wore it once in the vain hope this might be the dress to break the curse but sadly not, it looked bloody awful. When will I learn??

Let's end on a happy note.  Bags, beautiful, beautiful bags!
I was actually looking for a gift for someone else, which I did find, I just ended up buying myself one or two as well *cough*

Now how could I not buy this little beauty?
especially as the makers name is

 Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of man himself
(gratuitous shot) so it seemed meant to be!

The other was a this rather fabulous Italian 1950's raffia bag. I have 4 of these in different colours but I have never seen a red & black one before. Appeals to the rock chick in me too so for a tenner it had to be mine.
I'll end with a pair of shoes from my Ma. She thought I'd like them because they are purple, I'm not sure they are me but I'll give them a go
Can't say no to purple shoes.

Oh and look who has taken to sitting and shouting in the top of the tree at the bottom of our garden, a red kite.
Beautiful birds but lordy they are noisy!


  1. I'd like to see A Street Cat Named Bob, he is a beautiful moggy isn't he and played himself I gather. I miss a cat around the place, but won't find another Prudy and now having a place in France it's not practical for me either. Wonderful handbags, especially the smart leather number...scored myself this morning with a £2 leather beauty.

  2. Ace bags as always and the shoes your mum found you are great. Like you say, what's not to love about purple shoes?
    I loved Bob the book, I bet the film's lovely. One day a cat will walk into your life when you least expect it, they're odd creatures.
    One of my friends, Cameron, has a walk-in part in Doctor Strange.
    Couldn't you wear a round necked vest or long sleeved tee under that dress to solve the curse of the V neck?
    Great bird photo! xxx

  3. I think my OH will like Dr. Strange but it's not my thing. I watched 'Lady in the Van' recently and really enjoyed it but I love anything by Alan Bennett.

    I think the dress looks lovely - why does it look horrible on you? The bags are fab and who can indeed resist a pair of purple shoes?

    I feel the same way as you do about having a dog; I'd love one but we have a small garden, I'm out a lot and my OH doesn't like that a sparrow hawk in your tree?

    Enjoy your weekend


    1. I love Alan Bennett too I've seen him do a reading from his diaries he was brilliant. I should have said the bird is a red kite, we have loads of them round here.

  4. I love the story of Bob and his friend and when I saw a preview I felt the same pang. My boy was a ginger and like you, whilst I'd love another pussy cat in my life, there are all sorts of reasons to not have one. Those purple shoes look lovely. Very Jackie O and I think the Queen of Style, Vix might have hit on something with the idea of a top underneath the dress. Beautiful Fassbender bag!

  5. Oh dear, that dress looks lovely, what a shame it doesn't work for you. I wonder - if wearing a top underneath would get you too hot and bothered - how about stitching a small strip of fabric underneath, in lace or something pretty? Just to change the neckline enough. Worth a go? You could pin it in with safety pins to trial it?

    Great handbags once again, you really have the best handbag luck! x

  6. Marvellous bags and I like the purple shoes. I almost bought a pair of purple ankle boots on Saturday, but they were so high I wouldn't have been able to walk in it. What a shame about the dress, but I agree with the other ladies here present that it might be an idea to try wearing a top underneath. xxx

  7. I like the buckles on those shoes; there's something quite 1960s about them.

    Sarah's suggestion about a small strip of lace at the neckline of the dress is a good one.

  8. That's a shame the dress didn't work out as the details are so nice.
    The bags are very nice-particularly the straw one.

    I hadn't realised how big kites are. That is one massive bird!