Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Cinema, A Few Frocks and a Brooch or Two.

Firstly thank you for your comments about the brown Hell Bunny frock, but it just wasn't me so it went back and instead I bought a lovely brooch from luxulite instead!
I'm a cancerian so it seemed very fitting.

I also bought a lovely green brooch whilst out Chjristmas shopping with Soo.
We went to Aylesbury because neither of us have been there before. I can't say I can see myself ever going back there.....but, you know, it was a day out and Soo and I always have fun wherever we go!
Sorry it's a bit out of focus. £3 = bargain.

 There were a plethora of charity shops so we did them all. The only other thing I bought myself was this piggy creamer for £1.50 because I have a cow, a cat and an elephant so why not a pig?
I also bought some lovely chrysanths on the market which was a good idea at the time but alongside all the rest of my shopping not quite such a good idea going home on the train! They just about got home in one piece, shutting them in Soo's car door wasn't my best move either.

Himself and I were straight to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them when it opened. I loved it, oh and the costumes were fabulous.

We also went to see A United Kingdom. Himself was all set to go without me on his afternoon off but I soon disabused him of that idea!
I had been very much looking forward to seeing this film and to be fair I did enjoy it. Rosamund Pike and David Oyelowo were fantastic in the lead roles but the film was just too short to do the story justice, it galloped through and over what you felt were important plot lines. I could see the story really done justice as a 3 part drama on BBC1

So Black Friday seems to be a thing now in the U.K. I browsed a few of my favourite sites as and when I got emails through.

Yes, yes I know I'm a. not meant to be buying full stop and b. not meant to be buying for me at Christmas time but well I may have treated myself to a frock or two

Hell Bunny had 30% off so it was a done deal

I have been stalking this dress since I first saw it in the summer and now it is mine.
I also could not resist this one, but in a delicious royal blue
It will be perfect for events at work.

This frock will not be perfect for events at work but do I give a shit?

The answer would be nope, not a one because it has cute black cats on it. It's from Voodoo Vixen and I've never bought from them before so we will have to see what the fit is like. I suspect I will have to alter the bust because from the size chart it's 4 inches bigger than mine to accommodate my waist size. Sometimes I hate not having a real waist.
I also could not resist this cardigan
Also Voodoo Vixen and also a size too big because the smaller size was out of stock but it doesn't really matter with a cardigan and I've already worn it to work this week.

I'm off to Highgate Cemetery on Friday which I am really looking forward too then a flying visit to Margate this weekend. I really don't want to start thinking about Christmas but the dinners out, drinks and parties are starting to mount up, god help my poor waistline.


  1. Aha, I was dying to see what you'd bought in the sales! Some very good choices there, I like Voodoo Vixen stuff. I have a few of their cardigans and they wash and wear well. I resisted buying yet another of their cardigans myself. Well done me! I really have to get to the cinema at some point this year, I've seen absolutely nothing!! x

  2. How fabulous is that crab? I love him!
    A United Kingdom sounds interesting, I loved David Oyelowo in Spooks. I think I'll wait till it's on the telly, I can't be doing with chavs constantly on their phones and the smell of processed meat in our cinema. xxx

  3. Gisela, you have been spending like it's going out of fashion! But haven't you bought some lovely things. I love all three dresses and and as for that cardigan it's gorgeous. I do like a cardigan with a pattern on it...

    I love the brooches. I've been to the chazzas in Aylesbury ages ago and found them to be pretty good; I'm still kicking myself for not buying this beautiful little box in one of the shops there. I loved your little piggy jug. I do like jugs especially the pitcher/straight sided ones.

    Both of those films are on my list to see but I expect we'll end up watching them on DVD. I can't remember the last time I was in a cinema.

    Have a great weekend in Margate - wrap up warm!


  4. I'm so loving that crab brooch! And of course you had to buy those dresses, although I might have to steal that last one from you ;-) Love the cardie too. xxx

  5. Oooh, I love that last dress but I must not look at the website as I'm being a penny pincher at the is going to be hard resisting!

    Both brooches are lovely.

    I give it exactly thirty seconds before I go have a

  6. I do love a it of Luxlite and the crab is fab!I love tat last frock to bits...the Who Gives a Shit Frock(?)it's a stunner. Oooh, I'm off to Highgate next year as a field

  7. I've never seen a pig creamer before - you had to have him! And the Luxulite crab is ace.

    I envy you the trip to Highgate; I've wanted to go for years but have never been. I bet it's fantastic. Tell us all about it!

  8. Love that piggy creamer - worth braving the dubious delights of Aylesbury for! Frocks and films are all good, and I hope you enjoyed Highgate - I went many years ago and adored it! xx