Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Charity Shopping? Don't mind if I do.

Usually I have plans for my half day but today I didn't, so I decided to head home from the station via the charity shops in town. I have to say I'm glad that I did
I ended up buying something in each of the shops I went into!
First up this unusual black necklace, it's a bit dirty but it will clean easily enough.

Next this cute little wicker basket. I think I will line it and put my hair accessories in it.

I then found this black velvet dress. It's probably too short for me to wear as a dress  but it was a bit grubby and looked like it had lost a fight with a feather boa so I decied to de-fluff it and wash it before trying it on!
I have been trying to get away from wearing so much black, old rock chick habits die hard! However it was a great bargain and I loved the gathered bust, very flattering for those of us not so well graced in the bossom department.

In complete contrast I then found this cute summer dress. Sadly I'm pretty sure I won't be the one wearing it, yellow is not a great colour on me. I bought it with my sister in mind because yellow looks fabulous with her colouring. :-)

On top of  these my Mum brought more goodies for me. A load more buttons,

some very dirty like this cutie, how I wish there were more than one of him.

A carrier bag of vintage patterns and just look at the bag! How excited was I?
but best was this little packet among the buttons, genuine kirby grips in thier original wrapper!!



  1. Woo hoo I am off opping too Hope I get a good haul like yours.

  2. LOVE that black necklace, is it plastic or made out of jet?

    It's sweet that your mom thrifts for you too, are those grips like bobby pins but better?

  3. Good Luck Janelle may the thrifting faries sprinkle their luck dust on you, or something like that!

    Hi Leilani, sadly it's plastic not jet, wow to find a real jet necklace..... oh and yes they are bobby pins

  4. Result! That's a good pile of shopping. (I frequently fall back on black too; sometimes you need a bit of black!)

  5. Great finds! I adore that little basket and those hair pins, wow! such neat packaging.

  6. I heart this post :-) All the finds are great, but especially those patterns - is there a particular that you're definately going to make? I'm having a bit of a vintage pattern love in too at the moment. That necklace is fab too and the grips - you've done well!

  7. Oooh, lovely. I haven't been into a charity shop for've given me some inspiration!
    I love the necklace and the sunner dress, and how perfect is a Snoopy bag full of patterns. Total result! xx

  8. i love secondhand stores too! that floral yellow and purple dress and the strand of beads are so fun! you should use that little basket as a purse =)

  9. Hello! I work in a library too :)
    I love the wicker basket, it will be great for storing things x