Sunday, 20 March 2011

Putting the Kitsch into Kitchen.


I am a fully signed up lover of kitsch, it has been a long battle in my life but I have finally given in and embraced it wholeheartedly! I have always loved Art Deco and other classic pieces but my inner kitsch queen refused to lie down and be tamed. I work on the theory that life is too short and there is a lot to be sad about so what harm in having things that make you smile and lighten your day just by looking at them?
I think that comes to the fore most in my kitchen. Odd really as I am no domestic goddess. My brother was front of the queue when they handed out the cooking gene in our family. Having said that I'm not a bad cook, just not a confident one. The only things I like cooking are cakes, no coincidence there as they are one of my favourite things to eat lol.
So with this and Amy's wonderful posts in mind behold my Kitschen!
 The sign on the door, very important to establish what people can expect from a room!

My pinboard. This started life as a useful place to put things like appointment cards etc. It has ended up covered in pictures and headlines clipped out of newspapers/magazines with no room left for important things like appointment cards etc. *cough*
Now as we are renting the kitchen decor is not my choice by any means. The only thing I was allowed to do was paint the room yellow ' as long as it wasn't too bright' To that end I have covered alot of the horrible manky old cupborad fronts.

Here is a collection of postcards we have been sent and again ones that make me laugh.

Horrible cracked white tile splashback hidden by bright colourful plates.

Every good kitchen needs love and elephants. Well did you really think there would be a room in my house without elephants?  Oh and my Snoopy storage (sweet) jar that I have had since I was 7.

Silly pictures and you can just made out my tin collection on top of the units in the background. This is the beam I plan to hang my snowman bunting off.........when I ever get round to making it!

This strawberries sign was a christmas present from my dear friend Soo. It rests on top of my cookery books.
 There is a definite egg theme to my kitchen, it's an in joke between Himself and me. I think that is enough, seriously there is more ! But I dare not overload your poor eyes with too much in one go, and besides my brunch is ready. Dippy boiled egss and soldiers! What else?


  1. I love your collections - you've got a great eye and things are beautifully grouped. And as for cooking, why a great cake is all you need!

  2. Awesome collections, I have that same Snoopy jar :O)

  3. I love that snoopy jar! And your metal signs too.

  4. It is so lovely to recognise and acknowledge what makes you smile. I love all of it but I too have a soft spot for elephants so my favourite is the teapot and I do particularly like your colourful plates splashback.

  5. You kitschen kollections are great - I love your Snoopy jar and the signs.

    Kitsch is good as I keep on telling Husband. He especially hates my lovely Britvic pineapple ice bucket - so its now in pride of place in the kitchen.

    By the way, you're mentioned in my latest post as I've got a blog award for you!

  6. Love your kitchen! Lovely and bright ... :0)

  7. I think your kitchen is fab! Have become a fan of kitsch recently and have a couple of signs too; your elephants are lovely!
    We are renting and bright and cheery is really the only way to make it all bearable sometimes!