Thursday, 17 March 2011

Enjoying the Sun or a Week off Work.

It is just SO nice not to be at work. It's when you stop that you realise just how tired and stressed you actually are. The weekend went by without me achieving any of the things I had planned too. In truth I spent pretty much all of Sunday in bed reading, or watching Marple on TV when I wasn't buried in a book. I can't remember the last time I have done that and it was blissful.

I did have a plan for my week off, oh yes no aimless lounging around for me *cough*

On Monday I had to do the post office and the bank. Boo.
To make up for that horror I browsed the charity shops.

I bought myself this lovely headscarf and a couple of things for my Etsy shop. I actually wasn't expecting to find anything as I had only been in them all a few days before so I came home a happy bunny. So much so I felt purposeful enough to tackle the worst of my wardrobes when I got in.
I was brutal!
Well for me anyway lol. I have already listed stuff on Ebay and given a bag full of things to my Mum for her Age Concern nearly new sale, I have to do that or things just migrate back.
Anyway I can now close the wardrobe doors. Hmm wonder how long that will last.......
 Tuesday was all about the garden, and bleeding knackered I was too I can tell you! I'm kind of horrified at how tired I have been. I had to force myself to keep going after about an hour out there which is unknown. I knew we have been frantic busy at work but I wasn't really aware of how much it's been taking it out of me, gardening has always been my escape so it's hard to not have the energy or inclination to get out there. Having said that I did manage to get done most of what I had planned to do. It's a miracle the lawn still looks green the amount of moss I raked out of it. Of course just as I had finished my neighbour announces he has an electric scarifier I could have borrowed! Oh well, my waistline could do with the exercise (scoffs a handful of Mars Planets as she types)

Wednesday the plan was to get my CV in order and start refreshing on my cataloguing training. I did manage to read about 10 pages of the 150 page book on cataloguing I had been given and that was it. I was yawning so much I thought a break and a cup of tea were in order.

So I went in the kitchen and made a cake.

Peach upside down cake. It was meant to be a sandwich cake but I couldn't find my tins so I improvised with a brownie tray! Himself said it smelt funny but he's mental like that. It tasted lovely especially with whipped cream. YUM!

I put up my flying ducks. Himself finally admitted he was never going to do it (I have been waiting since November) So I bought picture hooks in town and did it myself.
Oh that's right, I went into town again. I thought a bit of fresh air might help the brain cells and I had to post my sister's birthday card too. There were quite a few sales on and before I knew it about 2 hours had passed,

I got this very lovely red bag for £3.99 from a charity shop. It was in the window I swear, I don't have a daily charity shop habit!

I also got this very cute sweater in New Look. I mooched, I bought a new concealer, some packing tape, some bird food and 2 for the price of 1 Battenburg cakes for Himself. It truely is amazing the things you can find to buy and the time you can waste when you put your mind to it.
I was back in the house about 20 minutes all ready to knuckle down to some work when my parents arrived. By the time they left, I needed to make dinner and then by the time we had eaten etc.
Oh well I thought, I'll do it tomorrow.
I'm sure you have guessed that the fact I am blogging here and not beavering away at the table means I haven't got anything done today either. I did read a few more pages of  the cataloguing workbook. It made more sense but I realise I'm going to have to do it in short bursts, I also realise what made me decide not to pursue that career option in the first place. However as workwise I'm up the proverbial creek with no paddle I'm going to have to persevere, it's a useful string to the bow and all that.

So today I have sorted out my paperwork, credit card & bank statements, sorted out all my 'stuff' in the front bedroom, dusted, hoovered, sorted out my fabric, listed some more things on Ebay and cleaned a stained handbag. I'm pleased I've been so productive but I'm aware it's all been avoidance tactics.
I DID check out the university job pages and I did see something quite interesting, but as I can't access that page from home it will have to wait until Monday. So maybe I will leave the CV until then, 2 birds with one stone and all that.....


  1. Loving the flying ducks - very Hilda Ogden. I'd love to hang some on our wall but Husband has decreed the immortal words "no way!"

    That jumper has a lovely vintage feel about it, it would look great teamed with your new old bag. As for that peach cake...mmmmmm!

  2. We compromised, Himself agreed to the ducks providing they were on the wall by the stairs. He has embraced my love of kitsch bless him!

  3. Love the ducks and that blue sweater is fab! Enjoy the rest of your time off x

  4. You picked the right week to have off!
    Love the sweater, and I could eat a piece of that cake right now...

    Hope you are going back to work rested though, it can be draining doing a home to-do list.

    Miss P xx

  5. you sound like you've been super productive. Love the ducks, cake & bag! x

  6. Suffering Severe Bag Envy - that is so gorgeous! Keeping my fingers crossed that the job looks your sort of thing and you can apply next week. Have a slice of that gorg cake for me!

  7. I have flying duck and sweater jealousy!

  8. I looked at that sweater in New Look too! Seeing it again reminds me how cute it is - I may have to give in and buy it.

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  9. It is lovely isn't it. I was torn between the red and blue, but the blue one goes with more of my things.

  10. Came to you by way of Kate Shrewsday - are your flying ducks vintage or new? It is funny how things that once appeared to be rather kitsch now look rather splendid today.