Wednesday 30 March 2011

To Dye or not to Dye your help please!

Ok so I finally got around to trying on the cream lace dress I mentioned in a previous post.

The fit is pretty good and I like the length but as I suspected the colour is an issue.Despite being fair haired/skinned I just can't do white, cream or pastels.
Apologies for the mirror pictures Himself came in after a bad day at work, roared a bit then stomped off to the computer so no chance of him taking pictures for me! I really must take the time to figure out how to set the timer on this camera.

Anyway his comment when I twirled in front of him was that it is too close to my own skin tone and I do agree. So I'm thinking

either a rich purple
 or a mid blue. 
What do you think? votes please!
Next up is a frock I bought on Ebay because I liked the colours and thought it would be a keep me cool on a hot day summer dress.
Again apologies for the mirror picture and the fact it desperately needs ironing to make the pleats nice and crisp and FLAT, I do look about 6 months gone in this picture !?!

Himself isn't sure he doesn't think the colours suit. I like it, what do you think? Resell or keep?

Finally another project that has been languishing in my work basket for months and months and months and etc.... is finally FINALLY finished. I bought this dress in the sale at Tesco. It was much too big but I loved it and it was in the sale so I figured I could do *something* with it. I put it on inside out at the weekend pinned it then tacked it, before I retried it on. As I'm sure the sewers amoung you will know pining a frock to your shape whilst wearing it is not an easy task!

I'm very happy with the result :-)  Please excuse the delightful gardening shoes! (the patio was wet, I had bare feet and these shoes are always next to the back door good to go) Coincidentally the very same dress features in the lovely Gem's blog, if you don't already follow her do go and see.


  1. Agree the cream lace looks very pale for your skintone - I think you should dye it!
    Either the purple or blue
    I like dress number 2, keep for summer and dress 3 is lovely!

  2. Yes... I would dye it. I quite like the idea of purple - but then again - you should dye it a colour that you will wear a lot - tis a lovely dress!

    I too have the 2nd dress.. but I have yet to wear it out of the house! I bought it for its patriotic feel! Oooh.. i might wear it for the Royal Wedding!

  3. dress twins :)
    I love the shape of the cream dress, purple sounds fab!

  4. I don't suit pastels so I feel your pain. It definately needs dying but the options are open with cream as the base, I'm not a fan of purple so I would say blue!

  5. I think go with blue for the lace dress.

    I love the colours of the second, but don't think the style suits your body shape - it comes up too high under the bust and your lovely waist gets lost. Unless it can be worn with a belt, I say resell x

  6. I cant do white well either.Cant wait toi see what you decide to do

  7. I LOVE that Tesco frock, I nearly bought it but restrained myself!

    I think go for it with the dye - I quite like the look of the purple as that's not a colour I really wear myself.

    Good luck!!
    Miss P xx

  8. Looking forward to seeing what you have done with the lace dress. The tesco one is fab, well done you for the sewing bit - im a bit rubbish at that. Scarlett x