Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Blatant Stealing of the A-Z of me Idea!

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading a couple of other bloggers posts of this idea so I am blatantly and unashamedly stealing it for myself.
Here goes......

A is for Age: I am 21 with 22 years experience. Though some days I will confess to feeling about 103.

B is for Bed Size: Good old double. Though sometimes I wish it was twin as Himself talks, walks, shouts and generally thrashes about in his sleep. It's a good job I love him really!

C is for Chore that you hate: Cleaning the oven.

D is for Dogs: I used to be terrified of them because I was knocked flat by a big alsatian when I was little. Just as they were winning me round I got bitten not once, but twice, one of those bites was on the arse no less! Now I don't mind them but I will always be a cat person through and through.

E is for Essential start to your day: Tea. It is as simple as that.

F is for favourite colour: I don't have just one. I love blue, green and purple.

G is for Gold or silver: Silver for me, even the engagement ring is white gold.

H is for height: 5ft 11' apparently it's the Dutch genes in my mongrel genetic make-up, though it could be the fact my mother fed and fed and fed us when we were little. My Nan who was a tiny wee thing used to joke we were infact planted in manure at night.

I is for instruments you play: Absolutely none I'm ashamed to say.
I do love to sing but noone else does because I'm rubbish at it lol. I am extrodinarily proud of nephew number one who is insanely musical and has a perfect pitch singing voice. I shall just live my teenage dreams of rock stardom through him. Besides he's promised me that once he is rich and famous and after he has bought himself a penthouse industrial style flat he will buy me a white Art Deco 'Poirot' house

J is for Job Title: MBA Admissions Co-ordinator. Asia.

K is for kids: Love them but couldn't possibly eat a whole one.

L is for live: Just outside of Oxford in one of those towns that has spread and grown to bursting point with more and yet more ugly housing estates. Thankfully our end of town is the old part and everything here is 1930's.

M is for Mother's name: Ellen Elisabeth.

N is for Nicknames: How long have you got??  Gis, Gis a job. Gizmo, Gizzy, Gizzimundus, Gleeshi, Geega, Our Lass( by Himself), The Little G (my sister is The Big G)

O is for: Overnight hospital stay: Never, touch wood.

P is for pet peeves: Rudeness

Q is for quote from a movie: 'My own brother a god damn shit sucking vampire, what am I going to tell mom?' The Lost Boys.

R is for right or left hand: Right. I am rubbish on directions however and had to learn to drive with a big 'R' on my right and a big 'L' on my left hand. This was after I turned the wrong direction one too many times and pulled into George Harrison's drive lol. 

S is for Siblings: One brother and one half sister.

T is for time you wake up: 6.45am in the week and when ever I damn well want at the weekend.

U is for underwear: Marks and Spencer, usually at sale time, they are one of the few places that sells bras in my size.

V is for vegetable you hate: Carrots and celery.

W is for what makes you run late: falling back to sleep after the alarm and getting absorbed in a magazine with my breakfast!

X is for X-rays you have had: Shoulder, foot and teeth.

Y is for yummy food that you make: Cakes. I love making cakes.

Z is for Zoo animal: Monkey or elephant.
My Granddad had a brown bear which he rescued as a cub when he was in the navy. By the time they arrived back in the U.K the bear was enormous, thankfully he managed to find it a home at Bristol zoo.


  1. Brilliant!
    I'm really enjoying reading

  2. Love this - especially the Lost Boys quote - one of my faves!

  3. Cool post! I love the shoes in your blog banner btw! =)

  4. I loved the bit about your Grandad and his bear.

  5. So much fun thanks for sharing more about yourself ;-)) dee xx

  6. Fun post with great responses to each letter! I am a cat person too! I don't want to slag off all dogs entirely but the big ones scare me (especially the ones that bark at me when I am running in my neighborhood) and the little ones tend to be a bit mad/hyper! I hate rudeness too!

  7. Loved this and I have stolen the idea too, hope you dont mind. I have posted a link back here so that people see who I stole it from.