Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Post about Clothes with a bit of Gardening Thrown in.

I haven't posted for a while, mostly due to being very busy, but not with anything intersting enough to post about!

This weekend has been my first one where I haven't had any big plans and it's blissful.It's not that I don't like getting out and about but sometimes it's just lovely to be able to sit in my dressing gown and huge fleecy socks drinking tea until lunchtime.
This is meant to be a post about clothes but first I have to share a little bargain buying with you. Yesterday I had a free morning so I took the opportunity to visit the charity shops in town, somewhere else I haven't been to for a while. I found a few good bargains which is always a bouns.
First up a lovely polka dot dress for the bargainous price of £1. For some reason one of the shops was selling all their dresses off at £1, so it would have been rude not too!
 Lovely burgandy blouse with unusual elasticated panels at the waist, also £1. Perfect for work.
 Dark green cardigan again bought with work in mind, more on that in a moment.....
I shall be using this scarf in my hair rather than round my neck, and a lilac plastic necklace which probably doesn't go with anything I own, but what the heck, I liked it.
Finally cats, very grubby ones seen here sitting on the draining board waiting for a bath! I already have one of these tiny little white cat creamers, now I have a pair :-) The black cat is MEANT to be for my sister as she has been after a black one for ages but I suspect he will find a happy home among my other cat ornaments and never leave.........

So, clothes.......
As is clearly obvious from my blog I love clothes. I have been having a wonderful time lately clotheswise, and it's all thanks to the new job.
As I have said in the past, my old job meant jeans and t-shirts all day every day. I got in the habit of wearing them at weekends as well because it was easy. I got lazy, I reached blindly for the first shirt on the pile and put it on with the first pair of jeans out of the cupboard, end of. That and the dreaded weight gain meant it was just easier, no not being able to fit into to something from the wardrobe. If I'm honest it was also a way of just blending in, not drawing attention to myself, and comforting as well. With all the stress going on reaching for the old faithful, comfortable jeans meant appearance was one less thing to worry about.
The new job has changed all that. According to the job description, I had to be smart. I rushed out and bought some new trousers and shirts (thank the lord for the Next sale!) plus a dress or two, all in the next size up than usual (*sigh*)
As it turns out the office is actually a bit more casual than that, there are times where the buisness suit is needed but not every day as it turns out.
Oh but it has been bliss to start wearing the lovely things that have been languishing in my wardrobe unworn for forever and a day, the ones I still fit in anyway!
It has been a real joy choosing what to wear each day, I have been loving wearing dresses and pretty tops and just getting my clothes mojo back.

Last Saturday Himself and I went shopping in Reading. I had a H&M gift voucher to spend, and he is never going to turn down a visit to Toys-R-Us and HMV, and as long as we end the shopping trip in the pub all is well.
I had a wonderful time browsing round the clothes shops and rather than thinking 'Oooh that's lovely but I'll never wear it', I was looking at things and thinking 'that's lovely, I can wear it for work, I'll get it'. I have also been wearing my lovely things at weekends now as well. Indeed I have been in the new job one month and last sunday was the first time I have worn jeans in that whole month! I made a few purchases that day and here are my favourites.

                                                                         Happy Days.
So the wearing of the jeans was to catch up on the gardening. Autumn seems to have arrived judging by the fact I have had to rake leaves 4 times already! My poor tomato plants are full of fruits but just haven't had the sun to rippen them.
I did come across a wee visitor who was busy tucking into all the seeds that had fallen out of the bird feeders.
                                  I just hope he can get big enough before the winter comes.

It would also appear we have had a larger 4 legged visitor than the neighbour's cat! I'm guessing a fox has dug out this throughfare under our fence.

Finally I'm going to leave you with a picture that makes me throughly ashamed.
I can't even blame a collapsed clothes rail. It is the disgraceful result of an untidy person having a busy month clotheswise. My task today is to restore order. Posting the picture means I'm going to have to deal with it because now you all know about it.


  1. How lovely to enjoy dressing for work and being able to wear pretty dresses. You've chosen some lovely things and I particularly love the scarf (and your little visitor). x

  2. There's something to be said for organising work clothes! I quite enjoy it and it's nice that you can wear things you've not had the chance to.
    My tomatoes went the same way....heaps and heaps of them all stayed green and all git blight! Never mind...there's always next

  3. Dont feel bad mess wise I am constantly having to tidy up my areas.

  4. Oooh I love your new clothes! I'm good at leaving things at my backside too, gotta get things sorted this week too! :)

  5. Lovely new clothes, my office you can wear what you want so anything goes. Scarlett x

  6. Those polka dot dresses are very lovely, especially the black one with the long sleeves! A girl friend of mine said that wearing jeans can be so tiring sometimes, and she added that sometimes dressing up with something new uplifts her spirit to get through the day. Is that true?

    Joey Biber