Monday, 26 September 2011

Family Outings & Autumn Cleaning.

I know I am meant to get the cleaning bug in the spring but I seem to go mad with the scrubbing brush in the golden glow of the autumn. I don't know if it is a psychological way of preparing for winter, getting everything clean and it it's place or whether it's to do with the fact that this house has a fairly serious damp problem (which our landlady is in complete denial about - Grrr) At this time of year, when it's cold and clammy, mould springs up at the drop of a hat if I'm not careful.

I started with sorting out the shameful disgrace that was my clothes all over the spare bedroom.

                                                               From this
                                                       to this.....that's better.

Anyway I have been full of manic cleaning energy this last week, which is a frightening sight to behold apparently!

I cleaned all my windows on Saturday, now I don't clean them religiously every month or anything but I certainly do them more than once a year. Yet I can't get over the difference it has made to the quality of light in the house. They weren't very dirty but I guess maybe dusty? Anyway at this rate I may start doing them a bit more often.......Hmmm

I did take some time out on Saturday to catch up with my brother who is just back from holiday. Himself and I also met him and my Dad at the cinema later in the day, to see 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' Unfortuantely though I and the rest of my family enjoyed it, Himself hated it so he was in a bit of a grump when we got home. (Thankfully going off to watch Blade Runner on his laptop restored his good humour!)

Sunday I was up tidying and cleaning like a demented woman. I blitzed our bedroom from top to bottom, Himself sensibly kept out of my way, other than to see me well supplied with mugs of tea until the deed was done.

I have EVEN cleaned the oven!?! (See most hated chore in my 'A-Z of me' post.)
                                                          Behold!! My sparkling oven.

I'm not sure how much longer this will go on for, no doubt soon I will slump back in my chair in front of the t.v. and that will be that. I'll be back to whinging and sighing before I weakly wave a duster about in a  half-hearted fashion.

I have two days off work this week but as the weather is meant to be gorgeous I refuse to waste them in the house cleaning. The plan is to go to the Marilyn Monroe exhibition in Bath on Thursday for a start!


  1. Bloody hell. Surely that's a NEW oven? You cheated, right?

  2. Well done - how on earth did you get your over so sparkly! I actually got Hubby to clean over - one of my least favourite jobs.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. You put me to shame! I can't believe you haven't cheated and bought a new oven! x

  4. The oven is only 5 years old, so it is fairly new, but my secret is Bar-Keepers Friend and a pan scourer. I love Bar- Keepers Friend!

  5. Wow - you dom goddess - want to come and sort my house out?? I'd planned a massive autumn clean before my accident - I can see it being delayed to 2012 at this rate :(

  6. I always feel like this in Autumn! Well done