Saturday, 18 February 2012

This week has been all about Brooches.

and so it has. It's been positively spring like this week which has meant by Tuesday I could get out of the millions of layers I have been wearing for work and breeze in in nothing more than a cardigan over a dress or blouse.
I honour of this fact I decided I should wear a few of the many, many brooches I have in my magpie stash and here they are.



Tuesday was also Valentine's Day. Now I like Valentine's Day. There seems to be a big backlash against it at the moment with people saying it's too commercialised, which is true, or why do we need just one day a year to show our special someone we love them? we should do it all year round, which is also true.
However I believe, like Christmas, that it is what you make of the day.
Himself and I spent 4 years living a long way away from each other so it used to be a time for us to send each other silly cards, messages and little gifts, then have an extra special weekend together afterwards. We still give each other two cards just because and our tradition now is to go to the cinema that night and have a bottle of fizz when we get in.
Himself also bought me a lovely bunch of orange roses on monday.

This year we went to see The Muppets, my choice. Himself wasn't overly keen but thankfully enjoyed it so all was well (after last years True Grit fiasco I was determined to choose better!) It was a fun film and I have to say it was worth every penny of the ticket money for the chickens version of 'C L Green's - Forget You' alone. I also heart Dave Grohl just a little bit more if that is at all possible for having a cameo in the film.

Yesterday I had a lovely afternoon of food, tea and crying with laughter with my best friends Jenny and Soo.
Soo has a big birthday coming up, (I am far too polite to say which one), so we have treated her to a mushroom forage on Hampstead Heath.This may seem like a strange gift but there are reasons for it and I'm happy to say she was thrilled with it. I am going as the plus one so there will be a blog after the event I'm sure!

In the evening Himself and I went to see one of his favourite comedians Richard Herring on his tour 'What is love, anyway?'. It was a great night, very funny and on top of that the venue served a particularly good Sauvignon Blanc, double win.
I wore one of my january sale Pearl Lowe dresses.

 See how one of the ribbons on the sleeve is undone?

 Himself tied that bow, not once but 3 times and each time it came undone. Sometimes I wonder how he manages to dress himself.

Look, look at my lovely tights! Now as anyone who knows me will tell you I am crap with tights/stockings. Seriously I just have to look at them in their packet and they ladder.
I often used to go out with 2 or 3 spare pairs in my bag and come home with only one pair left and they would inevitably have a hole in them.
So for many years now I have worn fishnets and only fishnets because they do seem to manage to last more than one evening in my company! I found these star print ones in the sale at Debenhams and wisely bought the last 3 pairs on the rack.


  1. I love your brooches, what a quirky selection. That Pearl Lowe dress look great, loving those tights and governess shoes, too. x

  2. I need to wear all my millions of brooches more, well done you for making an effort

  3. That dress looks fab on you, and I love your brooches, especially the starburst one.

    Muppets are ace, although I fear the film won't be as good as the old TV series. Have you ever seen the Peter Jackson film 'Meet the Feebles'?

  4. I am trying to wear my ridiculous collection of brooches more. I shall have to try this "one each day" thang!!

  5. I love brooches and never wear them enough! Love yours

  6. Loving Thursdays Starburst brooch - lovely! And I think the mushroom foraging sounds great fun. Something I'd like to do more is wild picking, i'm just too scared I'll pick the wrong thing and end up with poisonous ones! ;)

  7. Hello, I am passing on the Liebster blog award to you x