Saturday 20 October 2012

Baby you're the best fun that I've had

If you are not a rock fan then I suggest you look away now for this is going to be an unashamed gushing post about that very thing. I went to see the band Reckless Love on Wednesday night and I am still grinning about it now.

They play the kind of tongue in cheek, don't take us or our lyrics too seriously, old school hair metal (as it is now called), that was my life all through my teens and 20s and they are damned good at it too. I love them big time and so it would seem do many other ladies of a certain age who were big style hair metal fans back in the day.
There was a huge percentage of them in the audience, most were clutching the front of the stage and screaming like they used to at Jon Bon Jovi.
Himself decided it was not dry ice at the front but a cloud of oestrogen emitted by either them or their HRT patches!

Thankfully my bad back had died down to a dull roar so I was able to have a boogie, I am the world's worst dancer but if there is a good tune on I can't stand still and jigging about in a crowd is not likely to draw to many hoots of laughter my way. 

The band were fantastic, I think part of what I love is they seem to have such a good time, I have seen too many bands who look bored stiff and just go through the motions because they have too.
The lead singer just never stops smiling and he most definitely has that mystery ingredient, that charisma that makes a special front man.
 It's another of those occasions where I think even someone who hates the genre of music would be hard pushed not to have a good time because he doesn't just sing at you he entertains you.
I have been in that situation myself where a band might not be my cup of tea at all musically, but I have been enthralled by a great performer.

It was a great night out despite the pouring rain on the way there and back and coming through the venue ceiling out on the stairs!
 Himself decided we should go for a drink afterwards because it was still early. It's alright for him he does flexi-time. I had to crawl out of bed the next day after only 5 hours sleep and slightly more alcohol than I am used to on a school night. I had the Alexander Technique in my lunch hour and almost fell asleep on the couch!

Other than that we went to see the film 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' on Monday. I loved it, go and see it, go and see it.
 If I would have been at home I would have bawled my eyes out but I restrained myself as I was out in public! Emma Watson does a very credible American accent.

This weekend is a lovely quiet one before we plunge into all the madness we have planned for next weekend. Another gig, (Bowling for Soup) with Nephew Number One, 'Frankenweenie' at the cinema and London for the 'Hollywood Costumes' exhibition at the V&A and a night at the theatre for our anniversary.

                                                            15 loving years!


  1. Reckless Love look and sound right up my alley!!! X

  2. That looks like a right good laugh! Happy 15th! xxx

  3. I can recommend Frankenweenie, though I did cry a bit at the dog death, even though it's premise of the film so I knew it was going to happen. That band look hilarious, I'll keep my eye out for them over here xx

  4. It's good to hear your back has got a bit better. The Hollywood fashion exhibition sounds brilliant, you'll have to let us all know what you thought of it.