Saturday 27 October 2012

Poppies, Vintage Frocks and Would You Trust This Woman With Your Children?

Just a quick post before I head out the door for the beginning of my Halloween/Anniversary festivities! I have an hour before I have to head out of the door, why so early? more of that later!

I have made one or two Ebay/Etsy purchases of late and also been give a couple of rather splendid frocks (both of which are currently in the wash so more of them another time.) and am lead to ponder why is it any vintage purchase I have made of late.....well.....smells? Quite frankly the two pictured here stank! I suppose there is that mentality of I don't want it any more so why should I spend the time and money washing it but really it has been BAD lately. 

This lovely green dress was the worst, possibly because the label read 'Dry Clean Only' not that that stopped me sticking it straight in the washing machine on the delicate cycle, I couldn't face handwashing it it smelt so bad! It came out perfect and smelling as fresh as a daisy huzzah. Interestingly it was listed as 'vintage' and 'new with tags' on Ebay. It is in fact from Oasis so not old as such, and the tag was one from a second hand store so not exactly 'new with tag' but what the hey it was 99p plus postage.
This one came off Etsy and was a bit more money but only slightly less smelly. At least it's 1980's shoulder padded glory was machine washable. I don't know what it was about it that appeals to me but I suspect it's going to look bloody awful on!

Poppy day is approaching fast and look at this little gem I found in Accessorize!

I don't have words to describe quite how much I love it. I also made myself a brooch to wear.

I've had a few people say to me 'oh you should make more and sell them' but after the craft show disaster I have lost my mojo somewhat.

Anyway on to the early departure.
Tonight I'm going to see Bowling for Soup (BFS), as you know they are my favourite band. Himself was taking me for our anniversary and we are also taking Nephew Number One as part of his brithday present. The plan being that as Himself is already out and drinking beers with BFS buddies even as I type (lucky bugger), I would come in on the train later with the Nephew, buy him his first legal beer or two from me,(now that he is 18) and catch up with Himself in the venue after the god awful support band have finished.(I have seen them before so I know they are god awful.) 

Only now I have had the role of 'Responsible Adult' thrust upon me!?!

Would you trust this woman with the moral welfare of your daughters? I still look slightly stunned from the news in this picture lol.

Turns out My brother and sister in law are off out with friends tonight and said friends youngest daughter is also going to see BFS. Plans have gone awry and suddenly said friends 15 year old daughter needs taking to the show for 6.30 when she will meet more 15 year old friends all of whom will then need chaperoning for the evening !!!!  
Suddenly I have gone from casually necking beers before a gig to having to look after a clutch of excitable 15 year old girls without a beer in sight AND having to sit through the god awful support band too *weeps*.
If nothing else I remember what I was like at 15, I was a freaking nightmare!!, they will run rings round me! *weeps again*
If only I drank spirits I could fill a hip flask with gin and let it all wash past me or maybe I should just take them all to the pub.

                Moi? give your underage daughter alcohol? How could you think such a thing?


  1. Oh it's so easy for people to say "oh make and sell them" when you create something pretty and desirable isn't it? I created a Facebook page to sell my headbands and find it less stressful to deal with. It's free and you can plug your wares as little or as much as you like. No lost sleep or nasty memories. It sounds like some adult family members will owe you some major favours after this weekend. You have certainly scored some mega brownie-points! xo

  2. I haven't encountered the smelly clothes thing myself, but it must be very annoying. Perhaps people simply don't bother to wash things before sending them out.

    Aaaaarse to no beer! I hope it didn't spoil your evening too much.

  3. I love your poppy ring and brooch so much, will definitely be having a look in Accessorise now and I wish you were making and selling your poppy brooch but I used to do quite a bit of selling on Ebay and I agree it can all be more hassle than it's worth.
    I don't envy you watching a gaggle of fifteen year old girls! Good luck with that, I think getting drunk sounds like a good idea to get through it. xx

  4. I'm not particularly delicate stomached so can't say I've ever been bothered by smelly clobber. Hope you had a fab time at the gig, I'd be an atrocious babysitter, I'd probably get pissed and forget they were with me! x

  5. aahh bless you well i think you should just go out tonight with an open mind you never know they might all suprise you and you will have a wonderful time. Love the green dress and i agree with you about the smelling thing i bought a dress of ebay and OMG it stank of smoke. Have a great time tonight you look gorgeous, dee x

  6. opps forgot to say i love your poppy ring and brooch to, dee x

  7. How did it go? I'd just leave 'em to it and keep a vague eye from a distance - my 'detachment parenting' method usually works a treat! (lego up nose not withstanding)

    I love your brooch, I'd buy one. I had vague notions of making one once upon a time but it could languish on the list for years before I got around to it. I once bought some white trousers from eBay which were filthy dirty, but thankfully didn't smell. I got another fiver off!

  8. argghh, sounds like a nightmare, hopefully you actually got to enjoy BFS. I love the look of the Oasis dress, but not the smell (I can imagine and it's not even that old so god knows what the poor thing's been through)

  9. I'm sure they can't wait to be with you!! Ew the smelly items are a bit of a nose scrunch moment- love the Oasis (faux vintage) number xx

  10. That poppy ring is gorgeous! Hope the Halloween / anniversary was fun :)