Sunday 14 October 2012

I Love to Boogie.

But my back doesn't it would appear.

Friday night I went to see the T-Rex tribute band T.Rextasy. They have been described as the best T-Rex tribute band going and I would find it impossible to disagree, they were fantastic and I danced non-stop for 2 hours!
You know how you get those people who can dance for 2 hours in a tiny club with no air conditioning and look cool and immaculate at the end?
There was a girl like that on Friday night, Soo and I both spotted her. She was stunning beautiful with a sleek black bob and perfect cat's eye make-up.
We both commented upon it as we stood soaked with sweat, my once straightened hair a frizzbomb and my once neat little eyeliner flicks halfway down my face.
We agreed girls like her make you sick.

I have some pictures of the band on my new phone but as I don't know where the cable is I can't transfer them to the computer. Actually when it comes to picture taking I have been particularly useless this weekend, I forgot to take my camera and get a picture of my craft stall in all it's glory too.

Anyway Friday was an amazing night. We found a tiny little Italian restaurant which looked like nothing special from the outside but served the most delicious freshly made traditional food. I know I am meant to be watching what I eat, and pasta is not one of the things you should eat when you are watching your weight, but it was Friday, and I knew I would dance it off  afterwards!

As it was a Friday and it's University term time we were out on the pavement and heading back into the city centre by 10pm! The O2 Academy has various club nights which are clearly far more lucrative so they have no worries about pulling the plug on any band that dares to play beyond 10pm..
It was no bad thing actually as I had to be up early for *the* craft fair the next morning.

                                           all packed up and ready to go.......

Sadly it was a complete waste of time and I would have been better spent having a much needed lie-in.
There had been very little advertising as it turns out and even though the Arts Centre where it was held is slap bang in the middle of town they didn't even put out any boards or posters so there was absolutely no passing trade either!?!

Extremely frustrating!

We stallholders actually sat for vast periods of time with not a single soul in the hall other than each other and some poor vendors didn't sell a single thing.
I sold a handful of bits but sadly not enough to cover my stall fee. I had a few of people who 'oohed' and 'ahhed' but didn't buy, such is the way.
I did get one mad old lady who said in a slightly disgusted voice
'Are these the only flower brooches you have?'
me 'Yes they are a new thing I'm trying so at the moment they are all one offs'  
Her in an outraged tone 'But they aren't the kind I am looking for!'
me 'I see.....'

I am a bit fed up that I spent so many nights sitting up late sewing like a mad woman for no reason. I guess at least the Etsy shop is stuffed full to the gunnels so I won't need to make anything new for a while.

Anyway today I woke up with my back going mental. A combination of dancing like a loon and then sitting for 8 hours on a fold-up chair I think. I have been keeping carefully mobile today for fear of it seizing up completely.
Thankfully I have the Alexander Technique on Friday. Having said that I have another gig to go to on Wednesday night so that will probably kill or cure me as it is another band I won't be able to stand still for!

Right I'm off to bed. I'll leave you with my favourite T-Rex song done by T.Rextasy and a bit of trivia whilst you watch.
 Danielz the singer of T.Rextasy used to play in a band called 'Tarazara' I saw them play at The Penny Farthing pub in Oxford on my 17th birthday. They had a song called '17' and my friends got them to dedicate it to me on the night, but as a lady never divulges her age I won't tell exactly how many years ago that was!.


  1. I love the look of your flower brooches, even if the old lady didn't. And your weekend sounds fantastic fun. I agree about women who stay perfect, how do they do it? I can barely make it to the end of the path without getting into a mess. xx

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time listening to the band. I loved T Rex!
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  3. arghh - so frustrating!! I had a similar problem with etsy, it can be really disheartening. Plus mad people don't help. Sounds hideously badly organised - like something out of The Apprentice. I do love your badges so they deserve to sell. Where was this restaurant? - if in Oxford, send me the address xxx

  4. What a bloody shame, your stall looked great, really colourful and interesting. Didn't the organisers' have a Facebook page or anything? The girls that run the one we did at the weekend were knackered from promoting it by Saturday morning, bless them!
    Love T Rex, T Rextasy sound brilliant. Hope that back feels better soon. x