Sunday 7 October 2012

Boots, Birds and a Dragon.

It's been a funny old week as Arkwright might say (now there is a tv reference only those of a certain age might get!)

Work has gone in fits and starts it has rained and then rained in a biblical fashion and then rained some more.

I was actually going to do an outfit post this week!

Steady now I hear you say, but I was particularly pleased with my outfit on Wednesday. I was feeling very Autumnal and wearing what I call my harvest festival dress with my new, the search is finally over, blue cardigan. As I would never inflict my 7am self on my blog reading public I thought I would take a picture or two when I got home.
However the weather conspired against me, this was the day of the biblical downpour. Himself and I met at the station as his bus gets in about the same time as my train and we headed home, it's not a long walk home, only 15 minutes if you are me or less if you are him. It is amazing though, just how wet you can get in that time. Especially when some fucker in a car decides it's funny to swerve into the kerb send a tidal wave of water over you, up until that point I had managed to keep my handbag pretty much dry, it took 2 days for it to dry out afterwards. I just hope karma does the same to him one day, tosspot.

So not only was I soaked down to my very undergarments I had a sodden handbag and one boot full of water. That really was the final straw, my current favourite pair of boots ever, had started to let in water via the heel where I have worn them right down due to obsessive wearing *weeps*

I could have taken a picture but instead I decided on a shower and a warm set of dry clothes. One cup of tea later and calm was restored, even the sky agreed.

It rained again on Thursday and on Friday. Friday I was wearing my bought in Edinburgh, £12 in the sales long black boots and yes you have guessed it I came home with one very wet foot.This time the boot had come away from the sole at the front.

Can't bring myself to throw them out yet........

I did find a new pair of black boots in Sainsburys last week when they generously had a 25% off all clothing. I don't love them but they are kind of what I wanted and they will be perfect for work. Also at less than £50 for real leather I can't really grumble.

Thursday I left work early to go to the Doctor. I had finally given in to the nagging, gentle and otherwise, from those around me and gone to see the Doc about my knee. I had about 20 minutes to kill before I went in so I browsed two nearby charity shops and struck avian gold.

 A lovely blue bird print blouse and an even lovelier red bird print headscarf. I also got told off for only having a £20 note and not enough change in my purse to make up the right money, 75p instead of a pound coin, she wouldn't let me off the 25p mind and gave me my change in a huge amount of shrapnel instead.

Anyway I finally got to see the doctor after 40 minutes of people watching in the waiting room. Turns out my knee is mostly caused by my change of job. Having spent my previous working life constantly on the hoof with only short breaks when I sat down. I now sit on my ever expanding arse all day long and my knee is not happy about it, nor is it happy about the weight gain, neither is the doctor and neither am I.
Seeing it there on the scale in front of you is sobering to say the least, mind it's a good job I didn't go a month ago or it would have been half a stone even more sobering!

The doctor didn't hold back but she did it in a very positive way. She was very encouraging and I have come out of there with renewed resolve. I know I have been going on about losing weight for a while now but I never seem to be able to keep it up and always lapse back into bad habits.
It was funny when she was telling me what I should and shouldn't do, a shouldn't being running.
 'I wouldn't advise running with your knee problems, especially on pavements try to find some other means of exercise like swimming' she said. Clearly the doctor seemed to think I was the kind of person who enthusiastically pulled on trainers and galloped off down the street when I needed to lose a few pounds. 
 'Of course' says I suppressing the urge to roar with laughter at the very thought.
and there is the rub, here you have a woman who has a fit of the vapors at the very mention of the word exercise and usually lies down until it passes. I am an active person, I walk everywhere and I garden etc but I hate 'exercising'. Now however I need to do something it seems, I just need to do what the doctor says and find something that I enjoy or I will never keep it up. Hmmm.

Anyway other than that we had a phonecall from our neighbour.

'Quick go out into the back garden' he shouted 'you won't have seen anything like this before out there'
with all kinds of images rushing through my head I did as he suggested and he was quite right, I had never seen anything quite like it before!

                                      A freaking HUGE air balloon with a dragon on it!

 I don't know if he had rung the whole street in his excitement or if word had just spread anyway but when we went out front the street was full of people gawping in wonder.

On the subject of the garden I have persuaded Himself to order a 'Hogitat' for our little spikey visitors to overwinter in, it comes next week and I am very excited. Our baby hedgehog has grown quite big as you can see.

He/she is becoming a bit of a diva actually. Doesn't like the solid style cat food or the one in gravy, oh no, it has to be in jelly only, or it gets left uneaten in disgust! (thankfully he/she doesn't mind the Tesco value stuff) Feeding time is very precise and sometimes if I am a bit late getting out there he/she is waiting impatiently. Anyway the reason for the hedgepig house comes from when I went out on Monday evening with the food and there were two hedgehogs trundling around and one of them was very tiny, worryingly small for this time of year really. We had some late babies out and about last year and one of them froze to death so I am determined to give them a toasty warm home to hibernate in this year.  

Right I'm off to clean the bathroom, it's glamour a gogo in this house you know.


  1. What a strange balloon! Hope your wee hedgehogs are safe and cosy in their winter accommodation.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I am most envious of your hedgehogs! I hope the knee gets better soon. I had physio on mine recently, which sorted them out.

  3. Oh you have hedgepigs! How wonderful, hope the little one survives...
    I have just browsed your last couple of posts, and you have reminded me of "Charley", a book I adored as a kid and had forgotten all about. And we have done the chain link ferry from Poole on the open top bus to Swanage, and the steam train to Corfe Castle, it's great, isn't it?
    Anyway, back to the arsehole who soaked you and your poor boots... What a shame when beloved footwear starts to leak! And why do drivers act like twats?
    That balloon is impressive!
    I get the occasional stammer when I get agitated, which my other half kindly mocks by saying "G-g-g-Granville"! xxx

  4. I hope your knee gets better soon lovely.
    A curse on that drivers head, I hate it when they do that, I've had it done to me countless times. I have a pair of shoes that I can't bear to throw away which I have had since the 1980's. I am ever hopeful that they could be repaired. When I have spare pennies I might ask in a shoe repair shop.
    We get hot air balloons over here often but none as fun as that one!
    Sweet little hedgehogs, I really like them a lot. I believe late babies are often taken to wildlife hospitals to keep them safe and warm, so a hidey hole is a good idea xxx

  5. grrrr - I hope that drivers gets their comeuppance in this life - or the next. I love your birdy finds - what fool gave them away? and seriously that balloon is HUGE!!! Once I was stoned watching You've Been Framed and there was a clip of huge balloons just like that collapsing and falling on top of each other. I laughed so much I thought I'd die. Keep up the hodgeheg work, they're such gorgeous little things, but obviously fussy little buggers too xxxx

  6. What a fantastic balloon. Aside elephants, I love dragons so that would have made me grin so much.

    I read somewhere about hedgehogs needing to be a certain weight in order to hibernate or they dont survive. Do you have a hedgehog rescue nearby that might be able to advise you about your little one. I do hope he/she survives. Great idea to provide a little house for them too.

  7. Sorry about your boots and impromptu drenching (what a dickhead) but you have a HEDGEHOG! I would love a hedgehog in the garden, and we have a ton of slugs and snails. I'd be quite happy to provide whatever kind of cat-food was required.

    Fab balloon, I used to go to the balloon festival in Bristol but never saw one quite like that.

    Faith Hope and Charity Christmas Swap - Sign up now open!

  8. jeeeezzz! that hot air balloon!! craazzyyyy

    enjoying your blog....

    (maybe you would like to take a peek at my blog.... )