Thursday, 6 June 2013

Fun in the Sun on the English Riviera.

Good grief, I go away for a few days and it's like everyone I follow has blogged about 10 times!?! I have just spent most of the afternoon inside catching up on blogs instead of being outside catching up on sun.....

So yes we headed off to Torquay at the arse crack of dawn on Sunday morning to visit with Himself's sister and family. The reason being I had a ticket to see the comedian Eddie Izzard at the Eden Project on Monday with them.

The Eden Project is a visitor attraction built in an old china clay quarry, it has artificial biomes or domes that house plants that are collected from all around the world. Sadly due to timings we couldn't visit for the whole day so I didn't get to go in any of the domes. *Boo*.

It's been a shockingly long 17 years since I last saw Eddie Izzard live (god I feel old) so I was very excited to be going. Himself was left at home babysitting Nephew Number Two, (is it very bad to say I was half expecting sirens and engines and a bulletin on the evening news??) Actually it all went very well, probably because I asked Nephew Number Two to please look after his uncle for me whilst I went out!

It was an outdoor show and despite taking many layers I was bloody freezing by the time it ended. I think that was because at a rock festival you are jumping around to music where as for a comedy show you are stood still the whole time and I went as if preparing for a rock festival.....
Having said that it was a fantastic night in a glorious setting. Eddie was very, very funny and we bumped into another comedian John Bishop and got a cheeky photo so that was the bonus of the night.
Though I confess I feel like I have let the glamourous Vix down by going to a festival in a t-shirt!

Next day Himself and I had the morning to ourselves so we went for a walk along the sea front and a mooch round the shops.
 We walked out along one harbour wall thinking it joined the other but it didn't, so we had to walk all the way back and round, the sea was a gorgeous colour though.

as was the sky.

 Apparently the millenium wheel is back for the Miss England contest which takes place next week in Torquay. I wonder if it is still as tacky as it used to be when it was on t.v?

 Have I ever gone anywhere and not found an elephant to photograph??

We both bought some bargains, Himself a new most favourite ever shirt and myself two gorgeous vintage frocks from Pop up Vintage and Retro

This wonderous shop was meant to be a 6 month pop up shop but as they had done so well they are still open!
I had a lovely chat about how business has been, what events they have coming up and how amazingly crap Oxford is for vintage when you think it is a city and one with a University no less, oh and what a fricking nightmare it's one way system is too!
All whilst browsing their incredible stock, I highly recommend the shop, apparently they are also online though I forgot to ask for the website (doh), I thought there stock was fabulous, a real eclectic mix of eras and styles and very affordably priced too. They also had a decent sized men's section which is their busiest apparently.
 My two frocks cost me £23, how can you go wrong with prices like that?

After a cheeky glass of vino we headed back to the in laws who had been occupied with the very important task of having a baby scan in the morning. All was as it should be and it looks like we will be welcoming a Niece into the family in October!
I am beyond excited about the fact, especially as it means I now have an excuse to buy Hello Kitty things in dinky sizes.
We spent the evening watching the glorious sunset and 80's music videos on the TV and mostly crying with laughter.    
 Wednesday we 'popped' into town on the way to taking Nephew Number Two to the park, where I ended up buying some jewellery in another gem of a shop.
It's called All The Small Things and is all sparkly and glittery, a magpie's dream!

A fab mix of retro style, actual vintage and just plain blinging jewellery and bags.

Jennifer who owns the shop was so welcoming and friendly, just plain lovely in fact, she explained she has a house full of males so the shop is her girlie outlet!

I bought the lion brooch, the antique silver flower brooch and the purple turtle ring there. The black glass beads where from a charity shop.

We finally got to the park to play. I loved the fact that a lot of the equipment could fit both adults and children so I got to have a go on the swings alongside Nephew Number Two.

I look so unimpressed in this picture because it took Himself so damn long to take it I no longer felt like smiling but I assure you great fun was had by all.

Finally it was time to collect our cases and have goodbye kisses and cuddles with the Nephew before heading home on a train journey that was seemingly endless.

Before I sign off I wiil share my two frocks.

This lovely green spotted tea dress was £8

and this green and gold number (currently in the dry cleaners even as I type!) was £15.

Now I know, I know it is almost identical to the one I bought off Vix back in February (currently languishing in my sewing pile waiting to be altered!) but you can't have too many green dresses and this one has gold and embroidery on it rather than the silver of that one.

I like this dress not just because it is green but because it is rather shapeless. Usually vintage dresses are either tiny which I most definitely am not, either in stature or in girth! Or they are shapely which again I am not, unlike the average hour glass vintage girl I am solidly rectangular, with hips only just bigger than my waist and no boobs to speak of. I will need to alter this dress as it is too big *but* it means I can alter it to fit me properly. Usually if something fits my waist I have handfuls of spare fabric at bust and hip.
Having said that I have so many sewing projects either underway or waiting to start it may be some time before you see me in it :-(


  1. Oh what a wonderful holiday........the Ferris-wheel is beautiful.
    The green dress is just so will look gorgeous in it with a wee alteration.
    Have a super V

  2. What a fab trip, I still haven't been to the Eden Project! How cool to get snapped with the lovely Mr Bishop. Were you tempted to pinch his arse?
    You look lovely in your red tee shirt and that green frock is a stunner. I'm dying to see you in both when they're tweaked. As I always tell downhearted customers at my pitch, women back then were corsetted and girdled to buggery to squeeze into those teeny waists. Hooray for women's lib, I'd have hated to have been so trussed up! xxx

  3. I went to Torquay as a kiddie and always recall how nice I thought it was, which seems a strange thought for a child to have!
    The son of the witnesses at our wedding was involved in the building of the Eden Project, so kept us posted when we were there to visit prior to our wedding. It's a wonderful place but my the humidity creeps up on you in the humid dome!
    Good to hear Eddie was on form. We saw him on the Sexie tour and he was fabulous.

  4. Hooray for green frocks!!!! I love both of the gems you found! What a great couple of days away, I love what they've done with the old quarry, and ingenious idea! I do hope it catches on and we have new, exciting places to visit instead of hideous eyesores filled with dead cars or dangerously-deep waters that hide no end of nastiness. What beautiful weather you had. Your nephew is adorable and you're going to really enjoy shopping for a new niece, she'll be spoilt rotten by her wonderful aunty! xoxoxo

  5. What a great trip! Good weather, AND Eddie Izzard, that's excellent!
    Lovely frocks too. xxx

  6. What a brilliant trip! I haven't been to the Eden project. Must get my backside down there one day, it looks beautiful. Lucky you meeting lovely John Bishop. Glad to hear Eddie was, well Eddie! He's a National Treasure. Love the green frock...gorgeous colour.

  7. Ohhh, if only you could see me nodding vigorously through the screen! I know just what you mean about how if you disappear from the web for a few days, everyone you follow seems to go on a blogging spree! I've encountered that many times before, too. Another similar thing I find is that, at times when I've got a few hours to sit down and read/comment on blog posts, there's often far fewer than those days when I have ten minutes or no time at all. It's vexing and a touch funny (in one of those, you just have to roll your eyes a little and laugh kind of ways) at the same time.

    Have a blast with all of your sewing projects, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. love that green and gold dress. Cornwall is looking gorgeous is all that sun! Doesn't look like you were having much fun on the swing

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