Sunday 8 December 2013

My Life as a Tree.

Today was the day to put up our tree. Now those who know me know I go a bit mad at Christmas, I do love me some decorations!
Last year because we were in Edinburgh and then away, we didn't bother with the big tree, but this year it's back and more decorated than ever.

I have a cd that I must always play when I decorate the house. It was a gift from Soo many years ago now, but it comes out every year and means that I do have to stop more than is helpful to do a bit of a charleston with jazz hands!
                                              My let's get this tree decorated kit.

It occurred to me when I was sitting back admiring my handy work that the tree is quite a good reflection of me.
It's colourful, and busy, and not to everyone's taste.

It is a lovely mish mash of vintage and modern.
and off the wall

with classic art deco

and rather a lot of very silly
and of course lots of elephants

So yes my tree seems to reflect my personality more than I realised......hmmm

I shall finish with a picture of what I did with the 12 days of Christmas decorations I bought for £2 in Newbury. I bought a wicker heart and wired them on to it in a random fashion. I'm still missing a drummer but I like how it worked out.


  1. I love your tree. Mishmash trees are the best, I think - when a tree is co-ordinated too much, it just looks like the owner went out and bought everything all at once... and who needs a readymade Christmas?

  2. I love your tree! We have three Christmas trees, Elvis Tree, Elderly Tree and my Birthday Tree :)


      Is it white and glittery?

  3. Great tree - I like that it's a good reflection of you! I always have a drink when decorating our tree too - the kids do it first, then after they've gone to bed, I crack open a bottle and move everything around to my liking! The wicker heart with the 12 days decs is a really good idea. xxxx

  4. I love that your tree is totally you and not one of those boringly minimal monstrosities. xxx

  5. Lovely should be a reflection of you and your personality and not what's currently "on trend" (ghastly phrase)... how boring would that be? I'm pleased to see you have a bottle of fizz reserved for the occasion, too right! Brilliant idea for your twelve days of xmas decs.

  6. Thank you for sharing your lovely, quirky tree ... it's absolutely gorgeous and I would spend hours languishing beneath, playing with the ornaments. I love the tv! xoxo

  7. What a marvelous comparison. You know, I think my holiday decor represents a good many elements of my personality as well, and it begs the question, does such ring true for most of us?

    Merry two weeks until Christmas!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Your tree is fabulous!!!