Sunday, 16 February 2014

All That I Have is Yours.

Valentine's Day has been and gone and for the most part the internet seemed to be full of people saying 'Fuck Valentine's Day!'
When did it all get so angry?
It's too commercialized, just an excuse for the money men to make money, 'I don't need one day a year to tell my beloved I love them, I do it all year round'
Do you? well good for you.
 I on the other hand, think Valentine's day is just like Christmas, or Easter or Mother's day or whatever other celebration day out there. It's only too commercialized if you LET it be.

Personally I like to buy Himself a card and to get one back, to have an excuse to drink a bottle of fizz with our dinner and to have a mid-week date night. Maybe it stems from the fact we did 4 years of long distance relationship so it was nice to have a special occasion like this I don't know, maybe not.
 I also tell Himself I love him randomly throughout the year too, but I still like to buy him a Valentine's card and I couldn't give a shit if people think I'm a mug for doing it.

We have a tradition of going to the cinema for our Valentine's date and I get to choose the film.
On the whole this has been very successful, apart from the year I had a mental aberration and completely forgot he hates westerns and insisted on True Grit, other than that it's been great.

This year was meant to be The Lego Movie. However in true romantic fashion Himself had shared not only his love for me, but his germs also, and the cold that had him being a grumpy snotty git at the start of the week, had me wrapped in a tartan blanket being a pathetic snotty mess by Friday. As he was also coughing up half a lung every 30 seconds at this point we decided to give the cinema paying public a break and keep ourselves at home.

Other than yesterday when I hardly stirred from my pit all day, I have had to keep going into work as we are short of staff due to sickness (how ironic) and there were over 200 student interviews to book in and organise. Under pressure would be an understatement.
On top of that the powers that be have decided to increase the class size over the next 2 years which will mean having to organise at least 1000 interviews, almost double what we do now. It would also mean doubling up on everything else we do too. I'm going to have to give this job some serious thought in the next few months as I'm honestly not sure I can stick with it if that is the case, it might be time to move on.

 Oh and I have to give a presentation this Friday too and I haven't even had the chance to look at it yet FUUUUUUCKKK!
Sometimes I hate my job A LOT.

Would you believe my boss had a go at me for not having done any preparation, even though she would have had to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see how busy I have been.
I just fixed her with a look and said "Ok here's the thing with the presentation, Don't want to do it, have to do it, will get it done, ok?" in *that* kind of a voice, and she very wisely let it go.
Despite the bravado I am absolutely bricking it, I really should be prepping now, not sitting here blogging!
Think of me on Friday at 11.15am, I'll be the one hyperventilating in front of about 100 people in a lecture theatre.

I haven't much to show you by way of purchases, what with work, insane weather and illness there hasn't really been a will to shop. I had some cute sale stuff arrive by post that I ordered a while ago
 A Wren make up bag, with a wren on it (funny that!) I will probably end up using it as a handbag because it's so fab.
Hedgehog cushion!!!!!! Himself has banned me from buying any more cushions but I wisely ignored the ban when I spotted this felty fellow.
Blue and gold dress and jacket off Ebay, currently in the wash so I've nicked the sellers pic.
I am still battling on with working my way through my wardrobe, I'm making headway and about 2/3 through. This week was 2 keepers and 3 out. The weird thing is the damn wardrobe is no emptier despite me getting rid of various dresses. Admittedly it was way too overloaded in the first place, and I do keep buying new things on Ebay,  but still.

I also had a moment of madness and sorted out my nail polish collection.

You know there are some bottles in there that are over 20 years old now,(there's value for money for you). I threw out the ones that had started to dry up. 14 of them in total Himself told me that was pathetic and hardly worth the effort. he kind of has a point, especially as I bought 2 new ones on Thursday! 
The two on the left are at least 15 years old and really need to hit the bin as they are so thick they hardly come out of the bottle anymore, they were limited edition shades, with a petrol like colour effect which was why I bought them. I got them in Boots where I was killing time before going to the dentist. I never forget as I stood in the queue the terribly posh woman behind me exclaimed loudly over how amazing they were, we chatted briefly and she decided to buy them too, for her daughter's birthday as an extra 'little something'. See every bottle has a memory, and my only question is why on earth do I remember random shit like that?

The two on the right are the new shades purchased on Thursday, again limited editions, which I am clearly a sucker for.

Oh I also succumbed to the siren call of the Clarks sale thanks to Curtise! I have bought the same boots as her which makes me feel a bit creepy and stalker-ish
(seen here with another Ebay purchase,a lovely plaid jacket that needs to go to the dry cleaners because it stinks.) I got the girl to knock another fiver off as the only pair in my size were shop soiled, it never hurts to haggle!
In that strange way karma has, the one in one out rule kicked in without me doing anything. When a pair of boots I've had for a while and worn tons suddenly became damn painful to walk in. On closer examination not only had a nail that held to heel on come through the inside and basically stabbed a hole in my sock and my foot  = OUCH, but the heel had started to fall off.
So they hit the bin with a resounding thud whilst I poured neat TCP into the hole in my heel in the hopes of stopping any lurking gangrene in it's tracks. 

I shall sign off with a wee bloom from my garden. I had to go out and pick up all the stuff that had blown around the patio in the gales.
Next to the back door I have a big tub I grow cut and come again salad leaves in, great for just reaching out and snipping when you need a few for your dinner!
 Last year when I visited my sister we went to her local garden centre where they had some very sorry packets of bulbs reduced to 10p each. I rummaged through and found some packs that looked like they might still have a couple of healthy bulbs in, worth a punt for 10p. As it was raining when we got home I just shoved them all in the tub by the back door et voila!
A couple of single and a couple of double snowdrops, and some mini irises. Result!


  1. I don't envy you doing that presentation, I still have nightmares about when I had to do them! Curtise's boots are rapidly becoming the coolest blogger boots on the block, I think you're the third to have them now.
    The wren bag is so cute as it the hedgehog cushion and that lovely dress.
    How much nail varnish? I've never seen the like of it! I used to have that Rimmel colour. xxx

  2. I'm not a Valentine's Day kinda gal, I must confess, never have been so it would seem odd to start now! Sorry you've both been poorly, and that work is hellishly busy. Eek, presentations... I used to do them but I would be shitting myself at the thought of it now!
    So much nail varnish! The little wren is a cutie, and the boots were a bargain, so why not? I take it as a compliment, not stalkerish at all! xxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear work is still being rubbish. You're going to rock that presentation.

    I had exactly the same green 'petrol' nail varnish - in fact, I might still have the bottle somewhere. I hadn't realised it was that old. I know I've got a 20-year-old lippie; it was Boots' bestselling colour in the 90s and I've hung onto it because of that. Bit of historic interest.

    Hmm. Maybe you should start the Manicure Museum!

  4. I love your collection, must go out and buy more nail polish I think. Gazing at my blue toes as I write, not blue from cold of course as it's stinking hot here at the moment. Yes I'm hoping for some rain to help with the vege and flower garden. I never paint my finger nails, does this make me odd ? Do not feel you have to reply if you think it does.Also love your op shop buys, nothing much to buy here at the moment, or I have possibly lost my thrifty shopping mojo.