Sunday, 2 February 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

Now usually I greet a Saturday like this
but yesterday despite the fact the rain had stopped and the SUN HAD ACTUALLY COME OUT this was the way I greeted the day.
I woke up in a grump it's as simple as that, it's one of those things that does happen but giving it some thought (inside with the curtains drawn) there were reasons for my foul mood.

My week off work was over, bah. Not that it had turned out to be the restful slob-fest I had planned, reason two for my grump.
Work rang me twice, typically at the worst possible moments, once when I was in the middle of having my hair done and once when my parents were here. Both calls necessitated logging into my work email and then getting sucked into working for a couple of hours. The irony being my boss then emailed me going 'why are you looking at your emails you're meant to be on holiday!!!!' Er because you guys contacted me?
Damn me for making myself so indispensable.

Reason number 3 was my hair cut. I went to have it coloured and wasn't allowed to have it how I wanted it because my hair is still in a delicate state (ie; fucked) right now. Turns out I lost at least 30% of my hair when it decided to break, typically most of that seems to have been at the front, oh how I hate not having a fringe *weeps*.

The good news is it is growing again, in some ways it was kind of interesting to see apparently it is like the hair that grows back after a session of chemo, sort of fine baby hair. The bad news is I have had to be scalped again to help it and I can't have any kind of colour in it so it's a very short delicious shade of dull mousey brown. I'm feeling a bit drab.

Reason number 4 is also vanity based. I happened to pick up Rock of Ages on DVD for £3 and decided to watch it again on Friday afternoon to see if it still outraged me. I don't think the miserable wet afternoon helped as I was having a bit of a wallow, mostly from the god I used to be that skinny and blonde and perky what the hell happened point of view?
This was not helped by Himself and I channel hoping later in the evening and stopping at the 50th Anniversary of James Bond gala concert.
The soprano singing was no Shirley Bassey and she did have the most appalling taste in frocks, and when I say appalling we are talking not just a bit dodgy, but really terrible here.
Himself made a couple of comments along the lines of who ate all the pies when it occurred to me actually she and I were actually probably the same size, admittedly she was shoehorned into an extremely unflattering frock but still....great

So who ate all the pies? that would be me then.

Just to compound my grump even further I managed to step on a CD case
smashing it to pieces and accidentally dye a dress pink in the wash.

It's not looking good is it?

So today I have decided to firmly take myself in hand. The sun is currently out again.

I got some colour run stuff in Tesco and the frock is saved!
Seen here drying out in all it's red and white glory again.

I bought myself a little plant on Wednesday when I was out with the folks, that unusually for a primula is scented and is currently making my kitchen smell lovely.
I also bought a Chrysanthemum in Tesco because it was on offer and is just so deliciously springlike and cheery
I have reflected on the things I did get done last week most of which have been waiting for ages for me to get round too. So what if I did get superglue all over my hands AGAIN, I fixed a broken brooch. 
I had a rejig of some of the pictures downstairs and finally hung some 1930's prints that have been leaning against the wall for over a year.
I wore my new nail polish and it's fab.
I also tried on my new converse that have been sitting in their box under the table for over 2 weeks now.
Good job the fitted really! and yes, yes I know they are completely mental but they have leopard print on them and they were heavily reduced, probably because they are so mental.

I didn't get round to framing my elephant match label collection, they have also been waiting for a year now for me to decide how I want to lay them out, but Himself has promised to help me with that so maybe one day soon.

In fact that was the only job I had wanted to get done last week that I didn't so all in all pretty good really.
I managed to get a couple of lie-ins and to read 3 books. I listed a load of stuff on Ebay that had been sitting in a pile for a few weeks now, and went out for a lovely long lunch with friends, so all in all reasons to be cheerful.

Oh and look at this cute little chap I found lying on the pavement when I was out with Soo and Jenny last week. He is only a centimeter long so it is a miracle I spotted him at all.

 Finally for those who might have missed my further evangelical ravings about the wonders of Liquid Gold furniture polish look at this. Himself brought this G-Plan tallboy with him when we moved in together. We used to just cover the top as it was so wrecked and I planned to strip it and either re-varnish or paint it one of these days. I figured there was nothing to loose and tried out the wonderous polish.

First picture I had started to polish the top right hand corner and in the second the finished article. Nothing short of miraculous.

Right I'm off for some lunch and to see if Himself feels like taking his delicate head for a lovely long walk.



  1. Yup...plenty to be cheerful about even if the weather isn't one of them...mind you a bit of sun makes all the difference and being hassled by work during time off, is another. That drives me mental!
    Love the dress and I'm glad you saved it and the trainers as fab.Hurrah for pavement finds and you are the goddess with Liquid Gold. Looks bloody marvelous. Take

  2. God, I hated that when I was an employee - I'd settle down for a nap on my day off and some idiot would phone and ask me an inane question...grrr!
    Glad you're feeling more cheery and glad you rescued the dress. That polish stuff worked wonders! xxx

  3. If you're off work, you're off; they should just bloody manage without you, silly sods! Oh I know the feeling, when a load of different things go wrong or get you down. BUT - there's always a but - there are usually things to balance up the crap, I find, and it's good to acknowledge them. Like flowers, and pictures, and cool Converse, and glitter nail varnish! Good save on the dress, and the tallboy, and perhaps that wee cat will bring you good luck! xxx

  4. ((Hugs)) Going back to work after a week off is always horrible, even if they didn't quite let you have a week off. Well done for pulling things round, though - sometimes when it feels like life is giving you a good kicking, kicking back is the best move.

  5. Plenty to be cheery about! You've rounded up a good list here, and started me thinking on what I could put on my very own reasons-to-be-cheerful list. I think maybe that I have shifted a teeny bit of the Christmas weight, definitely that I have new shoes, and supremely because I've entered loads of competitions and am feeling lucky. Ha ha! Good save on that dress too, it's annoying when that happens! P x

  6. Oh no, I'm sorry that you were going strong quite the series of unpleasant events there. Why, oh why, is that it never rains, as the old expression says, but it always pours? I felt part of January was that way for me as well, but so far February has been going good (especially since the day I installed Chronically Vintage's new template - doing so put me in such a chipper, upbeat mood).

    I'm happy to know that you were able to find some things to lift your spirits and hope that this month will be filled with tons more for you, dear lady.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. Despite the sads, you had the ability to rescue that gorgeous frock and marvellous table, plus you found potted flowers to brighten up your home. You didn't eat all the pies. It was me. xoxo