Saturday 3 January 2015

2014 Dress Round Up

I've been reading and enjoying quite a lot of blog round-ups so I pondered doing one for my blog.

Keeping in mind I mostly end up bleating on about things I've bought and combining this with my one 2014 New Year resolution that I did pretty good with ie; 'to shop less' I have compiled a frock round-up.

(when did I say this was going to make sense?)

Was a very restrained month and so it should have been bearing in mind that was when I made the resolution!
Delightful Purchase was :
The Hell Bunny Pirate Dress. I love this dress and we have had some great nights out together :)

Sewing Disaster :
I completely wrecked this Ebay purchase trying to take it in so it would fit me. It was just too big in size and in ambition, I had to throw it away *weeps*

This month had some great Charity shop purchases, having said that from those purchases.

Washing Disaster :
I completely wrecked this charity shop find by shrinking it in the wash. I tried turning it into a top instead but it was all twisted and weird so it also had to hit the bin too.

Frocky Horror : 
This silver and purple lurex delight was an Ebay purchase. It looked so pretty in the pictures, it looked fucking terrible on.
It went back on Ebay and winged it's way over to Poland at a slight loss to my pocket.

Shameful :
A brand new Hobbs dress for £12.99? yes please thought I. I haven't even tried it on, it's hanging in the wardrobe, it's still got it's tags on and I haven't even put it over my head. Disgraceful behaviour!

Again a very restrained month from me

Delightful Purchase :
Another Hell Bunny frock, this time it's the apple print one.

Frocky Horror :
Another Ebay purchase. Nothing wrong with the frock as such it just looked wrong on me somehow. I kept it for a while but knew I wouldn't wear it so I resold it, happily at a slight profit. 

A remarkably restrained month for me frockwise!

Delightful Purchase :
Lovely floral tea dress from Peacocks. The neckline needed mending so it was reduced. I'm not one for pastel shades as a rule but I decided to take a punt on this because it was pretty and it was a bargain, for once this turned out to be the right thing to do and I have worn it a lot to work.

This was the month of the giant tights (seen here with an ordinary length pair to give perspective!) Proof, if any is needed, that purchasing tights in Primark is a risky business. Since then I have found many, many people say the same thing.

No horrors this month but 3 Delightful Purchases :
 2 from my trip to Molly's Den in Bournemouth. I even managed to take the burgundy one in successfully!

and one from The Bloggers Meet in Sheffield.
Is a bumper month! Maybe I have to have a splurge every 6 months......hmm

Delightful Purchases :

Include a couple of cracking Charity shop purchases and another Peacocks tea dress.

Frocky Horror :

I think I was channeling the 90s with that checked dress, and to be fair I still like the fabric but dear lord it looked hideous on, just hideous. It went back to the charity shop from whence it came.

The red and black Pearl Lowe dress  was an Ebay purchases I was very excited to add to my collection of her dresses, but it just looked completely wrong on me and was also ridiculously short, so that got listed back on Ebay, can't remember if I cut even or made a slight profit on that one.

Shameful :

This very unusual handmade dress, another charity shop purchase that still hangs on it's hanger  and hasn't even been tried on. I honestly have no idea why I have this extreme reluctance to try on certain dresses. Quite frankly it's bizarre.

The month of my birth and when you consider that meant I had birthday money to spend a gentle month. This month also showcases my first 2 successful Ebay purchases, only took me 7 months!

Delightful Purchase :

Both spotty and both lovely. (I really must get a full length shot of the purple one it's fab) The black one came from the sales the purple one came from Ebay.

Sort off Frock Disaster :
An Ebay purchase from a while ago that only got worn this month. It was very smelly when it arrived and I learned that terrible lesson that some vintage clothes hold odours even after a good wash.
A few hours into wearing and this baby started to hum! I do still plan to wear it because it is lovely but I haven't yet because I now have the fear.

Definite Frocky Horror :
Why oh why do I still buy things in white or cream?? I can't wear either colour. This one went straight back on Ebay!

Another splurge month though with mixed success.

Delightful Purchase :
2 new dresses from Peacocks

 A charity shop find, a dress from New Look's Tall collection and a lovely black Pearl Lowe number.

Frocky Horror :

Both of these checked dresses looked terrible on. The first one (from Collectif) got butchered and is now a delightful swing skirt, The second one from River Island got sold on Ebay.

A fairly successful month and another winning Ebay purchase!

For some reason I never wear midi dresses but I saw this one on Ebay and took a punt, plus another couple of Hell Bunny dresses.

Disaster :
A sad disaster indeed was this Peacocks Owl print tea dress. I wore it once and it looked lovely, I washed it and most of the colour came out :(
I took it back and it turned out they had had a problem with the fabric so they refunded me. Bah.

Not a single frock was purchased this month!?!

I did buy some bags though, and one of them in Paris no less *happy sigh*

Another fairly restrained month

Delightful Purchase :

Though the second one is still waiting to have it's armpits fumigated!

Frocky Horror :
Frankly this dress needs a woman with a magnificent bosom to do it justice and that woman is definitely not me. It will shortly be winging it's way across the ocean to someone I'm hoping will do it the full justice it deserves.

Two naughty Ebay purchases, both by Hell Bunny that were at a price to good to resist but have yet to be worn.

So what does this round up show me?

1. I have actually done pretty damn well with my shop less resolution.

2. I have a thing Hell Bunny dresses!

3. Peacocks and Hell Bunny seem to sell dresses that fit me well and suit my style and taste.

4. I really need to be much more careful about my Ebay purchases!


  1. I feel I should quote the line from that dreadful Rudyard Kipling poem about meeting with triumph and disaster! Some gorgeous frocks here, and some sad tales of woe, but overall a good year in dresses, I think. What's the deal with buying and not wearing though? Both the frocks you haven't tried on yet look delightful, especially the handmade rose print one, so let's see them on please! xxx

  2. I loved reading your post and know exactly where you're coming from. The Hell Bunny ones look gorgeous don't they? I especially love the blue one in the last photo.
    Happy New Year too! xx

  3. I like this recap very much--the year in DRESSES! This is how I like to remember 2014. Happy New Year!

  4. Wow, that's some serious frockage! The Hell Bunny dresses look seriously fab on you. It's great when you find out which styles suit, and even when you find out which don't if you can sell them on. I'm impressed at your memory!! Xxx

  5. That's a well documented year of frocks. There's some beauties there, too.
    I'm confused by the buying and not wearing. What' that all about? xxxx

  6. Wow great round up that's some serious dress shopping :-) I always think its tricky buying off ebay especially for clothes as you cant try them on until you bought them. Happy new year lovely , dee x

  7. It's good to look back and learn. Yuor turquoise Molly's Den dress is especially lovely.

    AUGH to stinky dresses. Why do people sell them like that? I have a 40s one that is utterly unwearable.

  8. It's a dress fiesta! lots and lots of divine pretties, I think it's worth taking a punt sometimes though, you just never know - I really need to set up a new ebay account though, my last was horribly hacked (and they didn't pick anything nice, ha!) Happy New year btw x x x