Sunday 18 January 2015

Shiny Happy Things.

This is going to be a short blog post. It's been a busy week work-wise and I'm glad it's done.

The weather has been quite mad, to the point whilst walking home from the station on Thursday it rained,sleeted and snowed within 5 minutes and all whilst a gale relentlessly blew it all straight into my face. The only consolation was I was on my way home so could jump straight in a hot shower when I got there.

My new umbrella got snapped clean in half when a sudden unexpected strong gust of wind blew, I don't put my umbrella up in wind for fear of just that thing happening but this caught me unawares. It makes me very sad because it was a lovely and new (and expensive!) umbrella which I now have to replace.

I went to the cinema on Wednesday to my second film of 2015.
The first was The Theory of Everything on New Year's Day which was just wonderful and well worthy of it's Oscar nominations.

The second was Into The Woods which was pretty damn dreadful actually. 
Now you know me, I do like a musical, but I am most definitely not a fan of the type of musical where there are no specific songs as such, just everybody 'speak-singing' their dialogue to the same 'tune'. Sadly this was exactly that kind of musical, it was also much, much to long.
Thankfully we went on Orange Wednesday so didn't pay!   

My new brogues finally arrived
I'm pretty sure they are going to go with  all the same outfits my old brown ones did and a few more besides, another item ticked off my wish list.

Talking of wishlists.

I'm not a huge collector of vintage china but I do know what I like and will pick up pieces here and there even though if I'm brutally honest, I have nowhere left to store any more plates or teacups.

For a long while now I have had a fancy for a Lustreware teapot after having fallen for one owned by a friend but the price was prohibitive for the ones I did see.    
I'd sort of forgotten about this until I was going through some back issues of Homes and Antiques magazine and spotted a really rather lovely one.

That got me on Ebay where after many weeks of hunting and stalking I finally found one I liked at a price I was willing to pay.
The bonus is it came with a matching milk jug and sugar bowl.
I'm pretty sure this is not going to be to the taste of the majority of my readers, it is a bit in your face for a tea set!
but for some reason I love it's gaudy shining gold-ness. I have already rearranged one of my shelves to display the 3.


  1. Yay to gaudy teapots!! I actually really like it! Good find. I have also heard bad things about Into the Woods, so will give that one a miss. How annoying about the brolly, I snapped a spoke in mine this last week too and it's all wonky now and won't close properly. I only paid a few quid though so I'm not too upset. x

  2. I thought my Missoni umbrella would be in danger so I didn't use it in all that wind, I just got drenched instead!
    The brogues will go with everything, and there's nothing wrong with a glitzy tea set - my friend loves anything with lots of gilding, and collects Sadler, and I've come to appreciate a bit of bling in the teapot department! xxx

  3. Loving your brogues and know exactly what you mean about those awful sing-song speaky 'tunes' from musicals...Elaine Paige sometimes plays them on a Sunday and I have to turn her off. I think your tea pot is rather fine and if we all liked the same stuff ... etc

  4. I like your teapot! And it wouldn't do for everyone to like the same things, or we'd all be fighting over one or two things and the shops would be very boring.

    The umbrella breaking must have been so annoying. I would have said many Bad Words.

  5. Ooh, you've made me want to go and see the Theory of everything now. Nice shoes! Xxx

  6. I tend not to use a brolly at all, I have a weird fear of poking someones eye out, random, I know but still a shame about your fancy brolly - your shoes are lovely btw, and your pretty tea set, it's shininess is lovely! x x x

  7. Can't believe your umbrella broke--sounds rather fierce. Good shoes!! I would def drink tea with you from that shiny ass teapot.

  8. I don't tend to use a brolly mainly because I cant be bothered to carry it as its the long version and it just gets in the way I tend to wear a hat and get wet but I a sorry yours broke. love your shoes I have a cream pair I bought from Clarks god it has to be 2 years now they are still on their box and never worn you have reminded me I must get them out this year :-) I love your teapot your enjoy using that :-) dee xx

  9. Those brogues are gorgeous; you can't go wrong with brogues - they're so classic. The lustreware is very cheerful and I like the gaudiness too. China or Indian? ;-)