Friday, 30 January 2015

Life's a Bitch.

Well I had a shortish post lined up all about The Great January Charity Shop Extravaganza of 2015 but this is not quite it. In fact so far 2015 has not quite been what I was expecting either.

I had high hopes for a year of fun times, including My Dad's 80th, my Brother's 50th and Nephew Number One's 21st. I hoped to go to America on the trip that got postponed last year when my friend Ash's cancer came back, this time with bells on to celebrate the fact she was declared cancer free just before Christmas.

Yup it was going to be a good, a busy, and a clearly very expensive year!

 I was going to carry on accepting invitations and indeed tonight, right this moment as it happens, I was meant to be knocking back cocktails with some girls from work just to celebrate the fact we had survived January.
Instead I sat with my Mum next to my Dad's bedside in the dedicated stroke unit at the JR in Oxford. This after having just gone through what was possibly my worst day at the office since I started working there.

Yes I can safely say 2015 has not been panning out as I expected.

On the whole I've been a mess this week, on Wednesday we were warned to expect the worst, but you know what?
Today my Dad is still with us and fighting hard, the difference in him tonight was incredible, so I figure I will post the pictures of my purchases and blog about my day out with Soo and Melissa, because life does go on and my god you need some normality when the rest of your world has been tipped on it's head.
Oh and as far as the people at work making my life hell today are concerned they can go fuck themselves because I have more important things and people to be bothered about.

So yes last Saturday the annual January Charity Shop Extravaganza took place, and this year Soo and I took Melissa with us.
Soo and I shopped up a storm, whilst Melissa showed admirable restraint.

If I had the space in my house I would have bought the most gorgeous 1960's blonde ash chair, a huge wooden coffee table with the most stunning wood grain and patination, and finally a fab little folding table that had the added extra of being on wheels!
 Damn I wish I had the space for that, I really do.

I'm afraid I failed in my blogging responsibilities and forgot to take my camera with me, so no pictures of the various pieces of lovely furniture or the frocky horrors and ornamental china monstrosities that are always a key part of our January outtings.

Without further ado my purchases.
I really wasn't going to buy this bag. I picked it up and put it back down twice but in the end I was seduced by the £2 price tag and the thoroughly and satisfyingly loud SNAP the clasp made. I think the turquoise beads were 99p.
A Ken Messer print of Oxford High Street for £3. I bought this for my Dad because I knew he would love it. I was going to give it to him next time I saw him. Mum took it home tonight to put it up in his study.

Star purchase. A brand new Debenhams Collection winter coat for £14.

Finally after about half a dozen completely wrong purchases, I had a brain wave about the type of lampshade that would suit the Elephant Lamp of Wonder. I got this one for £1
Admittedly it's the wrong colour but I have plans.....


  1. So sorry about your dad! I hope he recovers quickly. Fuck those a-holes at your work, too! Great thrift finds and I can't wait to see what you do with the lampshade :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your dad and send healing thoughts his way x

  3. Wow the girl did good, amazing bargains. Sorry to hear about the arseholes at work (I have that problem too) and your dad, what a worry for you and your family. Hope he continues to improve and is able to go home soonish. xx

  4. Oh gosh you've had a rough time - I hope your Dad makes a good recovery, so sorry to hear about his illness. I will be thinking of you and your family (each week at my yoga class we think about someone in need of some loving thoughts so I'll make sure you get them).

    I think you did really well with those purchases, I can' wait to see what you have planned for the shade.

    Good luck handling the stress-inducing people at work too x

  5. Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he carries on getting fighting fit and is back home soon. Fuck the work arseholes too...same problem here. If only we could all have the jobs we should have with people who know what hey are doing, are not abusive and don't stich one another up. That coat is a steal and I think the shade looks a treat on the lamp. Take care.xxxxxxx

  6. Oh Gisela, what a horrible shock to hear about your dad's stroke, I'm so sorry. But good to know he's improving, long may that continue.
    There are always some shitty people at work, aren't there? You're right - don't allow them any more of your time and energy than they deserve (ie. none).
    Nice finds, love - a vintage bag with a satisfyingly snappy clasp for £2 is a bargain! Lovely print for your dad, and ooh, will your plans for the shade feature pom poms, I wonder?! xxx

  7. Sorry to hear about your Dad and I hope that he's getting better every day.
    I know exactly what you mean about working with utter dickheads. My last manager was one and was one of the reasons why I took voluntary redundancy last year. But onto happier things and your finds; that print is lovely whilst the beads and bag were a steal! Now I wonder what plans you have for that shade........

  8. Hi it is so nice to be back in blog land and once again following your blog. I have been out of touch for a couple of years so have a lot of catching up to do. My new blog (was Miss Creativity) is so maybe once I am up and running properly you could pay me a visit.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad, how frightening for you all, I'm so relieved to hear he is improving though, and I hope his recovery is swift -
    I loathe work dickheads, you always have them scuttling around, yep, take no notice, they aren't worth your time - Your purchases are fab, I love a good snappy clasp (and will annoy everyone by constantly snapping) look forward to seeing what you do with the lampshade x x x

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your dad, and I wish him all the best. My stepmother had a ministroke and is fine now; I hope your dad recovers as quickly and completely. Kate Davies is a knitter who had a massive stroke a few years back; I can give you a link to her blog if you think reading about her recovery, and her observations on it, would help. (One thing she stresses is how tired it makes a person.)

    I would have wrestled you for that bag. Nay, you would not have seen it, I'd have snapped it up so fast! That was a great find.

  11. I am really sorry to hear about your dad I hope he continues to make a full recovery and is so back on his feet again. You are right life does go on but it still hard at times. Lovely buys love the bag. Take some deep breaths about work and don't let what ever it is get you down for long. Take lots of care, hugs dee xx

  12. My best wishes to your dad. I hope he makes a speedy recovery and you get back on track.