Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Day in The Cotswolds.

Today I had another day off work. I know I know part timer or what!
I had arranged to meet my two best friends Soo and Jenny for lunch and a little christmas shopping. At first I thought we would have to cancel, it was bitterly cold and snowing when I got up this morning. Thankfully by the time I got off the bus in Soo's village the snow had stopped.
Unfortunatly it did stay very VERY cold all day!
We decided upon the Cotswold town of Burford. We all love visiting there so it was an easy choice.

It has been a while since I have been and the high street seems to have evolved into a mix of mostly very expensive gift shops and a few antique shops. We worked our way up one side of the street, then crossed over, had lunch (delicious macaroni cheese) and worked our way back down again.

What I love is that you suddenly come upon all these little alleyways. Each one seems to be more beautiful than the last.

The very last place we found was this little junk shop. It has some lovely bits and pieces but my goodness the prices were crazy!

I loved this tiny little foo dog but he was in a terrible battered condition and they still wanted £12 for him!

This little kitty was way too pricey too :-(

so I just settled for photos of them both.

They had a few clothes but nothing outstanding apart from this glorious blue frock.

Finally we had a look around the churchyard before heading home, sadly the church itself was closed. Typically the sun decided to come out just as we were leaving!

Isn't this little angel adorable.


  1. I haven't been to Burford for a while, but I remember that the shops were quite expensive when I last went so I gave them a wide berth. But your photos of the churchyard are great, I'm always interested by churchyards and the inscriptions on the headstones.

  2. How beautiful - well done for braving the cold (is it me, or is it getting worse?). I love that Kitty money box so much!

  3. I think Mrs Exeter is right. The cold IS getting worse. So cold that it hurts the skin!
    I do love a good walk around a graveyard. Pleased to see that I am not the only one!

  4. The kitten is so cute!! But I understand why you didn't take it home since it was overpriced!

    I found your blog on vavoom's link up list, I'm your newest follower!!