Friday, 10 December 2010

You know how it is.......

When you are out christmas shopping and you have SWORN you will NOT buy ANYTHING for yourself because;

1. you can't afford it this month.

2. When people ask you what you want you can't think of anything to tell them.

3. you are christmas shopping for other peoples gifts.

and then you spot it, this amazing gorgoeusly wonderful thing that you have to matter what. You cannot wait for someone else to buy it, no you can't take the risk that it might be gone when they get around to going to buy it for you. So you run to the checkout with it and buy it and have just a tiny smidging of guilt for spending money on yourself when you aren't allowed to. Thankfully this is usually overwhelmed by the love you have for the item itself.

Here is my item. I am deeply in love, I feel warm and glowing and fuzzy inside. *happy sigh*. Oh and I did get a couple of gifts as well so that's alright isn't it?


  1. That's so ridiculously cute, and I'm not surprised you couldn't leave it behind!

  2. Thats some ring! Don't believe in buying 'modest' jewelry.

  3. Hmm I may buy modest earrings and necklaces but when it comes to rings I've always been the bigger the better lol.

  4. Well don't keep us in suspense, spill it! Where is it from, how much, etc!

  5. Oh I know the feeling! That is one very cute ring! :)

  6. Lady Cherry it's from River Island and it was £12.99. :-)